Monday, September 20, 2004

interesting dream last night!!

I was shown a map of the usa. there was someone talking to me too, about the map, as it was shown to me. The map looked very very strange. it was a "political map"
of the territories and states of the us. I could hardly read the format of the western characters on the map. The jist of what i saw was that this map is from a
or Probably reality!
only the east has been settled and only a small area across the south over to the southwest, has yet to be settled, in what appears to be "currant time"!! I read "1949" on one state. I did not see my city of tallahassee to be even there. there were "indian wars" on the frontier, about just west of the missisisippi river!

then i saw faces of the americans. they looked a bit like "Italians"! all of them.
then i went "into" the map to go to see my hometown in upstate new york. everything was different, the roads, the people. I saw a 1925-type of airplane and farm equipment form about 1930, even though this map is suppossed to be "today"...2005.
I saw a machine called a "Roman mill"!

then i Realized.....
the Roman empire was still ongoing and this is where the Frontier of it was...all the faces i saw were of 2005 AD romans living in the new world!
there were no blacks: no yankee slave traders and no Arabian slave traders!
I saw no power poles or lines.

why did i be shown this?
is it a "real" probably reality?
how many MORE are there?
is this "real"?
what was the major Intersection-point, that branches this reality?!
what was the role of Jesus, in this Roman world?

questions questions questions, i have about 548 more to ask!

point is...did a spirit CREATE this for me, this vision, or is this reality REAL, on some level of time and history? if real, could i visit it after i die?
if so, how many MORE places are there that i could visit?
---no one settles the new world: Indians have a real Life!
---Hitler conquors the us: Naziism rules the world.
---the South won the civil war.
---China settles the west coast, in 1500 AD, now the Continent is a chinese place.
---German is the national language. [english, i read, won out over german by only a couple of votes, for to be the national language, in 1776!!]
---Franch or Spain get here first!
---Jesus did not exist, the whole of civilization, after about "20 AD" follows from that. [perhaps *this* is what my dream was about!]