Thursday, November 04, 2004

well well well, sports fans, I had a *very* interesting experience yesterday at my Georgia belle senior residence.
The voting machines were inside. There are about 160 residents there, plus the other people in the surrounding apartments, thus this senior residence was the only "public" building, thus it was the voting place for the section of town.

I voted real early, I voted for Kerry only because I wanted "new blood" in office, my "vote-o-meter" read 51/49 Kerry.

when I came back to the center yesterday, the lady at the evening desk, who was one of the voting officials at the voting tables, told me of a very
incident that occurred on vote day! Seems that there were a group of Democrats that stood outside of the front doors and harassed the incoming voters real severely! One man, harassed on the way in, was harassed on the way out and harassed SO much that he came back in to complain!
this lady, a saved Christian, says to me this...."The man at the top's negativity goes all the way down to the ranks"! She called Kerry an evil man with bad vibes.
---a long long conversation then ensured. I told her that I wished that I knew this before I voted as I was unaware to a degree, I just wanted some new blood in office.

A bit of a "long walk" them did I take! Finally all of the "pieces" fall into place, and my own "vote" is cast: profound this is, and in the twilight of my years and in my postings in the future of these weblogs, I will write with this
"slant". That soul, heart, and spirit...Are way way ahead of "mind"!

while the Mind is "higher' than the emotions, the heart is higher than the mind: the new agers who are "political" have no heart and soul whatsoever!
no spirit. Thus any "justice' that they want, in politic-actions, and in life, is
not also coming with MERCY!
Here these people, I see them every day, here they are, IQ of maybe 130 to 140+
and they have no Spirit in their life. Tis not only would a "southern Baptist
preacher say that they are UNSAVED in Jesus", it is even that the native Americans and the blacks would say that they have no Soul!

harass the Seniors. The ends justify the means. I accuse these democrats and these liberal leftys of this, and I fear for the future when the baby boomers get more into power as then Humanism will rule and all the Soul and spirit will be gone!
someday the Kerrys, or the other democratic candidates, will win; supported by all these liberal leftist intellectuals.

I have a suspicion that if I were to go to talk to college professors about the afterlfe, Jesus, and the life of the spiritual way, my life would be soon in danger, or at least my character would be assassinated behind my back!

too, last night the one very liberal left resident, the Georgia belle, was seen walking out of the building with a very *very* angry expression on his face, that Christian lady at the counselor/guard desk called this expression "evil"!

when ya go to a cafe to eat, the morale of the whole place can be ascertained in talking to just one server!
I am not happy with the intelligentsia of the Left! They have no soul, no spirit!

what is going to happen to this liberal resident when he gets older than his 62 years and Mr death begins to come near him with his Palm computer on to check to see who is next for Delivery to heaven and then this here guy would wonder if he is next?! He probably does not even believe *IN* a afterlife! Who is going to hold his hands after he arrives?
what heavenly Intake counselors are going to "pet the porcupines" when a lot of these liberal intellectuals leftist people die of death and arrive in heaven, with their most undeveloped functions, heart and soul, now being "asked"
to be the only way to live, in the first heaven!! Where their greatly developed minds are now useless.

so my original first impression of Kerry stands, the day that I first heard and saw him on TV:

my vote-o-meter now is.....95/05 Bush!