Thursday, January 20, 2005
live camera.

the Cornell live cam shows a arctic cold scene, of snow and 20 degrees with maybe a 20 mph wind, and maybe 5 inches of snow. Might warm up to 10 degrees tomorrow, they say!

---I found a site, a forum, a Christian forum, where there are *only* people's visions and dreams and prophecies on the end times and earth changes!

My message board is to provide prophetic dreamers a place to post their dreams and for those interested in these dreams to ask questions. Please limit posts to the subject of prophetic dreams! I reserve the right to block anyone who repeatedly disregards this, uses profanity or otherwise disrupts this board.

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and many many many more!

even though this forum is a "fundamentalist Christian" forum, the posters post psychic-type dreams, many of what I read come from psychic people: not just "end time bible rants" are given here!

go read About Winter, now!!