Thursday, January 13, 2005

the last two nights have given to me two dreams of interest.
two heaven worlds!
I had gone to visit for an extended stay, two different afterlife realms, where there is a definite theme to the world.

first one.
yeas ago, my father, a year deceased, came to me in dream to tell me that he lives
in a world called "upstate new York Victorian farm world"! I also saw a scene where I could tell that my father's grandparents lived in one of the farmhouses there.
Of late, during the last few years, I often visit what I think is that world. All of the farmhouses have peeling paint, or faded white drab paint. Some of the barns look old and decrepit. I finally realized that these houses were copies of "1910 paint styles", where whitewash or even MILK was used to paint houses and barns with! All of the houses and barns looked "old" of course.
During the last year or so, I had also noted a profound difference to this Region: new houses and barns! As the population of the farmlands, in, say, 1890, even while having a higher proportion of residents compared to today, the overall population, then, was far far smaller. The influx of arriving souls, who died only a few years ago, brings new styles of buildings!
So, I my dream I must have visited, or walked by, ten to thirty houses and barns.
I noted old barns with new additions on them, or next to them where the 1890 barn had a 1980 addition to it. And many many additions to many of the houses and barns!
the air was soft and clear, the view was clear way way off to the horizon: think..."A clear day in summer in the country with cool air from the northlands"!
There were many "new age" types of houses too. Each group of buildings were like of a "compound", but with a feeling that there was no "castle mentality"; paths went from one house to another. There were no roads. No pavement. No cars. Only footpaths. Endless countryside, with trees and fields and woods.

second dream night.
the "Appalachian mountain land"! I was introduced to this Land, when my sister died and too, I lived with her a year, just near Asheville, north Carolina, in the mountains. This land too has not only mountain people cabins from the 1930s, there is an ever-increasing number of newcomers too, of the new age people, who died ten or so years ago. Here too, there are paths between the houses, but no roads.
the scenery was amazing! Forested small mountains to the horizon, with hills covered with fields and cabins, as far as I could see into the horizon!

In both realms, I visited a few houses. There were 'extended families" in all of them, that is...Several people lived together, in each house, not necessarily a family member. Something akin perhaps to the "commune" concept.

for those who read this article and can see the picture, the picture gives an idea as to how the air and countryside looks.

I suspect that when I die, there will be a farmhouse/cabin in one or both of these worlds for me to live in!