Thursday, November 18, 2004

I just wrote this letter to a rpg game newsgroup usenet group.

Hi all....

I was in best Buy the other day and there was the new box
of half life 2, there on the shelf. at $50, still too too much, but i looked at the box to see if i could play it.

I spied the words..."internet connection required"!

"Oh NO!!", i said to myself, as i recalled the Neverwinter nights mod thing with
Bioware, there they are going to release several good looking mods by internet downloads, but that you not only have to have your password, but
[if i understand it right: please oh please correct me if i am wrong]
if i have this right, you have to Connect to the internet to "authenticate" the mod

Now i see something like this for Half life 2! well maybe you only have to
validate you purchase only once, by connecting to the internet and giving to them the data code on the box, but what if you have to do this each and every time that you play??

well i do not have an internet connection, thank you!!
well i do not play half life 2 then!
[my disibility pension is so small and i am not home much, thus $360.00 a year
for a phone and $250 a year for the internet is also too too much: just look at the games i can buy, or the Upgrades/repairs that i could make with $600 a year!!

But i see a Bigger Issue with this!!

are *ALL* games soon to be like this??

will it soon be that you *also* have to sign up for multiplayer even if you only play the single player game, at $10 to$40 a month??
Thus, in some way, you may end up having to be connected each and every time that you play!

the Liberals talk about the "President Bush Dictatorship", but what about what i consider to be a much *Much* bigger threat:

corporate dictatorship!!

Here is a small "big brother", in the name of anti-piracry, to have such stringent validation codes, that they cull out game players for it!
they would rather lose 20% of their buyers, with a "secure" pirate system, then to think that they could lose more than that with these pirates!

makes me want to click on a pirate site!!

yes, surely there are bugs in this sytem too, i have not followed the news, the lists, on half life 2, but surely there are bugs and more bugs.

I still shake my head over that Bioware neverwinter premium mod thing!
to half to connect to the internet each and every time that you play the mod!

good thing I have a bunch of old games and a way to download more of them!
hooray for the!
I may in a year or two, may never buy a new game ever again!
not be able too!

lets not get started over file sharing/downloading of music and movies!