Friday, December 10, 2004

the Tallahassee jungle Eats!

old trucks old ways of life.

One thing that I was talking about, to an acquaintance, a few minutes ago, was about "hate" and the "opposites".
Tis easy to find something to hate real good. The trick is....To be able to find something good in anything and everything!

we live by "opposites".

If I ask you for a pencil on your desk and to have you give it to me where I get one end of it, and you give to me the pencil, the *other* end will come with it: you cannot give to me that pencil with only that one end!

thus all of us, in this material world, has to contrast and compare against the opposites.

hot vs cold.
black race *or* the white race, and if you are white, your shadow casts on the black for anything in you that you do not like. If you are black, the white race is your reflection.

*this* is why the "hippies" dislike the SUV cars so much! The hippies who are into the "whole earth, whole foods, and envirnmentalisms" project their own
tendencies to "excess" onto the SUV owners!

the people on a diet so dislike the people who sit there and engulf a whole bag of French fries in one sitting..."Morally weak" is what they call them!! But if I am utterly sure of my own diet convictions, then that eater of fries should not bother me in the least!!

that truck in the photo!
---some see..."Environmental trash", ruining the landscape.
---some people see the old pretty pickup as a work of art.
----some think of the good old days.

one truck and 100 feelings that are different, from 100 people who see it!

Some people dislike Tallahassee because of the tropic heat and humidity.
some people love Tallahassee because of the gentle soft air and warm sun that shines
most days!

pick your poison or your Antidote!