Sunday, November 14, 2004

when i came into my Senior residence where i live, Georgia Belle Apartments, today, i stopped at the front desk to say hello to the desk-lady, and she was talking to another resident. This other resident was getting ready to leave and then she said as a "parting aside"...

"If it were not for Walmart, i would not know what to do!"

---suddenly, sports fans, a small "epipimeny" occurred to me!!

Here at GB, many many residents go to walmart to shop and quite a few buy *everything* there. most, here, are on Pensions and small savings and HUD Housing.
a weekly busvan goes to there dedicatedly, for those without cars.

my Realization?--that if the Democratic party wants to get in touch with the common person, they should UTTERLY support and be for Walmart! get walkmart into each town all over the country!
for this is where the Poor and the old people shop. everything is "one world international" there, mostly from China and the east, right up the alley of all the liberal left! and cheap and inexpensive. yes, Walmart would put all the home owned businnesses out of business as what they, the local hardware store, say, could buy wholesale is more expensive than what they could buy at Walmart retail for!
[a hardware store owner told me that once, how the hammer that he buys wholesale is more expensive than the hammer that sells for retail at walmart outside of town. then he closed shop, for obvious reasons!]
"but yes" you say, "the quality of much of the merchandise is "cheap", cheap plastic"!
well...what is better for the poor working person, a cheap plastic mixing bowl
or NO bowl at all?!

seems the "republican" people of the Right probably shop at the Quality stores as they have much of this country's money.

Once, while living with my sister with NO income and no car, i would ride into the city with her, to help her with her business and then she would give to me some money for a Treat at MacDonalds, a cheeseburger. She subscribed to i think the magizine..."Country Living" where the liberal left new age people wrote most of the articles. one man wrote how we all should shop and eat at Organic markets and produce and food, even though the prices are higher, as a POLITICAL STATEMENT!
I wrote a letter to the editor telling them about my "treat", the treat for the poor man: Macdonalds! no way that i could ever ever afford something from that new age bakery down the street!
He wrote a reply to my editorial, the man who wrote the article. he more or less says that one should real STILL try to eat at organic food places!!

democrats. listen up! be FOR the poor, not the new age! think "Walmart" and all the stuff that is inferred!
it is spelled..."economic survival"!!
high priced organics and new age Boutique stores are not survival-on-min-wage stores!!

--no wonder Walmart sells 20% of the food sold in stores in Mexico, as well as in Canada!!

thus if the Democratic party wants to help the poor, they should not "indentify" with the "hippie new age Yuppie Preppy people!
their next Candidate, in 2008, should be "of the people and for the people", the people who make up 80& of the world's population but have only 20% of the buying power! BE one of them.

support Walmart today!!