Tuesday, August 31, 2004

once more, and i am NOT gonna bash him this time!!

I had a long talk with an old friend of 30 years, today, at the coffee shop, followed by a mile long walk home, to ponder our talk!

I found his "take" on Kerry to be much much more than interesting, sports fans.

what he said, he being an Astrologer, was that Kerry bears the traits of his sign
sagittarius....pushy, outgoing and "not nice", he thinks a lot and is a profund thinker and thinkers are NOT too acceptable to the american president as the People seem to want warm fuzzy feel-good presidents! [read: not challanging or threatening!] he thought that maybe a thinking president might be just what we need.
he says that thinking people, of the tall thin body-build, tend not to be "social" and warm and friendly!

He has, i see now, much more than a Point, my friend's talk!

I am being to think, as i walked that mile, that what this country NEEDS is someone
who is just what kerry is like!
that we all should accept what the music of this age is trying to tell us: the rap music, the Hip-Hop music, the 3,047 issues need to be addressed NOW and that there is so much anger in all of us that we need an "angry" president!!
anger about the War...about the Erosion of the middle class...etc..etc...

the Arrogance is what might be needed to make social change, like of Kennedy!

the "darkness' is what is needed to pitch out the remmants of the "Moral majority" ways of morals and thinkings! [probably there are many MORE catholic priests who sex kids: get them out now....]
even maybe that anti-christmas carol bumper sticker, that i wrote of, in my last post, might have Merit, as nowadays half the people in the country are NOT christians!! deeeeply offensive to Jews...muslums...etc, a xmas carol is!!

so i might vote for Kerry after all: what this country needs is a stiff dose of
sulpheric acid thinkings, done by a thinking man.

Bush is a cancer sun sign, the traits of non-verbalness and trusting his advisors
get him into trouble! not a sign for decisive thinkings!

so it might come to this: until the issues raised in Hip-hop/rap are addressed, Kerry
might be the man, one's feelings be Dammed!! my own feelings will not count, as what might be good for the country might be "darkness...anger...arrogance", not what i feel!!

there is a saying that i heard once:
"most social activists are not warm and friendly, you would not want to invite them for dinner for a chat. they tend to be forthright and abrasive and are out to get you to Come Around to sanity, in spite of your fixatations upon something "old"!
they want you to change, niceness is not their way!"
we all would be living yet in the stone age, maybe, if it were not for these people!!

so i do not count, here, in my perceptions of kerry. I probably will now vote for him....