Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I saw a weather channel weather discussion, today, at about 5 pm, that blew me away!

gotta be the *most* unuaual weather map that i have ever ever saw, in the last 40 years!!

it went. it moved, it died, off of the shores of the carolinas, moving northeastwards. just a mass of showers, slowly rotating.
it went east, then it moved south, then it moved WEST!!!
so there it sits.
40 miles east of
FORT LAUDERDALE, fla! moving west. wind speed of maybe 20 mph, not even tropical depression strength. moving west.
Ivan is still with us and it is about to "hit" florida...there are now heavy showers
all through the south part of the state.

no winds, but it IS Ivan!

they say it will go out into the Gulf of mexico. maybe get stronger. then it will have to have a Name. "Ivan" of course. suppose it then moves north towards the area of west florida and Alabama!
if only 60 mph, still it has to be Named, oh what stresssss for all the people there.
Another trip through the mountains??


gotta be the strangest map. the strangest season too.
is Gene moving northeast?
well....yeas it is, but they expect it to turn south, then turn west, make a LOOP, maybe or maybe not.

better not have any stock in insurance companies unless the stock is held SHORT.......this year!