Friday, December 17, 2004

Astral travel dreams!

too too bad that I cannot remember most of them, but there was one the other day, that had me wake up with a knowledge of how to describe the worlds that I seem to be in, in my dreams!

The open countrysides seem to be alive! To have a consciousness of their very own.
As if I were with another person who was charismicly awake and intensely aware, but invisible to my sight.
too...I seem able to often fly or float across the scenery.

The other night, I was in a land of old farmhouses, houses that looked a bit like they needed a paint job! I see this often in my dreams and I finally figured out that these houses looked the way that houses did, around the turn of the century, around maybe 1900, when paint was not used so much. Back then they used whitewash
or even MILK to paint their houses: the local hardware stores did not carry paint in those nice modern cans! Thus these houses are the Creation of their owners, from when they first arrived in spirit, in the 1800s, or so. According to the Law
of spirit that I have been shown, when a house is vacated, as that soul progresses onwards to a higher heaven, the house is of course empty, and the Rule is that another incoming soul will use this house until he/she is ready to also leave: this goes on and on, for years and years, after this house was first built. Since there is no decay and rot, the houses could last until some soul comes to remove them.
this is probably why there is so much of the "past" in the buildings that I see there! They are all made of "thoughtform" material, by the first Comers, or the masters, years ago, when the masters first created this astral "area" that corresponds to the country below, on earth. Thus the "American land" [my name]
is only a matter of 300 years old, or so. Thus the houses and cabins date back to that Pioneer settling period of the 1700s/1800s. As these souls progressed, their houses became available for the next soul.
I can imagine that the astral worlds for OLD cultures, on earth, might be very interesting to see: some countries have buildings that are 800 to 1500 years old!
Europe and Asia and Africa have the oldest.
RULE: the astral lands are "above" the earthly counterpart culture, that generated these astral lands. There thusly is a astral land for each culture and even each subculture within a country.
[I once went to see my deceased father about a year after he died. He was living in what HE called..."Upstate new York Victorian farmer world"!]
[I once went to see the appalalacian mountain land, a place that I have gone to often, to note that there were, in one section, a lot of modern looking "hippie/new age/yuppie homes! Yes of course, many of the new agers have died and they have brought their home designs with them!]

these astral lands are only the "second floor" above the first floor called the "earth". There are levels and levels above the astral planes. Yes "planes", as there are many sub-planes within the astral plane. Think: the FM radio band that is above the AM band....There are many many stations within the FM band. Then there are all the shortwave bands and the TV bands above the FM band...
tic the first afterlife world. I read, from a channeled guide, the he says....Through the medium...."That here in the astral the Nightwalkers are a bit of a pest as they appear and disappear at seeming randomness, and intrude into places that cause surprises. One can actually see the pajamas on some of them! They all come from the earthplane: when they awake most will only half-remember what they saw and they will, in any event, think that it was only a dream! Too, these sleepers appear on the higher levels too, but rarely. A rare few even make it up to the Record level [akasha records] and the paradise level of the celestial, but most appear only in the astral. One can tell that they are sleepers by the aura that they have, and most of them wander around like Zombies, only a little bit awake, like sleepwalkers. Then they go poof, as they go back to their bodies"!....A report from the field, from a Guide who lives there!!

always the skies are bright blue and "electric" in feel. Again...It is if the very air and lands are "alive", have a consciousness of and in itself. As if I were inside of a living being!! I have, within the last few weeks, seen people and places that infer that I have been to counterpart worlds "over" Africa...Franca...Iraq...England...Russia. These are the places that I can only remember, there are more forgotten. I have no idea as to "why" I go/taken to see these places. Usually it is to meet with some person or people.
often when I meet someone and a real conversation is about to begin, I immediately wake up! Long ago, I was a bit "irked" that "when the good stuff is about to begin, I wake up"! Always wake up, not just leave, as if my presence, knowing what the person and I talk about, is not for me to know! Finally I realized that the reason why I wake up is that my only astral purpose is to make a contact with someone and then this someone would talk to the Guide who brought me to see this person. Because this person was not high enough yet in vibration to meet my guide, yet, my presence was to "bridge" between he and my guide, as I still have the earth about me, thus closer to him who just had left the earth, and my ???Guide/angel/angels have long long been way from the earth plane, so that the gap was too too big for them to meet this person, unless there was someone in the "middle" between he and the Angels! Me!

Once, about a year ago, I was in a Eastern desert place, a city of mud-like cement
and bricks, with nothing but sand around the ground. "they", the people there wanted me to at least see the oncoming person, walking along the road. They were a bit afraid of this person, a man called Saddam. He came...He looked exactly like the newspapers photos Saddam. [he too astral travels!]
I think that I shook his hand or at least greeted him. Then of course I woke up!
face to face with a man with a frazzy beard, I have seen that photo a hundred times: now I met him in the astral! Since the connection *is* made, for the guides, this connection is "forever", thus I probably WILL have to get to know him, after both of us die!

oh the astral is so so interesting!