Monday, October 18, 2004

Hi all...

there is a word that I like, from the mediums/channelers/psychics....


---this is where a message comes from spirit, perhaps a message given by a spirit guide, as a "heard voice", but then the psychic expresses not the quote, but the interpretation of it, thus this message is now colored by the ego-interpretation.

in NDE experiences, or like in my own type of "NDE", where mine were of vivid, lucid, dreams of experiences of afterlife worlds, I can well imagine how coloring would take place!
First one has the experience.
Then one remembers it not completely, as one pays attention to the parts of it that rapports with
the belief system then held currant. Thus, over time, some parts of the NDE might even be forgotten!
worse....As a person communicates the nde experience to others, the description gets colored with the belief system then held currant!

I have "had" probably 100+ experiences, over the years, of "being taken to spirit realms by guides".
*some* of these experiences do not tally with my belief system, and it would be very easy for me to get emotionally involved in interpretations!!
like: my recent experience of being a part of a "gay man orgy"! I was in a room of about 15 naked homo men: I was there in person, and there was an orgy in progress.
strokings...fondlings...I awoke when I felt someone's Penis entering my rectum!!
I am not "homo" by belief. I have sympathy and "likingness' to Homo people. But an experience like of this "tests" my ability to judge this experience, in telling it to others!
[how many "buttons" have I activated already, in readers of this post?!!]

I have read of some NDE-ers who experienced a HELL WORLD, and when they told it, they got a very very bad reception from the listeners for their efforts!
---of course the experiencer might have colored the experience!!

to wit: there is the Experience, then there is the communicated interpretation of this experience.
they often are not the same. Colored!

this morning's paper had a front page article about a family living Ecologically next to the National forest south of Tallahassee. Only when I turned to the next page, where this article was continued, did I see that this article was REALLY a Kerry ad!! Put forth as a real article on page one, but
not only was the slant of the end of the article "pro" Kerry, that paper had a "sidebar" in the middle of the article describing how "good" Kerry is pro-environment and that "bad" Bush want to open up much of the public lands to mining and well drilling!
*this* is "coloring"!
[maybe this is why this paper is named the
"Tallahassee DEMOCRAT"!!]

a person who has had a REAL spirit experience, but then interprets it according to their pre-conceived belief system, then tells others to live according to this belief system of theirs, now self-VALIDATED
by this Spiritual experience...Is verging upon "Cult" territory! "self-righteousness" is a result! "God is on MY side"!!

should be the other way around: the Spiritual experience should make me Humble and change my way of thinking, feeling, living!!