Wednesday, October 20, 2004


ah Morrowind.

I am 'fed up" with politics and the rants and the stuff of it.
I will play computer games and the game of life, both here and in the astral worlds, in my time that i have left, in my old age of 63 years.

I recall a writing about the stagecoaches of the frontier, where there were a sign in each coach...."no talking about politics or religion allowed"!
six people sitting face to face cramped in close quarters for miles and miles and all day long: heated arguments would break out over these topics.

no more politics. not only do i not read about politics, i cannot form picture images of anything that is said!

I will vote for who feels good to vote for, i guess.

in the future, in the months and years that i have left, i will devote my writings to things of Spirit and to life's observations of people and events, in the light of spirit.
dreams...visions...things that are "psychic' in nature: stuff like that!

stay tuned!