Saturday, September 11, 2004

Well I am going to comment a bit more about that dream that I posted here yesterday, the dream where my "application" for a 7-year extension of life, is denied!

I have a friend, here in Tallahassee, who has five kids, an Alzeimers father living with him, his Nurse wife, and about four properties to manage and to rent.
He follows, in some manner, the "4th way"...Garejieff..Path. There is a belief, in that path, that one should really do the family path, before doing the spirit path, that there are some, in this Way, that feel that no one CAN have a spiritual path unless they do the Home/family first!
too...The Way of this path, infers that one should overthrow all habits and fixed thinkings and to try new things and to get out of habitual thinkings and habitual
ways of livings.

How Interesting, in light of my dream! Whenever he finds the rare time to have coffee with me at Barnes and nobles, often there is a "hint" from him that I should get out of my rut and do new things! Too, as I never ever had a family, or even married, there surely is an Issue there: I Am Not Worthy "of a Spirit path", in light of the Teachings that are behind my friend's Way!

I find, that if he NOW gives this advice to me, outright or subtly inferred, that I should get out of my ruts, I find


his advice..."To get out of ruts and to try new things", in MY case, would be to get MORE into ruts and routines and sheltered ways of life that never change as this "gets me away from being out in Florida, from paying attention to Florida"!!
the direct opposite, seemingly, of his advice!! If I did take his 4th way advice
*as* he intends, I would stop reflecting upon my life and stop summarizing it, and then go out and do do do things in the outer world!!

"the Old man then ceases to prepare for death"!!

---this is why I would indeed be taking "4th way advice *by* becoming more routine and fixed in my habit patterns!!

Monks in monasteries have all that fixed routine and habit patterns *FOR* something! After all: they do not have all of that discipline just for disipline's sakes!
They do it so that they can meditate, reflect, and pray.

but oh how ironic! Taking "his advice" would be to do MORE of what he thinks is
of the ways that should be stopped!

maybe, in heaven, I will Ask of the Angels that he will have a Notice, himself, when he has one year to live: he then can get ready!