Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Cornell University, the main tower
--more nice pictures

I have a kind of "writer's block" over the last few days as I had found a subject that is "too too large" to write about!!
--Just try to Process a file of 50 megs on a 400K hard drive!!
If I were to wrote, thoughly, about my topic, I would need a book of 300 pages, but in a weblog typing at 5wpm?!!

no way!

I would truncate and mutilate what I write, in my Autistic fashion, most of the good stuff would never ever get written!!

reminds me....
...I had a 1980 friend, in Ithaca, NY, who tried his hands at writing a short story for the very very first time. He was a grad of Cornell, he lived about 1/4 mile from that tower in the photo. He was a "student" of "zen" and Buddhism.
I read a short draft of his story, maybe ten pages long. He told me that "he needed to cut out the fat", to take out the rambling sentences. The next day he appeared at the coffee shop with five sheets of paper. He had begun to Trim.
the next day he had four pages. A week later he had One page.
The next week, he presented me with his Final Effort: all the UNESSENTIAL
stuff had been removed.

One sentence!!

"He walked to the store and became Enlightened"!

done. Short and sweet, "War and Peace", the book, in a page!


my topic?
--all that "mess" about the Divinci Code, Jesus, and John the Baptist, and leonando DiVinci!
[computers do NOT do "caps", never ever have I found a keyboard that will do them, at the beginning of a word!!!]
Di Vinci was a "Jonathan"! That means that Vici believed that as John the babysat baptized Jesus, then Jesus is the PRETENDER; it is john who is the Messiah!!

I see it now, my spin on this: that there was little of any kinds of "heavens" , for the deceased, over time, for umpteen thousands of years after Mankind got individual souls. One survived after death by "hovering" near the family clan alter, and that everytime that a family member made an offering of food and of attention at this alter, the soul Awakened. If the food and attention was for an hour a day, that soul was awake for an hour, then slept the rest of the day. Thus, on earth, that clanhouse alter, it it was there for a week...168 hours, that soul was awake, self-conscious, for 7 hours only! Then eventually this soul would incarnate back into this same family that he died in.
"ancestor worship"...It is called.
eventually "temples" and secret societies developed something called
"INITIATION" that permitted a person to be constantly self-aware and awake, after he died. He could now exist AS an individual soul, like he did on earth. If he now died *without* being initiated into the occult Temple mysteries, like of Egypt
or Greece, etc,etc...He would either "hover" near his clan house or maybe join a band of semi-awake spirits, being "one" with them in a dreamlike "likeMind"!
[this is why demons in exorcism speak all in one voice!]
this iniatian was really very "ELITIST", as only the very very best people could endure the rigors and the discipline and the dangers that went with initiation!
after such and adept died, he would be a Guide for other earthly aspirants in the Temple, other candidates for Initiation.
a true true "us versus them" mentality developed. Any secrets of initiation, or of the temple teachings, if they were revealed to someone of the unwashed masses, to the common people, why this traitor would be probably killed!
thus only the Elite would have eternal life, or at least a self-aware life, until they reincarnated!
then came Jesus!! He was initiated into the mysteries by John the Baptist.
john was a temple initiator. Not of the Sanhedrin, naturally, but of the Ancient mystery cults, of course.
Jesus, however, al the idea of the "woman of Samaria" at the 'well of Samaria", felt that ANYONE should have access to eternal life if the asked God himself!
That anyone could become initiated, no matter if she was a prostitute at the Well of samaria or if he was a thief, on the cross!
"remember me in heaven, please oh Jesus", this thief asked, and Jesus replies that it is so: now this thief is INITIATED into self-awareness, after he dies, he now lives in the spirit world as an individual soul, *just* like of the Initiates of old
Oh how MAD and ANGRY were the temple people!!! Not only does Jesus spill the secrets, and that he Intitiates someone to eternal life, outside of the Temple Orders; Jesus now opens up heaven for "JUST ANYONE WHO ASKS"!!
now the "rabble" and the homeless and the sinners and the [fill in the blank as to who *you* deem not be be worthy of eternal life]...
One could get Killed for this, and thus Jesus was killed. In a very very real sense, no Priest or temple order was now neccessary for one to receive Initiation into eternal life in the spirit worlds. "the temple veil was rent", at his crucifixion! No veil between a person and the Lord, no intermediary.

Leonardo Divinci seemed to feel, I read, that Jesus and his followers HAD john beheaded, responsible for john's death. Little wonder that Divinci hates Jesus so so much! devinci, in his Noble/aristrocratic background, might have had great trouble imagining how the rabble of peasants in the middle ages could ever ever be worth of eternal life in heaven! One in such a mindset could only see how the influx of 10,000,000 dirty poor uneducated "redneck" peasants and sharecroppers, into heaven, after they died....Would "dirty up" the lands of heaven...The "Ultimate arty Crashings" of the aristrocatic heavens, where only the elite of mankind were supposed to live in after they died!!

---and the work of Jesus goes on....What about the *OTHER* thief on his cross, the thief who did not ask Jesus for salvation?! The work of Jesus is not yet Done!
[moral for today]....Are the homeless, the jail-timers, the "hip-hop/rappers"
and the
[fill in the blank with *your* most thought of person who is Least Derserving
of a heavenly afterlife],
and the other "rednecks" : are these untouchables now worthy of an afterlife, maybe living with YOU, after death?

thus, Jesus brought out Intitiation to the masses, by his incarnation's mission Intent, before he was born. The "old school" temple people were not amused.
now their "party" in heaven is Crashed by the masses of the unwashed, the unlearned, the lower class peoples.
the old school temples are still around and if one looks hard enough, they still are Intitiating people. Most do not like Jesus.
but I feel it is time for a RECONCILIATION, here, of the temple people.
both are working for the same ends, and the temples reach people who do not respond to the NOW too too organized religion, too too polluted by man's social dogmas over the years.
temple people?
new ones might now be called "cults", some of the cults. Or "sects"...especially in old Europe.
lets all work together....