Tuesday, August 31, 2004

well I went and read that book, that book that i refered to, in my last entry, the book of channeled material from Trance, where four Guides spoke through a medium, in England, around 1992.
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while I liked the material channeled, i was brought up rudely short by something that i see in ALL spirit teachings!! all of the Teachings that i read seem to be *very* colored by the culture that the mediums and class of students are in!

So here are four guides....

one guide is a ex-Roman soldier who guarded the Coliseum when the christians were so killed there. then he became a christian himself and was put to death in the coliseum! About four places, in the chapters, he INSISTS utterly utterly that "why in one week alone there were, in Rome, more people killed in the coliseums, there, then, then in *ALL* of WW I, WWII, and the Holocast combined!
100,000,000 million in one week: do your math, 1.4 million an hour!
he insists with GREAT FEELING that this figure is right. over and over.

then there is another Guide who whenever he speaks about "meat-eating" i can SEE
right in the print his fixed feelings about eating "dead rotten matter"!
"fixed" as in..."never bend a millimeter: break first"! Someone asked him about whether Jesus ate meat; he replied that all of this was "symbolic-only".

[contrast what another Teacher-guide wrote, in another channeling, where he wrote/spoke...."most vegetarians would NOT like to know what Jesus ate! He ate what everyone else around him ate, which included fish, goat, lamb, etc.etc..."]

you do not wanna read what these four guides say about "abortion" or "vivisection"!

English mediums from the spiritualist path.
steeped in their culture. and even a roman soldier, after 2000 years, has not changed his thinkings, exactly what i have read: people do not really change much after they die, the place to really change, is on earth, thus this is why Reincarnation exists, they stand in line just for this!!

even Sathya Sai baba, is a sponge steeped in the India culture.
"no one who eats meet is a disciple of Mine" [oops, guess i will go with Jesus!]
"one should eat...[India food"...a long list of India food]
" the most important thing to do on earth is to marry and have a family and true love takes years to develop, so "who" is not important" [arranged marriages]

[ all zen people disciples eat macrobiotic food, the daily food of the 1400 AD japanese
temple people ]

I have read about 50 biographies of jesus, written by guides and each is different and often radically so!

I find that one must be really *really* discerning, when reading channeled material.
their is Bias at every level, for as long as their is a independant soul giving the channeled messege, that messege is spoken in the tone and of the "surround" of the
culture that the Guide once lived in. then you add the medium's own coloring. then you add the class of students too: their own culture!

funny....many of the Liberals who are very Critical of any channelings or spirit-given writings, where they tear into what is said ala the "Scepical inquirer" type of magizine and attitude: why they accept any and all words, of their favorite
Liberal left political candidate, with utter acceptance, a sponge soaking up water.
the Right too. the new agers too. when a political candidate comes along that seems to speak the Ways of a group of people's percieved needs, why they soak it up without a bit of critical thinkings!!!

thus only 50 to 70 percent is true, in any one spirit messege, probably. like in life from any political candidate, or from any newspaper article about anything.