Friday, September 17, 2004

Bhagavan Baba in Prashanti Nilayam on 14th August, 2004

from the
...."egroups"/yahoogroups newgroups

this photo apppears to be
"Pilgrimage to Parthi and Divine Interview with Sarva Dharma Service Center Members, on August 7, 2004 "
...he is 78 years old, as of nov 26, 1926!!


tallahassee, and myself, are still here. i did not have to take the bus to play my Escape card! I told my aunt that i would make this trip my vacation, if i came: i will have to wait till the season is over, december 1st, before i decide "just' to take a trip there without having it a "hurricane escape"!
why wait *that* long??
wellllll.....the worst hurricane, 85 mph winds, occured around the middle or the end of November of 1984!! closed tallahassee down for weeks! end of november!!

I am getting Tired of seeing, on tv, a huge swirl of clouds, with a hole in the middle of it!!

Pensecola looks like bombed Iraq.
I-10 closed. boats in suburbs, that were once in oceans!

well on to other things, now that the sun is shining.

Now maybe to read about sai baba.....

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