Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I am slowly getting a very disquieting feeling about the immediate future! Maybe it is because i live in Florida and the next hurricane everyone is concerned about.


I remember a story. A story of a man who was to turn 80 just before Christmas. He was in uncertain health; his relatives wondered if he were to soon die of old age.
Well....he made it through his birthday and then he made it through xmas. there were many reuinions and celebrations over his age. Then xmas.
About a month after the new year, his health quickly went downhill, and in a few weeks he died. On his deathbed, he told a few close relatives that he really REALLY wanted to see his 80th birthday out, and then Christmas too!
*then* and only THEN, could he now die, as all his life had succeded, he wanted to see his sons for the last time, and his 80th year too: a good "score line", xmas and 80, to die in!

the year 2000. or 2001.

we all made it! the new age has begun and we all earnestly awaited it with baited breath, watching the nuclear clock sometimes tick close to Armegeddion!
we made it!! we made it to the next age.

NOW we all can unwind and come apart!! now the end times can begin! we maaaaaade it!!

I read, in today's New York Times, about how some people think that someone should cut a deal with ben Laben over Checkna, in Russia! give to ben laben, and the alqueada, some concessions to stop the Attacks. maybe let Checkna be a free state.
oh boy!! if this occurs, we all will "power-dive" into Chaos and arnachy
as every provence in russia will have to right to be free. "terrorism Works, and the more barbaric the attacks are, the better it works"----*this* messege will
be the only real messege, for this age to come, if this is done!!

"the Unravelings will begin". that is my suspician. takes about three to seven years for the Collective Uncounscious to have it become aware that 2000 AD has occured, and now it Is The Time To Come Apart!

First this will occur politically and socially.
Occur with Mankind.
then as all of mankind comes apart, as Daniel Logan says in "reluctant prophet", his Guide says that "japan's collective old souls have psychicly-keneticly held together the Island of japan: the island is so unstable, geologically, that all of the volcanoes should have gone off long ago! but...now that japan's people have become so spiritually materialistic, this collective grace-force is wearing thin! if this continues, more volcanoes and earthquakes will strike japan! [written about 20 years ago!]"
thus....as the collective unravels, the "holding force" loosens, and there will be ever ever EVER the more natural disasters, from within the earth, on the earth, and from outer space!!

I, myself, am beginning to have that same feeling that i had, back in the early summer of 2001, culminating in the "9/11"!! a vague sense of Unease.

yes, one could move to Ahsley[sp], north dakota, where the ny times last year had an article about where the taxes on a $40,000 house is $50 per year and a four bedroom apt rents for $200 a month and many houses sell for $30,000, or LESS!!
70% of the people in this county seat are over 80 years old! no young people left anymore! on a good day, in January, the temperature might reach 10 above, farenhieght!
move to the applilachian mountains only to find that 59,702 other people had the same idea, for the same valley, to move to!

or better yet: find your spiritual Center, Get Right with your Soul and with God!
Make peace with yourself and forgive your people who do not like you.

soon, many many people could be living in a refugee camp tent, or moving "cold" to a motel room in a strange city where the only person you know is the motel clerk!

Every single "atrocity" is another iron beam that is laid upon the "camel's back"
of our civilization, and of the civilization's Stewardship of the earth's
psychic Aura field! I feel that there is a direct link between ever increasing storms and our collective psychic health: soon the psysical earth will Respond with earthquakes and volcanoes. Astriods could Move in their Orbits, in Response!!
Lesson: everything is connected and interconnected, and mankind's collective "angst"
is a Prime Mover, of everything else! it must take untold Legions of Angels, just to hold it together even as it is!

so we made it. to the year 2000/2001 AD! now many of us can Go Home!
[notice, sports fans, the newspaper articles, whether nationally or local, where there might be an article like what i saw the other day...."the Minister's son, the person who was everyone's favorite high school teacher, dies in a freak car accident yesterday, he was 28"!]
Old Souls Going Home.
maybe going home so to help prepare heaven for the REST OF US, who could arrive en-masse, soon! anyway, i read about so many people who are everyone's favorite people, who die young in strange accidents. surely you each have read of some of these...
Rapture in slow motion!

enjoy the very LAST of "indian summer"! get ready for Winter.....