Friday, November 19, 2004

I got to thinking today, after signing up with some site that has near death experiences on it, that my experiences are Unique in that they are "dreams" rather than actual "ndes". in fact most nde sites will not allow mine to be used in the "case histories" as my experiences are "only" dreams!

only dreams. ah what little people know about their dreams. betcha many many people go to heaven all the time and they think that it is a dream, and a dream, as everyone knows, from "psychology 101" is only that; a dream.


the biggest "rednecks" in this country are the Intellectual academics of the liberal left: wanna find out just how "touchy" they are, just whisper in the break room, the faculty lounge, the words..."psychic"..."esp"..."the afterlife": better duck for cover or wear Ebony armor plate "A D and D "heavy" "ac +9", on your back as when you turn around.......

---I wonder what they dream at night??

Most of my dreams are not really suitible for publication as they are only partly recalled or that there is so much mix-up with the daily psychology of my life. i have a few that i have yet to write out, some of them i hope to soon.

In a way, i have not, during the last 20 years, actually dwelt upon them as much as i could have, partly as there are really no people that i could tell them to!
One, no interest.
two, it would take more than an hour to really do justice in telling just one of them and if you cannot spit it out in 10 seconds or less, these days: my listener will get a cell phone call, or be interupted by something, or lose my train of
so there is no one that i can tell, as if these dreams seem only for to be for ME!

eventually i will die, there was a time that i thought this would occur very very soon, but due to the other things and the fact that "time" is different in the spirit world....i may have a year to three or four more years yet, according to the drift of my interpetations of my own prophetic dreams. if in "three years", then i can Go On Living on a kind of "Grace". Grace to do something a bit more, like "Toot my Horn" more about my experiences.
write up more, share more, tell more people.

so in the coming months and hopefully years, i will try to get somewhat away from "rants" and deal more with my daily life observations in the light of all of my dreams!
as what my site is supposed to be about!!

stay tuned......