Saturday, September 18, 2004
a cemetery in Seneca county, NY, near my Hometown

"dead end"!
oh how "appropriate, for a cemetery photo: did the takers of this photo Even Know?!

another one of "those dreams" last night!

the dream begins....
I am sitting in my very old, near rundown, truck, my favorite old Toyota truck. I am just getting ready to set out for yet another Journey to the Midwest, to where all the roads are in straight lines, as these roads were set out in the "land grant manner". Each of these trips involve stopping to walk through little small towns and to partake of the lives of the people there.
[Midwest = Ohio = "I" = my life! In my hometown area of Seneca county, ALL the roads are also laid out in straight lines, land grant too, like in the photo above.
Thus, any dreams that I have about going to take a trip to the Midwest, especially if the dream is about "going" to take a trip "soon", or "tomorrow", or "next", this infers
..."The immediate next thing that I will do, in my life."

I started up the truck, my luggage in the back, all ready to begin to start this trip. I am already On one of these Seneca county roads, I recognize the road, a road just outside of Interlaken, a road that I walked upon often in 1997/1998, the year that I was 'supposed" to have died in, the fall of 1998, when the Angels told me that "freestone, your life energy has run out"!
Instead of the motor starting, I heard a terrible "clunk" sound! I got out of the truck and opened the hood, to see....
That the engine had come apart!! It lay in pieces, never ever ever to run again!
so come apart that no mechanic would ever be able to fix it!
no more trips ever ever again, in *that* truck!!

then the dream
CHANGED, changed to "chapter two"!
here I sat In a house that I often dream of, a house that I live in, out in the countryside, in the "Ohioian" Midwest!
it represents, in these dreams, "my house, my life"!
As I am sitting in it, I get, somehow, a message that my maternal grandparents
want their "stuff" back! They were avid antique collectors, for their whole lives and they specialized in old bottles and glassware from the 1800s and early 1900s.
So, in this dream, I just knew that my grandfather had given to me, to use, in this house, a lot of his old glassware, and now it is to go back to him, to be taken out of my life. I then saw images of old bottles being removed from my "soul", my house.
[the "soul-bequeathments" from my Grandparents, that were to be used to help my soul, in this life that I have lived, were now to Go back to my Grandparents, and to be now removed from my soul! Ominous: as *if* the Angels who "helped" my life, for the 63 years that I have lived, now it is Time for them to leave, their Works of "Supports" are now over and not anymore needed"!

there is no interpretation needed, in this dream!