Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Well I voted today and I voted for


and the democratic party for all of the small city offices.

In a sense, there is a "confrontation" within my own inner life, as I
vacillated between one candidate and the other.

I grew up in a very conservative times, the late 1940s and 50s. Small town eastern Midwest, upstate new York new England farmer land.
staunch stanch republican, and I grew up in this like of a sponge in water.
my aunt, as of today, near has a heart attack whenever abortion is mentioned, she is the pillar of her church. A kind of a place where if you cooked your own meals for yourself that *MEANS* that you are worthless as you have to do it alone and there is no one to love you and live with you! Better to marry the town alcoholic, if there are no other men, as it IS a marriage, after all! And the guy?
why to get a job in the pesticide factory cleaning out the vats, if that is the only job in town, as it IS a job!

Most of the residents of my senior tower vote for Bush, naturally.

Probably "democratic socialism" might be best for us all.
get religion out of our public lives, validate all "homo" life and relationships, give abortion the utter green light for anyone anytime.

the idea of "intelligent capitalism", perhaps that the bush crowd might like, has its great problems, not so much with bush, perhaps, but with the "real" governments of the world, the CORPORATIONS!!
[I read just today that walmart is our largest employer]
these big $$$$ lobbyists sway the government too too much!

of course well all should leave Iraq, and let Iraq free fall into whatever...Probably a civil war bloodbath, where the death rate is about 50,000+, then another dictator will brutally arise, and rule.
like Cuba.
ah.....You say, we should intervene in the name of "democracy" and niceness"

ah, then in the name of "niceness and democratic rule" then all homos/lesbos should become straight immediately and give up their sinful ways and the lady never ever can have her abortion and then we all should all take 10 pills a day as
someone who does not will Burden society with the heart and diabetics condition.
then we ALL go on a diet too, by LAW!!

ya cannot have your "meddle" just one way, just like you pick up one end of a stick and the other end comes with it!!!

but at a Cost, to leave Iraq: lots and lots of war. A bloodbath, actually. You will have to face death face to face without a single Blink! All other critters
Know what the Culling Of the Herd means!!

so Kerry and his wife: we all will have a very very interesting future, now....