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here is a search for "occult", in english, and one can search in other and all languages too!!

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1. Autor adrian warnock -- haloween
At halloween i can sometimes feel my meanest "halloween is a celebration of evil, and evil really exists. halloween has become a celebration for impressionable kids " and because of views like that, i tend to either ignore the door or open it and say something weak like 'sorry i don't do haloween'. is it mean to impressionable kids who don't know what they are doing? or is it an attempt to ensure that at least at my door they won't associate that which i see as evil with a sweet? i know some p...

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2. Autor carling (majickal_mu -- majickal_muse: there's gotta be more to life...
Than writing endlessly and aimlessly on livejournal. but i've yet to find it. i just wrote about 10 minutes ago and here i am again! hello. so...here's a survey type thing: . the . boring . stuff . [ . 1 . ] name: carling [ . 2 . ] age... earth years only please: 16...and yesterday was my half brithday. oh the thrills [ . 3 . ] hometown: thunder bay [ . 4 . ] nickname(s): car, car car, car to the ling and...that's pretty much it [ . 5 . ] gimme three random facts about you...

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