Tuesday, August 31, 2004

VERY interesting lucid astral travel dream last night.

very very strange too! I found myself flying into a room, in the PAST, sometime in what appears to be around 1800 to 1880, or so. There was a man in the room, i recognized his name, a name that stands tall in the philosophy-writing world, i cannot now recall it!! we talked about his life, he was still a young man.
about what??? i do not know. seemed very real, as if i had traveled into the past.
traveled to meet him in a astral replica of his room, probably.

then i left, then i flew astrally in the open air, i could see the contyside below me change as i stood still, 300 feet off of the ground, as if i was traveling in TIME, not in space! then i came to a open square where there was a wagon-thing on the ground where people were jumping off of. this place seemed to be ""now" in time, or perhaps around the time of my birth, 1941. I fell onto this wagon, then slid off onto the ground. i then purposely placed my hand upon the ground. I tried to get away from this wagon, but my hand was caught in it somehow, then i woke up!

interpetation: I went into the astral past and when i came back to my body, in the "now", i was shown that i cannot leave the earth just yet, will not DIE, will not be permitted to die at the time that i was suspecting of!!!
[this late year or early next!]

interesting....."quirky body" or not, i may indeed be here for awhile...

lots of prayer, meditation, today!

seemed that i was supposed to have died, back in late 1998, but that because i had "helped" a group of souls, i have to be here on the earth for them, for a while.

If i am right, i will be here for years yet!!