Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Yes I like living here in Tallahassee, the photo above is from McClay gardens, a
park that was once a plantation garden. Looks subtropical all right; airplants on top of airplants and 63 inches of rain a year, and sometimes 80 degrees in November!

My dream life seems to be even more stranger then this garden!
Most of my dreams, of late, seems to have an Astral locale, but no one dream seems to stand tall to be described

---what about the dream that I had a couple of nights ago?!
I seemed to be with a family in a city, the husband seemed to infer, as I followed him about the city, that he was a "clerk" of high standing in the "state"!
I followed him about the city, a dark sky city with snow on the ground. Many of the buildings looked old and drab, and there were some buildings that had
construction that looked "other than American"! A onion skin dome, on top of some buildings.
everyone wore heavy clothes and huge hats, very cold here.
"here"??? I heard the word "Moskva" spoken.
---but who? What? And for what purpose??
no clue.

but these types of dreams intrigue me greatly as all of them where I "follow" someone, it is as if I am using another person's memories to create a dream with!
I can well enough accept the "standard" interpretation of dreams: that one creates a dream from the "brain processing" of one's days before the sleep, but what about using other people's memories?! People from all over the earth, no less, not just someone I meet with once a week in Starbucks!
is this a "OBE/astral travel"? Not in the standard sense, I feel, as all is required for these dreams is for me to just use another person's memory images
as material for my dream, thus I would "first person" these experiences, of course, a bit as if I were that person.

there have been a number of these where that person
but that the dream continued onwards as I now dreamed some of his afterlife experiences!!

just like that photo of the garden at the top of the post; I got it from the web and then I made a reference link to the URL where it came from and then I uploaded the image to the blogger ftp site and then re-downloaded it to this posting page on my blog. Using another person's image.
They could be using mine, anyone else.
[momentary "shudder": just how many of my own life experiences have it where one to three hundred other people use my experiences as their own, in their dreams??!!]
"private" is a word that I cannot ever ever use anymore!
nor can I ever say..."I would never ever do that, and anyone who does is sinful", as I often have done *just* that in my dreams, as another person, using his images and life experiences. From gay orgies to murder, from China to Japan and then Iraq, no place is not accessible.

I have Interesting dreams. Maybe most other people do too, if they would pay more attention to them, and to *NOT* just assume that their dreams are only "psychological" in origin!