Friday, September 10, 2004


I had a *VERY* interesting dream last night.
this was after a day of a long sunny day walk, where I pondered some of my other dreams that I had since November of 2003.
---that lady in the train telling me..."You have ONE YEAR, get ready!"
---Another lady [angel] telling me, in dream, on about may 1st of this year..."By this time next year[2005] you will be living in a place that is now far FAR beyond anything that you, freestone, can currently imagine"!

Yet again I face a series of dreams, warnings from Angels, that I might not live long!

so yesterday I pondered why was it so, why could not I live another 5 to 10 years, I am 63 now, my father lived to he was 73, I could too! How about 6 to 7 more years, to about 2011, the time of the Mayan Indian Change Time?!

I prayed to Spirit about this, asking if this could be done.

last night, the dream.

I was in Africa and I was applying for to be a Ranger in the Kruger national park. The Examiner began to test and to interview me for this position. He told me that
the Hotel and the park was at 23 degrees latitude. I then told him that the climate is near the same as tallahassee's, at 30 degrees latitude.
He gave to me a few physical tests, one of which was trying to put a viewing scope down my throat to look at something.
I then went to the Placement interview and he tells me that I FAIL. He says, " your body is too too Quirky and unstable for being a Ranger in this park. "you cannot do it"!
I then walk back to my hotel. As I do so, I see the Examiner walk, with his black dog, up towards me on the road. His huge jet black shiny dog comes up to me in Eagerness to be petted, and I petted him. But the examiner walks by me, ignoring me!
---end of dream.

INTERPRETATION: This place is a mirror of Tallahassee, a mirror reflection of my prayer request, thus an answer to it, a reflected-back statement as to how Spirit feels about my "application" to RANGE [ranger] the earthplane for another
seven years [Tallahassee is 30 degrees, the mirror-city is 23 degrees, thus 7 degrees apart, I cannot live those 7 prayed for years!!]
my body is too too "sensitive" for to range the maybe-stress full earthplane, for another 7 years, with my Lung damage, my reactions to chemicals, noise, and the vibes of a country where things might well fall apart in soon!
Thus my body is not up to it!
thus, I pet the Dog, the very symbol of DEATH, the black huge dog, and my request is ignored, the Examiner walks by me not even looking at me, as I pet the Dog, who drools in dog-love as I pet!

that train dream, where that lady told me that I had one year...Was about November 25th. My father had HIS year of grace, from Nov 1st to Xmas day.

thus if I am still here about early Feb of 2005, Other Overwrites could be made...Especially after may 1st!

maybe I better listen to that OTHER dream....About a month ago, where yet another lady angel told me...In stern tones, like of my 8th grade teacher lecturing me
about my Failings in math!...
"you, freestone, are paying far FAR too much attention to Florida [the outer world!]
and you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing at this stage in you life, which is to reflect upon your life that you lived and to summarize it!"!!

--not very often am I Taken to Task, for being under my own spiritual curriculum-curve, on my life-Path of spirit! This dream might be the only one! And she was *very* criticizing in tone to me!

better pay attention!
wake up!
get out of my routines and habits, of being involved in the outer world, and Get To Work on meditating and summarizing my life! Thus make the outer world very "routine and structured", like in a MONASTERY, so to do this! My garjedian friend would
wince a bit, but his advice *would* be correct, "to get out of routines and wake up", if applied to someone who has one year!
[there was a man at the senior center, in 1987, who was at 73, a roofer and he worked on roofs all day long, until the very minute he died, of a heart attack, on a roof: ZERO PREP FOR DEATH, zero summarizing.

I gotta get off that roof!!!