Friday, September 03, 2004

There was an event at my Senior towers that reminded me of something!
Many many people, there, attend the church services there. too, there are lots of "sings" and bible study classes, the whole Center is managed by a church foundation.

Many of the residents are "saved", they have accepted Jesus as their Savior.

I was reminded of a "composite" person, yesterday: i have seen a hundred or more of this very same "person", over the years, and not only of an old person either!
In my hometown, i attended the church in the 90s, i saw the same.

what was this?
that many Christian people never ever seemed to be "working" to remove their "Sins", to lessen them, to replace negativity with happyness, love, and forgiveness!!
--- a "Saved" lady keeps negatively criticizing, in a negative state, nearly "everything", but she seems not to be working to eliminate this attitiude, over the months that i have known her.
---someone holding a grudge "forever", and then even saying that "God is on my side", and 'self-righious" about her position!
---a person really "hating" abortionists, but not aware that "hate is hate"!
---A minister, who tells his congregation that he is NOW going to rehab about his Drinking. months later the police take away his drivers license in a DWI!
He goes again to rehab. then he runs off to stay in a motel!
---a younger [40] man who cannot stop "obsessing" about his bad-divorce-wife!
All of these example-people are "Saved Christians", but they seem not ever to be changing these "my-percieved sins" into a better attitude.

the Gardejieffian/Fourth way people have a nice phrase..."working upon oneself".
why oh why are not these christians "working upon themselves"?!

It might seem that saved christians, self-admitting that they are sinners, that they would be trying to remove these sins from their souls! I guess that they must think that Jesus Does All the Work and that as He forgives their sins, all that they have to do is to ask Him for Forgiveness, and then keep on sinning!!
As if there is not even an awareness that one should stop this sinning!

When i was 1993 very VERY sick with Empyma, and was in the hospital for 20 days, i was introduced to the concept of the "HEALING TEAM"! this is where the staff of the hospital, from the doctors , to the lab techs to the janitors, are part of a team that is responsible for my healings.

I quickly realized that I, MYSELF, must also be part of this Team!!

--a nurse draws the blinds on the very first morning's sun into my window: i tell her not to ever draw them as that sun only comes in an hour a day, *if* it shines at all, in the 200 cloudy days a year that Upstate new york gives. I need that sun, for my mood as well as for healing rays.
--in spite of my DEMAND that "no flowers ever ever be brought", my aunt sends a huge huge bouquet of them: carnations. the nurse who brings them in has a runny nose, she apoligizes for the allergy, reacting to "something"! i told her right then and there, that i once sold carnations and that they are preserved with 50 CHEMICALS
and that this is why i do not want flowers in my small small private room [isolation ward!], and i told her that her allergy will go away when they are gone from my room! The allergy went away!
Yes, sports fans, I had to monitor my medicine, i had to special order certain types of very high protein foods from the cafeteria, to substitute for the meals that sometimes were "all carbs"!
I had to be part of the Healing Team too!! to also take charge of my own healings, as well as the Staff doing their part.

yes, Christians have Jesus always there. his angels too. Ones own spiirt guides also.

but I have to be part of that team too! I have to take responsibility too, to try to eliminate my sins and negativities. I have to grow in spirit, i have to do some
of the work of Salvation also. too too many times have I seen Christians who
do no spiritual work upon themselves: they will die *just* at the same state that they were saved in, year and years ago, nothing has really changed in their lives since they began to follow the Path of Spirit! [new agers too]!!

a baptist minister, in my childhood home, once preached a sermon about the "babies
in jesus"! he said that such a person is a person who became saved, and did nothing to grow his soul in Jesus, so that when he died, he arrives in heaven *as*
a baby, because that is the age of his soul!! there was no real spiritual growth

ya gotta be a part of the Spiritual healing team! to become an Active Member of the
Team that is working for the growth of your soul, let YOU, as well as the Angels, the Saints, Jesus, Mother mary, the in the growth of your Spiritual soul!

[i have to remember that i wrote this: gotta get the rocks out of my own eye, before too being harsh on those who have cinders in their eyes!]