Tuesday, October 19, 2004

you said....[somone asked me a question about dreams!]
What is your take on dreams? I've been conditioned to think by the rest of the world and mental professionals that "dreams" are simply a distortion of a series of events that have happened to one during a time period. I've had this happen, but I've also had dreams totally unrelating to that, and even dreams that are almost premonitions of things to come, and pyshcic.

yes, that is what the "professionals" say, that dreams are nothing but "brain processing" of the previous days events before falling asleep! i think that "Scientific American", and other mags, have devoted ten page articles on this, often.

a-HEM! i know better. the researchers are all "materialistic"! they do not consider
that there are other demensions besides the three
earth demensions of space and the one more of time!
Spirit demensions.
"they" the guides write that there are SEVEN demensions in all....

the professionals usually are "agnostic" and are not into the idea that even ESP exists. let alone
the other Talants, like claivoyance, let alone the Afterlife!!

at night, the bodies separarate!

that is...one has a duplicate body, of a sorts, that is a "counterpart" of the physical body but is a part of it while one is awake. at night though, this spiirt, or soul-body, sort of separates and "floats" just above the sleeper, connected by the "silver" cord. normally this astral...soul..spirit body [yes there are several words for this body]
is such that you are also asleep in it too!
that is...you do your dreaming in it, as you are in it. *this* type of dreaming is what these reserchers study, pure brain processings!!


as this soulbody is completely IN this spirit demension, the fourth demension, sometimes the scenery around the body is dimly seen or heard!
this "scenery" is often bits and pieces of the objective spirit world, or maybe just the bedroom that the dreamer creates and then projects outwards....often this astral bedroom is NOT the currant place he is sleeping in, it might be his childhood bedroom!
normally a spirit wandering the realms, then entering your Image of this bedroom, might see you there *as* someone who is asleep!!! this spirit would see you asleep in a room that would be your mental projection of your bedroom, your mental projection out onto the 4th demensional

there, in the spirit worlds, images are THINGS!

maybe this spirit could "shout into your ear", or even create a mental image and then insert it into your mind....communicate this image..and then maybe you would awake the next day with a remberence that you heard someone speak a sentence to you, a sentence that might indeed refer to an event that is in the future; or maybe recall a picture that somone shows to you!

my dreams are getting very intense, of late.
take last night's dream. I can only remember what i would call upon awakening, the "encounter"! This event was a meeting with someone, a "someone" of very great Importance, in the Spirit world! At least i had that impression upon awakening!
This personage Told me things about my relatives and somethings about heaven, only dimly now recalled. But, in this dream i was lucid enough to be able to choose to ask questions of him, after he had finished with what he wanted to tell me.
tis difficult to describe the Tone of his teachings. as if what was shown came from "behind' him, from higher up, in spirit, some higher heaven. a feeling of awe and reverence, here, as he "channeled" or spoke.

too, a guide or an angel could even get you to WAKE UP, there, in the spirit world, while "you" are still asleep, in your bedroom!! then this Guide, or spirit, could even take you to see places in the spirit worlds!!

So many of my dreams of late have been to places that seem to be

....A dream where I wandered around an open air plain, covered with trees and plants, a savannah, really. There were many many animals, of different species.
what struck me was that all of the animals,also were really REALLY different from any here on earth!! At the end of my dream I wandered into a hut and met a man who told me he was "my teacher for this dream"...And that he said to me..."How did you like you visit to the Sphere around another planet, around another sun"?!

...Another dream where I sat in a home with four men and talked. One of the men was dressed in white and had a "muslin" turban.

...Another dream was where I was in a place, in the astral, where there was a astral world where people from new York city lived. I was in a shop or building there and there were about four men in the room, and they all professed their "gayness".
they all joined in a big hug, a "homo hug"...Me included, even though I am not gay!!

....Yet another night, where I had a dream of going to some "alien world"...Probably one of earth's astral worlds. I cannot recall much of it, but "this is not Kansas anymore"!!

EXAMPLE where i was taken to a collectively created place that looked like an earthly copy of a religious camp, but was occupied with souls who died but they thought that they were still alive on earth!! I was "sent" to help them as they could see ME, but that they could not see their own Angels and guides! thus their Angels had me help them realize that they had died!
I went or was sent to a "Pentecostal camp", by my guides. a "camp' that was created by or for a group of young people. Some
campground where there were a number of people.
must have been a hundred or more, nearly all were
younger people, in their 20s perhaps. I do not recall
all of the particulars of the hours and hours that I
spent there, but I really recall one event!!
here I stood before a young man and all but SCREAMED
into his face to try to get his attention...
---his attention was now gotten!
I told him to look upwards to the sky.
I said..."You are dead and you still think you are on
earth: but you are truly not dead: look above you and
SEE the planes of heaven where at the upper levels
Jesus LIVES and at the lower levels Jesus VISITS: you
are to go to one of these levels"! I actually said
that, in my dream!
---I could indeed see upwards into the sky and I could
see what looked like to be a open shaft, like of an
elevator shaft, going up into the sky. I could also
see that there were three or five floors to this shaft
where doors opened out onto "floors". Just like
looking up an open elevator shaft with open elevator

there is, with many older Religions, sects, Trainings to get one to be able TO awake in this soul body, and to be able to travel and to see places on your own without guides, as the "silver cord" is infinitely STRETCHABLE!
*this* is what "astral travel' is all about!!

thus, all dreams that are of "more than just brain processings", are where the surrounding spirit world's screnery and people's are dimly perceived, by the semi-awake dreamer, semi-awake to the spirit world. thus when you wake up the next morning, *this* is why often the last night's dream is SO strange as there is spirit material all mixed up with the brain processing stuff!
"spirit material" and 'spirit realms" ....are another word[s] for...."material and places in the afterlife worlds where we all go to when we die and become residents there *as* spirits!
"spirits' are other deceased souls.
There are many many many realms and worlds there, thousands of them, thus each person will have different astral experiences!

thus, the dreams are "strange" as the spirit and the physical material is all mixed together.

yes one IS "psychic" in these dreams as "psychic' is another word for "being in two worlds at once, when awake!
Check out a medium "camp" sometime...like of Cassidaguia, florida! all the residents there are either psychic or mediums!

I have lived here, now, in tallahassee for over 40 years, and i have had hundreds of these dreams where Guides have taken me to see places in the spirit worlds!
i have some of these written up at
go read some of them, to see what a dream is like when one is somewhat awake in this astral, soul, body; and then can see and hear some of the scenery in the afterlife places, either going by himself, or more often the case, being taken by Angels or Guides to see places!!!
[one can indeed pray, before going to sleep, pray to Spirit just to have such Angels and Guides visit you or take you to see...such places.