Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Well this is my last rant about

I see it all different now....There is another element to the mystery, an element that
"blows me away", sports fans! The mystery as to why Charlie seemed to focus on a place where...[I read this, this am, in the Democrat]....Where this Charlotte county, Punta Gorda and surrounding areas, has the HIGHEST percentage of seniors in the whole country, *and* the second highest percentage of seniors over 80, [8 percent]!
basically most of the area has zillions of cheap trailers, where the poor retirees go.

the article in the Democrat or the St Pete times, that really got my attention and "clued' me into what might be going on, is this: that the reporter focused on the pains of one retiree who moved there to buy a trailer as he was a ww II vet who has little respect for our currant government and he bought the trailer so to not buy into the great modern tax/gov/inflated modern way of life. [READ: filled with anger, an anger that smolders 24/7, an anger against all the "modern way of life"!
this person might be 99%-right, on the "political right-left-o-meter"!]

I, with my college meteorological trainings, watched how this storm was the "perfect storm" to utterly ruin this area of Florida!

Back in 1998, I worked for the Tallahassee senior center as a janitor. I loved the job for six months. But then my body began to react to 'stuff", stuff that I tried to DENY that was happening to me! Hives, welts....All due to soaking up the
that many of the clients had! Anger towards 'getting old", yes, but even a greater anger directed against the "modern way of life". That generation of retirees, the pre WW II/Korean war/Great Depression generation, now see the modern age as being against everything that they believe in, and that this currant political age Mucks them over real good!
I had to give up the job; the day I quit, I passed ten bowel movements a day for two weeks, endlessly: symbol of all the crud that I soaked up!

two events, in my life, illustrate my point.
1...I was invited , around the time of my janitor job, to come out to my good friend's hose for Easter dinner, with his family. When I got there, dinner was still in the oven and he told me to "good idea to take a walk along the path, while awaiting dinner to be cooked, you might meet that Gardner"
I took that walk. I met that gardner, a retiree.
well...Sports fans, I ended up Listening to him monologue for
missed my dinner. He could have put his finger into the electric socket for an hour: his anger could have powered the whole city of Tallahassee for that hour!!
He was angry that he spent his whole life working from dawn to dusk, from childhood onwards. No one wore shoes in his whole school system, in 1930. Life WAS work. Any dream that he had, was put in a box and boxed up, never to be opened again.
now TODAY, he sees all the kids of today dancing the dances that he could not do when he was young, those dances he placed in the box, he sees them today not working dawn to dusk, NOT paying the dues he did....And the final GALL is that he is
PAYING FOR THEM TO DANCE OUT OF HIS WALLET, due to government taxes, etc,etc!!
[he hates welfare getters with a purple passion!]. He suffered and Paid the Price: they suffer not!

2...I lived in Gainesville, FL...In the 90s. I found the woods to be filled with travel trailers with older men living in them. Many many of them would make a "conservative" seems to be ultra ULTRA liberal, as *these* men were even more rightist than "Nazis"! I knew of a man who *never* went to eat in a restaurant because of AIDS, the workers in the cafes and many of the customers, are Gay and aids infected! I knew another man who really REALLY felt that a woman's place IS in the home, not out in career! "feminists" get a red-hot-needle angertreatment, everytime that in our talks the subject comes up and it came up every day!!

so here is...Sports fans...The STEREOTYPE image! An older man, sitting on his front porch, an American flag prominently displayed. There are about three bumper stickers on his car too, all very *very* "radical right"! His face is firm and square, but filled with an ever present RAGE! Rage against the government, the modern way of life, the "forgetting' of the vets, the taxes, the Leftists, the gays, the internet.
i.e....he hates 90 percent of what *YOU*, reader of this weblog, probably believe in!!

take one million of these people and put them in one geographical spot!
angry "complaining" old ladies, and bitter, 'crochety" old men: concentrate them in about ten counties!


the aura of Place is disturbed!

too too many souls with an anger-attitude all living in closeness to each other!
too too much unbalance in the either, above the counties, the aura is not healthy!
thus, in a sense, they INVOKED this storm!
[Jane Roberts---Seth: someone told me that when he went to a meeting and Seth Spoke, he spoked about the great Elmira flood, in 1972, water up to the second story of all the houses. Seth said that the flood was "invoked' by all the residents to try to wash out all of the negative energy there, in that depressed area of the country! This flood, thus, if Seth spoke correctly, was Caused. Caused by collective
unconsciousness, as an attempt to heal the region of "dirt...depressions"! Flood NOT an 'accident' or of the "hand of God", or even of "weather physics"!!

yes, surely one of you readers, sports fans, know of such a person, an older relative perhaps, a neighbor...someone. Someone who is "going down hard" to old age, going down in anger and bitterness, or maybe depression.
the "lone wolf" or "batchelor bull" who calls in to the talk show and VENTS his rage against "everything" that is "political-left" of 99 percent!!
many of these men, if 'religious" would invoke a "sodam and gomorra" CLEANSING"
"God's righteous judgement" upon everything of the 1960, and beyond, age!!

Imagine a population of 300,000 of these people living in one county.

1...If you move to a new location, try to assuage and to feel out this new place's
psychic health, before you move there!
2...Keep"Open", do not let yourself become on of the "bitter old men" or "bitter old lady", as you get older!!!

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