Monday, November 01, 2004

On the fence.
Bush or Kerry. Either/or!

----I was born in June of 1941, a classmate once told me that "the people born at that time were the baby-busters; fewest people born per year, ever, during the prewar years." so I feel Alone, in age, either the people in the Georgia belle old folks home are older than I, and very very conservative, or else the people in my city who are younger than I are liberal leftist; the baby boomers!

do I want a Bush who is religious and of the old guard, or do I want an unreligious person who is Intelligent but obnoxious!

My Gardijeffian spiritual path friend sees me as too too "emotionally immature"! I can sense that as all my inner astrological planets are in cancer sign! Everything else in water signs or in the 12th house, and no planets in the "outer world' part of my chart!
unevolved feelings come across as EMOTIONS, I think. One way to evolve emotions is through "THINKINGS". However the FEELINGS transcend the mind.
only trouble is, with me, is that there are no Teachers in this society that teach one how to feel! Thus my growth of soul is

profoundly retarded!

thus I am 'stuck' on emotions, and have been since I was about four years old, and there are no classes for feelings in my high school or college!
thus I can only Deal with my soul through


I guess.....
and...Remain about four years old, in feelings, till I die of old age! The only feelings that are really valdated, in our culture, seem to be the "woman's feelings": how women feel. Thus me, why I feel more than most women do, and choose choices like of a woman.

so in "politics" seemingly I might vote for fellow cancer Bush, but I sense that we all need MIND to rule this country, obnoxious or not.

...I saw when I came to the south, in 1960, that it was the Yankees emigrants from big cities up north, who made everything work and run on time, here!
Often these people were "Damm Yankees", were Told You What To Do, their way, in unpolite ways, and in un-romantic, factual, ways too. But the job gets done right!

Probably there should be NO trace of religion in the presidential office and no religion in the schools or public life either!
[remember sports fans: Jesus was *NOT* a Christian]
and we all should validate gay marriage and the right for abortions.

my 80 year old Christian aunt in upstate new York, the Old Guard, she is one of the "pillars of her church", the choir director and organist. Her path is "service" and she, egotistically, comes last, in any choices having to do with other people versus her own life-choices....In fact she wrote a book called "GROWING UP IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION OF 1929"! Her childhood. In those times, one's country, family, town, came first in life. One married for life, like it or not and if a girl was raped, and a child was born, why of course she raised this child and even married the rapist! After all, it WAS a marriage!
[one adapted TO life as it was given to you!]

needless to say, I can Guess who she is going to Vote For!!

I probably will vote for Kerry!