Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Yesterday, the 7th, i had a short interesting dream!
I dreamed that i was out at my friend's property just north of tallahassee, across
the georgia border line. He had invited me to go there with him.

I can only really recall the part where he and I were walking on a path in the cemetary that is next to this land of his.

[i have never been there in waking life]

He told me that "the other day", or the "last time" that i was there, i told him
that...."I am going to take the Next Path very very soon".
while in this dream, hearing him say that, even then i wondered how this could be as i had never ever been there to see his home and land!


I wonder about this dream.
I know that five or six relatives helped my father Dudley to die, by having dudley appear in their dreams as they somehow "helped" him to get ready to die!!
I was one of these helpers. The helping seemed to be out of my self control as if "I" had nothing to do with it as I assumed knowledge that i do not have in my waking state: thus a "higher self" activity must be at wirk here.

I wonder if
1...As if maybe i thought that i might die soon, but now it is not so, and i am telling myself this??


2....maybe this is where somehow my friend is "helping" me to get ready, and i get the messege in the dream, as if HE is telling me something that i do not know: that my time IS very short even if i think that it is not!