Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Interesting things go on, over the days....Dreams, experiences.....That give to me some "hope", if I call it that, that
there is Conflict in the spirit world, over when I will come there to live!!

Life patterns, of many people, are set up before they are born, by themselves or with the help of Guides: these patterns can be overwritten, while the life is lived! Overwritten, by the Quality of the life lived, or overwritten by Spirit, by God, "Himself"!

there is an experience from my childhood, that I will write here.....
[In each person's childhood, there is often ONE Experience that is the "defining experience" for the whole life to come, or
perhaps a experience that sets the Tone for the whole life! Often at an early age, but also often at the very end of childhood, just before going off to College, or off to "Adulthood"!]
---this account is of my own such experience.

Summer of 1959, I visited a lake, in Canada, the Canoe trip of the Church youth group. I was 18. About 20 kids, to the minister's own cabin, on the edge of the Wilderness park. Just a week long trip. It was nice.
The next summer, I was getting ready to go off to college, a college that was 1200 miles away from my
very rural childhood home. I was approached by the Minister, early in the summer, for a "special Assignment"...He wanted me to join him, in Canada, that summer, to be a Leader WITH him, to help him lead the boys, the younger boys!
I was excited!!!! This would indeed, this trip, be the Culminating Grand Event, of my childhood, before I went off to FSU and to adulthood!
Mama said "no"!! "you gotta, stony", she says...."You have lots of dentist appointments all set up for the whole summer, thus you cannot go!"!!
I was crestfallen!! I went to reverend Black to tell him and then he suggested that he come down to pay my mother a visit that next day. The next afternoon, reverend came to see Mom, and they talked for over an hour; he trying to budge her from her Stand. NO Budging: she did not relent one inch!!

I told reverend Black, the next time that I saw him...."Even God, himself, cannot change my mother's mind, cannot get me to come to Canada: Mom wins"!!

--reverend maybe had a good trip: I had lots of dentist appointments, that summer.....

Over the years, in my dreams, "Canada" came to represent "heaven", the afterlife.
thus....I could interpret this event *as* like a dream, back even years ago, before I began, in the spring of 1998, to have a great series of "death warning dreams", only to have an actual dream that told me that I have an Extension of time!
Even 15 years ago, I could interpret this "watershed' childhood event AS a dream, and its interpretation is simply this:
---that Guides in heaven "want' me to come help them be "teachers/helpers/"angelic aides", to incoming younger souls, who arrive from earth, unprepared for the afterlife. But they CANNOT "fetch" me, as even God, Himself, cannot fetch me to come "home' to heaven, even
TO DO THE LORD'S MISSIONS that the Christ would have for me to do, there!!!

God and the "death angel-fetchers" cannot do their stuff!!

"Mom" wins!!

---this ???? I do not know! The life-force? My own "radical" higher self, that would Jam up even God!!
the very "earth-force" itself, maybe!

I am 62 now. Maybe I could live to I am 70....80....Or more! There are several men, in my Senior residence, of Georgia belle, who are 83, or so, and are in good health and are active in life!
15 years? Twenty years?......
Probably my "position", that I would have filled, if I had come, in 1998, or even now, to heaven....With the Guides
and angels: would be filled by someone else, just as capable as I, or more so...Just like reverend Black would have found another older youth, to take my place, to help Guide the younger boys, on that great canoe trip!


canoe trip, it turns out, as that cabin burned down, that fall, then reverend moved back to Canada the year after!

So when I get to heaven, the "train would have long looong left", I would indeed stand there alone, on the heavenly platform, at the Gate, perhaps, with NO missions to do: thus that dream that I wrote of, extensively, in my last posting to these journals, about where I would remain in the lower heavens, alone, helping souls advance, ON MY OWN, without being involved in any 'schools" or in any 'formal" angelic order!! They would not like me, probably!!
[once, 15 years ago, I had an astral travel experience where I sat in a room where a teacher was teaching afterlife souls about her method of opening to Spirit. Later I got with the students to tell them that "they do not need the teacher to be with them, to use their own talents: they each can tap into their own Spirit, by themselves with No intermediary need of a "priest/priestess" to do it for them!! This teacher STORMED over to me, in great anger, and physically ATTACKED
me!! She was so angry! I "empowered" each of her students to do it on their own, with her being needed!!
---she chased me all across a field, until I "went down a hole", back into my body!!

My heavenly life will probably be of that..."Empowering individuals" without any need for teachers or "authority"!!
I may NOT be liked by the Guide Associations, thusly!!
stand there, in the lower heavens, and give God himself, a "raspberry tongue" or even "a finger gesture", as "he" tries to tell me what is "good" for the souls around me!!

so.....I might be here for *quite* a while: I intend to now be "a little boy", having now outlived all of my "life-missions!!
nothing more to do....No need to grapple the windmill blades with my Lance, no need to make "political statements"...

I will be ten years old and Play all day long!!

I probably will "close" this "ONE YEAR" weblog soon, but not take it off blogger, as it is tentacles into so many webrings.
I will post most of my daily observations into my "main" weblog at

yes...Be ten years old, for 5...10...20+ years, and Play all day long!!

Monday, March 22, 2004

---I got really "pounced on", in the barnes and nobles coffeeshop, yesterday!!

I was talking to my friend, and I barely noticed another person sit down at the table next to me. Then I continued
my conversation, adding a comment that was tied up with all the comments that I had made before, which this guy next to me had missed, as he had just come in.

I was talking about the "black ghettos" and the problems of the young blacks there. I mentioned about
how they never got anywheres with their lives....drugs...gangs...degregations...etc.

the Comment that this other person overhead was....."Each person in this ghetto should try to individually try to take control of their own lives and destinies, to try to advance out of this state and place of living."

Suddenly that other person came up to me, getting out of his table, to come at me with "all rage flying"!

told told me....*TOLD* me, that I am a racist as these people are all VICTIMS and it is all due to all of what whitey has done.
the police...The social workers...The city...


I tried to tell him, my views, but his mind was utterly all made up. The *only8 thing that I could do, before walking out, was to tell him that I am a racist and follow the Ways of the Klu Klux Klan!!
*thats* what he wanted to hear, I guess.!!!

[why I am not liking any of the liberal left]

"victim mentality"
I have always thought that the liberal left really dislikes the individual person; what is wanted is for the government to do everything! The GROUP is real and the individual does not count, *should* not count!

[I thought that was done in 1937 Germany!!! They called it "Fascism" then!]

this guy was lived with rage, I had thrown gasoline on his fire, he was triggered to go!

it does not matter what I would have replied to this guy, he wins.

maybe I really *ought* to look up the internet access of the KKK and apply for membership and then carry around a membership card!!

then get Hit hard, by all the peace-loving liberal lefties. Or killed! "righious intolerance"!!
tic OK to hurt someone who is obviously wrong, I guess....
the "end justifies the means"....Karl Marx"????

Saturday, March 20, 2004

I read a weblog, once, where the slant of the blog was of a "radical political nature"; he made a link to a page where he
kept his most outrageous comments, that people gave to him, on!

there were a LOT of snide remarks all right: probably when one makes any outright "different" idea, and posts it, the crud begins to hit the fan!!

I have thought of this myself!! To make a page with comments.
Some people praise what I write.
some people call me crazy!
some tell me to become Saved!
"I am in the stranglehold of demons"!
"Oh thank you for the wonderful Insights and Desciptions!"

Death...Religion...Afterlife: them's are fighting words, and most of the people on the planet are Young Souls!
Cannot skip a grade or skip a "childhood level"[Peugeot]!! So "materialism" and the like...are *the* way to go, for the second graders!!
I was once a second grader, several lives ago.....Maybe now I am a 6th grader, surrounded by 2nd graders.

thus I will get the heat......People have been KILLED for expressing their spiritual experiences!

wanna make a college Doctor intellectual professor turn into a "redneck", in .0003 seconds?!
just mention the word "psychic" or 'esp" or "afterlife" or "Jesus" to him!!
watch him go ballistic: better not work for him, you could be 'character assassinated", or fired!!

Thursday, March 18, 2004


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the Ra material, here is the currant place to read some of it!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


March 17th. The anniversary of my sister's death, back in 1986. By now, I have forgotten the events, and usually I do not think about that day anymore, even *on* that anniversary day....As the years go by.
[I do not even pay attention to my Aunt's march 17th birthday, or to St. Pat's day, that Day eclipsing all, after march 17...1986!

Spirit does not forgot.
nor does Spirit let ME forget, I guess: witness last night's dream, of being taken to heaven............

The Dream began quietly enough: I awoke to find myself at the shore of a body of water, facing a house. When I entered this house, I found several people there, and it was apparent that they were wanting to travel to ?????, some place "up the road". Or that perhaps I ENCOURAGED them to leave the house and to travel.
There was a car of some sort nearby and we all got in.....
Now this dream seemed "vivid", but not giving, yet, an indication to me, the Dreamer, that this was a heaven place, in the heaven worlds....But it WAS in the Lands of spirit, from what occurs.
There was a long LONG series, hours and hours, of dimly remembered events. Basically I went along this road, stopping at *this* house, then *that* house, traveling along the pretty countryside between stops.

Then it "hit me"! This car traveled through Lands that had it where there was a period of similar vegetation for awhile, then the vegetation changed to another type; like we were traveling through Distinct Lands. All of this time, I had the very very distinct feeling that the road led "UPWARDS", even though the land seemed fairly flat!
Straight ahead: on and on through the lands.....There was one section where the plants were of a species, many species, that I had never ever seen on earth!!
In one area of open countryside, where the awareness was the *most* "awake".....I suddenly became aware that these lands that I am passing through were places that I have been dream-traveling to, for years!! Like: one land was in a dream of a month ago, another land was in a dream of three months ago! Each land was different, in the Feelings of the very air, and of the plants. I had seen these places over and over, in my dreams, for years.
Then we came to a lakeside where besides the road was a VAST Complex of buildings that looked like a "Greek temple complex", right out of some textbook!!
not in ruins: was being DEMOLISHED! I could see the men with pickaxes and the bulldozers! Only part of it left!
Then for the next ten miles the road was littered with the dropped rocks and sticks from the trucks taking the stuff to a dump!
the Phrase....'a new heaven and a new earth", came to mind, in my dream, a message to myself, I guess....From my Self!
this temple healing complex is now Outdated! *was* wonderful, but now superseded by something else someday!
The lower heavens Change, over time, as the people on earth change.....

I recall that at one house, my "charges", the people who I now see....That I was "ferrying" and urging and helping, to go onwards, upwards: they had grown so tired and exhausted that they just wanted to remain there at *that* land-spot, and not go any further! I got them to "get up" and to continue on with me. I urged them to continue advancing...

I will not ever forget what happened next!!

We all stood, the three or four of us, at a
Our route continued onwards, the other two roads were there, I see now, only to confer the message that this spot was a "spot of a Choice"!
then oh then I peered up ahead, to where this road led to. to my first sight, I only could see that there was just the hill and the lake besides the road. Then I noticed the simmering in the air: a wall of simmering light ran from horizon to horizon....I KNEW that this spot was the highest point of advancement before one progressed from the Natural heaven
to the Spiritual heaven!
[from summerland to Celestial.....To the REAL heavens}!

my heart leaped, in my chest, with the feelings to go with this!! I sensed that the land ahead was utterly utterly
different, in all ways, then what was here at the crossroads!

I then faced my "charges" and in the dream I told them something, a "something" that I "listened to" even as I spoke it, as it did not come from "me", it came from my soul itself, my higher Spiritual self!!

I told them....
"we are still in the Natural heavens, the first heaven one arrives to, after coming from earth. At this point, symbolized by this crossroads, I cannot go any further, and you all are to go on, on up the road into the True heavens of Spirit!
I will now return, walk back through the levels of the natural heaven and return to my body on earth.
My Way of spirit, is, and will be, to, after I die, and even now, to meet souls at the earth-border, and help them progress
to the beginning of the spirit lands, then go back down to earth-entrance-point, and guide more souls. I will do this
[sun has 2 billion years, or more, before life on earth stops, as the sun dies of old age, I read; could be that long that the earth supports men!!!!]

I turned to walk away from the people.
I suddenly became aware that I did not embrace them in a "farewell gesture"! As I walked away, I knew why and I told the people so, as to why, as they were yet within listening range!
[ Not the actual much so...But the meaning, I communicated!]
"I will not be "personal" with you, as you will go onwards beyond me, and I will remain. I cannot have any "attachments" to you, as eventually, in the fullness of "natural heaven time", all of the people that I had known on earth will have come through here, and I will meet some of them surely, and they all will Go Onwards, Upwards, into Spirit, to Jesus and the Saints, but I will remain until there are no more souls coming!"
Suddenly, as the people turned to me, to give to me a passing glance of farewell, their faces changed into "someone else's faces!! For only just a moment, the people became my mother and my father and my sister, all long dead!!
I see, why, now, upon thinking......Because spirit tells me that I will "let" even my closest relatives and friends "go on", and that I am to let them go, then forget about them, as they now are in the Hands of the Christ and His Helpers!
no attachments....Thus in a *VERY* profound sense, I am Alone, will be alone. I cannot become "personal" with anyone ever again....
Thus, I turned away from the faces of mama, dad, sis! They now, were "just people"....Like anyone else with Jesus Christ in their hearts, God in their souls...Enabling them to Advance into His Presence. "just people", like of the stranger in the cafe or on the bus! My "God-mission" is to turn away and to walk back down and up the path, over and over, helping other souls Progress, until there are no more souls arriving: until the "school" of the earth is over, and that there are no more human beings alive on earth, to die!

then I began to float/walk/drive back down the road, quickly, in reverse, repeating the path and stops that I made coming "up"! At the house where I encouraged my "clients" to go onwards in spite of themselves, I noted that I sensed that I will have millions of years doing this!! For ages and ages, I will meet one, or more, souls, and be "with" them for a while as they Progress from the Entrance, upwards and onwards, until they come to that Crossroads, then I will stop and see them off, to the "Real heaven"!
then repeat.
over and over.
50,000 a day Arrive: I pick one or three. Take a heavenyear, or so, to help them, then go back down again to Greet another. Probably there are thousands of other People like of me, doing this......

I came to the house by the river, where the dream began. I saw that there was a bank of fog, on the other side
of this river! The earth is there: the boundary between the living and the "dead", the Crossing point. I began to swim across and then I IMMEDIATELY awoke! 5 am....I got up, fully awake.

There was a movie that expresses this well...
...In a small small, dusty depressed Texas town, a man owns a dilapidated movie theater, the only bit of life for the young people in the town! That man discovers he has a Mission in life: to urge each and every young person who comes to see his movies, to move away to a big city, to a better life! But he, himself, can never never ever LEAVE
this town, he has to remain there until there are no more kids being born!! He will spend his whole life telling and showing kids that they can Live a life of Opportunity, off in Dallas, or somewheres! He will die in this town, not ever even VISITING the cities that he urges the teenagers to move out to!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The Terrorists are winning, and their method is being shown to be Real and it



headlines, on the New York times front online page!!

Spain Will Loosen Its Alliance With U.S., Premier-Elect Says
Meanwhile, U.S. officials said they were increasingly convinced that Muslim militants were behind the Madrid train bombings.
• Spanish Police Link 6 Moroccans to Blast
• Europeans Suspect Spain Misled Them
• Allies in Iraq Make No Move to Join Spain

These series of headlines, and their accompaning articles, that i haccompanyingver the last few days, have amazed me, sports fans!!
I take the Spain train attacks, stories, to be *the* most amazing articles thIt i have read, in years!!!

for because, even though there are more "subtle" reasons for the Overturn of the elections, there, in spain, the Messege would be clSpaino all MessageLION terrorist groups all over the world!

Real results are gotten by Violence! A country elects a leftist leader and then pulls out of US Iraq support: millions demonstrate against the attacks and that "enough is enough"!
the desiny of a major western coundestinys changed in the twinkling of an eye, by the results of the terrorist attacks!

messege is clear!
the Al-Queamessage the "associated" other groups, are
*CAN* win, *DO* win, by these terror tactics!

Europe, i say, be very very very afraid; there are 6000 trains and 10,000 busses and umpteen thousand pubusesuildings!
The land is full of Muslim minority groups and the Tinder is dry!
and...the Messege has Now been DemonstatMessagecess is possibDemonstratedent attacks!!!!!

Bush goes for re-election this fall, the CIA is very worried.

advice for young people, for Career Choice, for the years ahead?!!

be loooooooots of business for ya, during the next 20 or so years!!

Friday, March 12, 2004

An article appeared in my Tallahassee newspaper, yesterday, that reminded me of another article that I read in the Gainesville, fla, paper, years ago.

-----Lady had been receiving written threats, on her desk, she told co-workers, and she told co-workers that a strange car often sat outside of her office window, in the parking lot, for weeks. She disappeared from work, and has been missing for three days.
-----Her husband tells the paper that she did not come home that night; been three days now. Our marriage has been
wonderful, all of these four years, he says and I miss her: terrible thing, this abduction, he adds, to the reporter"!!

Little old hand-wringing ladies, in the donut shop, tell each other just how awful life IS!!
These ladies just shake their heads, when I tell them to wait a few days or weeks, to see what
REALLY happened!

Newspaper stories only tell the facts!
like peering out of a window to see what is literally outside, but not the Greater View, seen by sticking one's head and shoulders out of that window to look to the right and to the left!

---a month later.....
on page "12"!
"police get a phone call from the abducted lady; she is in Reno, Nevada!! She tells about how now the ink is dried upon the DIVORCE PAPERS....I am now gone from that BASTARD, who could feel nothing and did not ever know, or love, a thing about me...Probably he still thinks that we have a wonderful relationship, as he is utterly clueless about
how I feel about anything! I arranged it all....the notes...the fake abduction story; NOW I can have a new try
at life"!!

papers only report the FACTS.
"facts" are not usually the TRUTH!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ah, my time of computer gaming preparations doth take up all of my computer time!

gotta get mods for morrowind.

maybe in heaven I will talk to the Makers of houses, that are made for newcomers to live in...Whole towns too!
have them make a location that is a copy of Morrowind! Have the incoming soul step off of the boat into the census office of Seedya Neen!!

Friday, March 05, 2004


"Sign the peace treaty but keep your gunpowder dry!"

---that is my final assessment of this dream that I have now wrote up about two posts on!
Life is life, where ever it is, on earth or in heaven.

Interesting, though....
why do some people get a forewarning, and others do not?!

perhaps it is a bit of, how only some people might have just ONE date of death that is actually set in "fated' stone! I read from spirit channelings that many people only have a vague "outline" of missions to do, like perhaps...."Learn about Love and how to Love"! There is no "end" inferred in that mission!
Or, perhaps there are several times, or opportunities, during a life.

of course my mother had HER Vision, right down to the very red sports car and the time of day!!
...Runs in the family, it does!

....Then there is the Possibility that many people are in "repressive denial". The Date IS communicated, into the subconscious, or else they sort of "know", having dim memories from the pre-birth times when they had their life set up before Incarnating!
"repressive denial"...Is *NOT* a bad thing! Why if most people knew their date of dying, their whole lifetime yet to live would "Cramp up" big time!! Better not to know, in many ways.

video Games are not fun, if played by the walkthrough: a vacation trip to Japan, is not "fun" if one had to do it out of a guidebook, before doing anything!

so why would I know in advance, *IF* this dream is true and real?!
Probably the answer to that one is buried in my soul and buried in the spirit world's akasha
records of my past lives!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Takes me about three or five days to "digest' a dream.
this dream, that I wrote up in my last weblog entry, is no exception. Look at the Subject matter: my oncoming death!!
---or....At least that is what those ladies were telling me!!

If I were to criticize this dream, I would begin here: this dream is a creation by a group of souls who live in the spirit world. They created the props, literally, and then out-of-body, out of body, brought me to a heaven city that they live in, and apparently had me stand facing a wall where the props, were pasted onto, the props being those numbers. *then* they, as I read that high level, and *not* so high level
spirits can create a dream for the dreamer, they did so! They "imagined", for me, the two scenes, with the numbers in them: gave the imagined scenes to me and then I would receive, and then to dream them, *as if* I were the sole creator of my dream!

the numbers and the symbolism is clear, to me: that this fall of 2003 to fall/winter 2004/5, is a "year of grace, a year that I will die in, at the end of that year-period"!!!

or is it a "Novel", instead of the "non-fiction"?!!!
did these souls make this up?! Make up the information, itself, that my Homecoming is then?!

[any spirit can say anything at all, just like I can, to say to someone...Anything!!]

the only clue that I "objectively" have, is that slight "slip", that the Creators had, by having my conscious dreamself STILL THERE, after their Show was over!! Usually, in such Created dreams, the dreamer goes back down to his earthly body, and THEN the prop-people take down the props and then the Imanginators leave the scene.
Thus, sports fans, I was able to see the imaginators and the prop people carry away some of the props and I saw about five to nine people walk into the building.
They were all wearing white robes, and I think that most of them were women.
"Angels", someone might very very well say!!

what might Count, in the end, as to how "real" this information the collective ATTITUDE, of this bunch of souls, as they were leaving!
They were all laughing and smiling, and bantering amongst themselves. "having fun", in a very "high evolved" way! "Old soul" kind of enjoying what they are doing.
Did they discover, in my soul records, that I will die soon? Or were they TOLD by still higher spirits, this, and that they are the "message bearers", not only to my dream, but to other dreamers: this is their "heavenly job"!

------what may count for all, in this "truth assessment" is the Quality of this Banter!! I feel that it was very very "evolved" and coming from a very good HEART.

if they were NOT of a goodness, as they walked away, then that would have been of a very good indication that they were of a "negative" slant.
read: "deluding" or "mistaken"!!

I would now call each of these "ladies" an Angel.
In a classic sense, according to my True Christian aunt, in upstate NY.

Time is running out, for Freestone, if so....!!
the hourglass has only 6 to 12 months of time left!!!

Monday, March 01, 2004

The dream that I had last night, the 1st of march, was....


Yes, last night I had a dream of vast import; not much to it, in terms of story or images....Here it is....The description.

I woke to this dream, where I was standing near a barn, about 20 feet away. There was a large large door, on rollers, shut, and there was a series of numbers on the upper part of this door.
Large numbers...


At the top of the door, I could see two words, each word, or letter-combination, was at the upper corner of the door, and partially covered by this door.
this made the door numbers and the letters look like this:


the next scene was the same numbers, but now I could see that I was standing on the shore of my childhood family cottage shoreline, on Cayuga lake; I could see across the two miles of water to dimly see the other side of the lake. Up in the air, I could see the numbers, but now there was a layer of
fog-like clouds over the number tops and there was a circle that was gold colored, over each number, in the fogcloud, above the number. There was ALSO a circle of gold, in the cloud, in the *next* space over, where there was no corresponding number below.
[a picture is worth a 1000 words!!]

1 7 1 8 1

these circles were gold-colored and dimly visible in the line of clouds.

Then it was as if this dream FROZE! in time!! I seemed to stare at this scene of the numbers in the sky...For a LONG time! Maybe all of ten to thirty minutes! On and on....As if "someone' wanted to burn this picture into my brain and into my memory!

...The next scene....
I was on a street, in a town. Ahead of me, was a wall of a building, like of a large cafe, a wall without windows except for the area near the door. "my" numbers and letters were in black letters, like as if they were sheets of paper pasted upon the wall! numbers and letters [RAQ, QAR, 17181 and gold colored "O"s, on a broad sheet of white paper above the series of "1718" numbers about two feet high, where I was standing about 20 feet back, looking at this wall.
There were about ten people, mostly older ladies and a couple of men, standing near the letters: they were dressed in white robes. The men too! They were laughing and smiling, as they walked out to climb a stepladder, and begun to take down the letters and numbers, and then carried them into the cafe.

I then KNEW, that I was in the Spirit world, and these people were "commissioned" by ???? To bring me there and they did a "theater production" for my benefit! They Imagined FOR ME the barn scene and the lake scene, in reality I was only staring at this wall!
I watched them walk into the building, all a-smiling a laughing, in a very very good mood; very "Upbeat" people, they were. I seemed to overhear several of these souls talk about what they had done for me....They were mumbling, dimly overhead by me...."Now he Knows where he stands"...Wonderful Homecoming"..."His One Year"....

got that, sports fans? Here was a "dream production" made for me, and not only did I experience that "Production", but that I got to see the Actors and Producers, who made it! They created a spirit world scene, created a dream for me: then I saw these actors take down the Props and leave!!

------and the Meaning?!!!

I lay awoke for an hour, after this! Very quiet at 4 am, in the senior tower....
it was very very easy to interpret!
"RAQ...QAR"?! number 18, in the alphabet. number 1 number 17

the two "words" are reversible: thus the numbers are too, and can be ALSO read
to be
...17 1 18
18 1 17 !! numberset is 17 18 1...NOT 17181

OR...according to the Order of the words......

REALLY....17 1 18
18 1 17 !!

In the terms of the letters, if November of 2004 is the END of the timeseries, 18+1+17=36 years ago, the fall of that year, is the Reference start point. *THAT* is when I began "my creative life" after I got out of the Air force
1968, that was.....The fall of 1968.
17 years later, it was 1985, fall of 1985. Between the fall of 1985 to the fall of 1986, that ONE YEAR, in the spring,
I was living with her then: she got up to use her bathroom and she did not come out and the Funeral was next week!

Now...18 years after 1968, the fall of 1986, I had just finished the six months of my sisters estate, and then my father was on his hospital bed, with my mother's prophecy hanging over his head as she
had a dream that told her that he would die at 72, and he turned 72 the month before. But he lived
ONE MORE YEAR, dying at 73, at the very end of that year, in late December.
Dudley was give Grace of one more year to live, as he made amends with me, his son!!
-----thus the "A", the "1" infers a year of dying, for my sister and for my father!!!

In the numbers themselves, hanging in the sky over the lake, the "1" is at the END of the series...
."17 18 1"
"1" the "year of dying, during or at the end of that "1" [year]!
there is a gold "SOUL MARKER" in the "heaven level", the foggy band, for each CORRESPONDING earthly number series, in my lifetime, since 1968.
From this vision, sports fans, it is clear to me, that this 2003 year of the "1"*THIS* year, fall of 2003 to fall, early winter, of 2004....Is my "1" number, the number of
"an extension, the year that I will DIE in/at the end of"!

the next year...2005 january to december, is the year with a GOLD HEAVENLY SOUL CIRCLE, but NO corresponding earthly number to go with it, as I will no longer have a body then, here on earth: life commences in the Spirit sphere!!!!

Coming HOME!

----that is what these Actors have shown to me, on march 1st! I am half-way-way through my "year", my "1"
*IF* I were to die, around Christmas 2004, like of my father, that would be at the end of the "1" year, according to my Dream!
november 18 years from the nov 1985 date, that my sister had six more months to live!
november 17 years from the Nov 1986 date, that my father had one more year to live in!

---Perhaps I better PAY ATTENTION to my november 1st dream, of last November, where that lady Conductor, on the train, just as i got off; she told me...."You, freestone, have a year: GET READY!!