Sunday, August 15, 2004

a story.

A man sees a mosquito about to land on his arm, and he lives in a Nile Virus epedemic county.
He has about two choices.

1...immediately swat this mosquito, even though he could make a mistake, like that mosquito is actually an enemy of the species that carries the Virus! Or hurt his arm, in the violence of his quick act! but he Acts!
[reminds me of the tale of St.Peter meeting a man coming to heaven from earth and finding that the man did little good, so he has no chance of heaven. but he did no
evil either: he cannot even go to Hell! thus he remains in a grey Limbo forever...]
far FAR better to make a mistake, than do nothing!!

2...He could get the opinion of all the neighbors who live in his city block first, and even take the mosquito's feelings into account as it truly needs the blood in order to hatch its eggs! then think of 30 ways to try to hit this mosquito, taking advice from one and all, first. This could take hours...days! Maybe the best solution is to just let the mosquito Feed on his blood, after all, doctors need the Income too!

I guess you all know who i am going to vote for, in the presidential election!!!

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