Sunday, September 12, 2004

hi all....

just as i am getting into my wonderfull morrowind computer game, the plywood boarded up Barnes and Nobles
reminds me that a catagory 5 hurricane is "mapped' to pass right overhead of Tallahassee!!
or maybe not.

but if it does with its 150 mph winds, gusts to 200 mph, and the city, while 30 miles from the coast, is on hills 200 feet high, i might have to get on a greyhound bus and Leave!
go to my aunt's in upstate new york. be a rufugee!
only the clothes on my back.

*if* the hurricane hits with full force, the city will be Gone.

In my hometown of 600 people, the Internet is not there. I may just cease all computing, then, perhaps "indulge" in a $30 playstation and a cheap tv: my disibility pension is so small.

yes, it could be that i might never go to a computer ever again, if my favorite city is trashed! i will re-learn to enjoy the peacefull countryside where the 1955 mindset is still alive and well...

thus if i "disappear" from the Board and from my weblogs, i probably did not DIE, just Gone On to something else!

after all, life is like a schoolclass where things are to be checked out of the storeroom, the paper, the books, the crayons, to be Used, then at the end of the day, they are Returned to the storeroom!
Thus everything, in life, is a "loaner", and must be returned someday: use it while you have it!

but if the storm misses, i will continue to weblog and to post in the Forums! but i will have to remember that every thing must someday End, me included, my body, that is....