Friday, January 28, 2005
an incredibly pretty winter day, for them, maybe all of 5 degrees fareinheight in that bright sun!

well, well, well....
my dream that I had around the end of 2004, where I saw the memo dated 26th or the 27th of January, has it now where that Date has Passed!
2....The second dream I wandered through the empty halls and rooms. I eventually got to what looked to be a small "private" library of one of the Administrators there. In my "vague dream state" I could not go read the books on the shelves on the wall! But there was a round table with a book on it and that book I could look at. The title seemed to infer that it was a "calendar planning book" that executives use to plan the days ahead, for the year.
the name of the book???
"Satya Sai baba's planning book"!
[why that man was Sai baba!]
----so here was his personal memo book for the year ahead!!! I have and had no idea *where* this book was directed to! Was it for the school's astral "year"?! Was it
for the earth plane where he Needs to have a "reminder' as to what will occur there?!
probably BOTH!
I glanced through it, noting even in the dream that I have often in my life found Obscure and amazing books that were "left" on library tables by other patrons, over the years!
each page had a day, with a large blank section for "what to do". Most were blank, except for the date. When I came to about January 25th or 28th [2005], I found some writing, probably by Sai baba himself!
so what did it say, sports fans?? I probably did not write down the exact sentence, when I woke up, but here it is, the Memo!

Jan 25th [26,27,28th...Somewhere around here!]-----The day of the Great change when one Age rolls over to the next Age"!

that is all there was!! I have no idea as to if this "event" occurs only in the spirit world, or on earth on in both! Neither do I know if this is just a "silent"
event, symbolistic-only, or does it have to have "fireworks" and "volcanoes" in attendance!! Maybe no a single thing will happen on that day, as far as the earth goes, maybe this is a spirit-only event.

I am not surprised, sports fans! tis appears that this Sai baba left that memo there just for me to read it, and the date is symbolic in some way only to me, IF I can figure it out! It could indeed be my very own death oncoming, very *very*
coded in subtle symbolisms, the "age rolls over" all right, I go to heaven!
maybe there IS some message about the collective Passing of the Age, from Pisces into Aquarius. Again: very coded in symbols, clear to this baba, but not to me, yet, anyway.

Here, I note, as I read through several of the Yahoo Lists, lists that center around prophecies and earthchanges, I see a lot of visions and prophecies posted. I also suspect that many of these dreams are really psychological dreams only! Dreams of earthquakes sometimes infer some currant "quaking' change in their lives. Sometimes this event is indeed a spirit-given prophecy, but only in symbolism, where in a few years this dreamer might experience some personal event that is "earthchanging": the High Self is preparing the person for this in advance!
however, in these Times of great change and great upheavals, it is all too too easy to get a bit overwrought about people's visions that might only be personal in nature. If one, say, were to be living in Los Angeles and have a dream of a great earthquake totaling everything around the person, that person may very well wonder if the whole city will soon be devastated into a complete ruin! However, for my example, say this person takes the daily commuter train, and this train is on the line where that terrible accident occurred, 11 killed, this dream is indeed a prophecy, but for him! But it sounds SO "collective"...Wreckage everywhere, the floor beneath the feet going funny in a 9.5 Richter quake! [the train crashes].
Then...We all who read this, get all upset about LA being totaled! Then he takes that train on That Day of the wreck! Might as well have a 9.5 Richter, for HIM!

I have read dreams, on these lists, that do indeed, to me, read as if that person had a dream of inner turmoil over life-events, the inner self is dream-reflecting
that bad relationship that is currant, or whatever, in her life.

Pick up that paper and read the news. Always there are disasters. Go back 50 years in the archives, disasters too. But of course, there are disasters and then there are Disasters and then there are Critical Racial Events!! I would want the Goal, of these Lists, to be where one is aware that many dreams and visions only reflect the chaos around the dreamer and in his or her life, presently and in the FUTURE for that person. But buried in these personal-only dreams are indeed Real Visions
of Prophecy, visions of things that *might* happen!

"Might happen"....As I feel that many prophecies are given to warn people. The old testament is full of Visions given to warn the people of Israel, to have everyone make amends or to change a course of action. Thus some of the "real" prophetic
stuff dreamed, channeled, or inspired given, are to warn us so that we all can change something!

*then* there are those dreams that warn of an event that is "set in stone", the
Prophecy cannot be changed and is given, in the first place, so that we all can Accept the fate and then to adopt to it, in advance, so that the effects of the change can be better personally handled. Again, the "owner's manual", the Bible, gives examples of visions that "are from the Lord, unalterable"! Often a dream of impending death, of oneself, or of a relative, falls into this category.

in the weblogs, in the forums, in the lists, the reader must be able to somewhat discern prophecies as to how "collective" they really are, and to what extant this warning is "fated' or not!