Thursday, September 02, 2004

---that waterfall is taughannook falls. the highest straight drop falls east of the Mississippi river, in the usa.
Next to cayuga lake in upstate ny, 212 feet high. the overlook is nearly 100 feet higher than the falls!

yes Natural wonders from my childhood.

the Mozilla just wiped out my Post, below this line. I was going to rant about the Hurricane and how it is to live on a bowling lane. How everone who lives here is a gambler far far more than any casino player is, and when you Lose, you become a refugee, utterly DEPENDANT upon the us government, or others, for eeeeeverything!

I think that this is our Future, for the next ten years as the earth gets warmer
and global waming is getting ever ever out of hand.
I just read today that many florida rivers have it where the fish are toxic, filled with mercury, from the air...i see it now, soon fish will never be eaten ever ever again!

they say that this "double whammey" of TWO storms of catagory 4, is a "once in a lifetime" event....or even rarely, like once in 100 years or more!

just wait till the THIRD ONE STRIKES, the hurricane Season still has 60 days yet to go!

"once in a lifetime", from now on, probably really means..."every year", for natural disasters, from now on!

That waterfall, near my hometown! it was a sacred site for the Indians. as is the Finger lakes, where that falls is. the lake below the falls, Cayuga lake, might have 500 waterfalls around it. near my cottage that i owned, in the 70s, there were about 14 to 20 waterfalls per mile, that were from 20 to 150 feet high!
For many of us, these days, there are no more "sacred sites", even Naturally speaking! [ a feeling of Awe and naturallness and wholesomeness!]
many many kids today do not know even what a home-made cookie tastes like! many kids are now ORPHANS, even with two parents as they both work, the Proper place for a kid today is in front of that tv!
my close friend with 5 kids; they go each year to the mountains of north georgia, camping on a lake, this is the sort of thing that is rare today for kids! today they have the soccer/baseball little leagues, taking up their time for the summer, or even year-round-school!
I grew up having my summers at the family cottage near that waterfall, there was a 40 foot waterfall behind the cottage, and 20 more falls within two miles! a cottage 40 feet from the shore...ah, the memories!

today, all of this does NOTHING, so the parents think, to Advance the CEO-earning potential of the kid, after he graduates from College and begins his career on the way to top CEO manager-hood! [I read in the ny Times that in ny city, many of these obsessive parents begin to Arrange their son's entire future when he is TWO years old, to get him into Yale, harvard, cornel, or some other such school: every minute of his life planned out!

"sacred spots" Do Not Count, in today's thinkings. smacks too too much of what the Liberals want to remove from our culture: the idea that there are things out there that are Objectively BETTER, or "Moral" or more "ethical", than of something/anything else!! if there are no values to anything: each of something has EQUAL value to anything else, why does it really matter that one lives under dirty skies next to an interstate bypass with roaring traffic noises all day and night long?
I am old fashioned, i guess: i like my sacred spots. not only in experiencing them, but in remembering all of them that i have seen, for all of my lifetime of 63 years! "sacred spots" seen, like of a certain walk to a woods with a canopy of trees with no age the woods behind my childhood home in Interlaken, ny; why this infers, this recalling of "sacred spots" in my lifetime, that there ARE life-experiences that are "better" than others, on a kind of "ethical" level! and that one can pick and choose from them, for one's future life left to live.
If a person has no idea that "there are sacred spots, of any kind", then this person might just accept what is given to them, by life, and not try to change things, as there are no ideas of a something better to reach out for!
[i.e...the kid who knows not the taste of a home-made cookie, could just buy the stuff of of the shelves in the supermarket, for life!
i.e...the battered-by-husband lady, batter too in childhood, might only accept yet more batterings, knowing no better!]
seek ye your sacred spots! whether of a Place, like that waterfall, or a way of life, like of "personal quiet time out" to meditate/refect, or even of a life-philosophy!