Monday, November 29, 2004

I had my thanksgiving dinner at the Georgia belle apts. There were about 40
seniors, those who did not go out to family. A dish to pass, the table was 20 feet long, with all kinds of good stuff, all homemade!

there was a bit of a "dark' side to that day! A friend called me to invite me out to eat with him and his family *just* before I sat down to eat, which led to
[rambling thought about another friend up north, not important to write 400 words about]

a dark side about those people who live alone on 'retirement' and are "free" of the "obligations" of family and kids and jobs.
these "free" people are often envied and disliked by those who "have to pay the price" for their 6 kids, inlaws, and the job that is of 90 hours a week!

stabbed in the back *and* in the chest even!!

I am often actually disliked by those who see me as Not having To Pay My Dues!
I never ever married, no kids at all. That alone gets me in real trouble sometimes as there are several of my friends who have 3 or 5 kids with even a older relative
living with them: they are consumed all of the time by the busyness of it all, and they see me as being "free".

I knew a friend from high school who was CONSUMED by his farm! Eaten alive. He began it with 200 acres, then it slowly grew to be more like 1500 acres!
it took every single second of every single day just to keep up. As I walked around the Mile and walked by his farm, seeing him out in the fields with his tractor, I got Bad Feelings! Feelings that I was NOT liked! Eventually he shook his fist at me...
my other Sin was being on welfare. He was "radical right" and this is a no-no!
I was no paying my dues.

another friend infers that "one cannot really being the spiritual path unless one first marries and has a family."
guess I either go to Hell, or cease to exist when I die, according to his Path that he is on.

oh I must wear that Teflon back armor, I guess....