Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hurricane Charlie!

I live in northern Florida and the Paper has the stories and the photos.

This storm disturbs me very greatly, sports fans! The "tipping point" of the articles came with this morning's Democrat.

A young lady, very poor, living alone in a trailer, tells how she has $3 in her pocketbook and no credit card. That pocketbook is all she has!! Her trailer is gone and her job is gone. The restaurant that she was a waitress at, is now a couple of sticks poking out of the sea!
[she probably has a life-choice...To either get on the bus and go cold 1000 miles away, and rent a room.
or...Spend every moment of her life helping the 20,000 old ladies Cope. Dawn to dusk, sleeping only in fits and spurts, every second Giving of her time and energy!]

see...This storm took out only the poorest section of Florida: farmers and the retired poor. It did not hit the rich or the "gaudy" tourist areas! It took out the very heart of the "real" Florida and *ONLY* this!!

I can imagine how there are a lot of "anti-well-wishers" for Florida, hoping, in a sense, that the "righteous Retribution" will occur onto the "stupid" condo people, the rich, the tourist trap mentality builders....etc..etc...

now...200,000 retirees own nothing. 100,000+ little old ladies, who need Stability and daily medicine and routine; have none of it! They will need "total care", by everyone, for life!

Most of the farmlands are gone too! Most of this years orange juice crop is gone, be very glad, this fall, that NAFTA IS...And that Brazil will provide your OJ at double the price! Your "down home orange juice from the real Florida", will be provided, this winter, by the World trade people, by the One Global Economy!

yes, as I see it, this storm, by
was like a tornado that came to a town and took out only the very poor section of town, as well as the "new age whole earth" section of town, and the nearby farms, as well as all of the churches and the schools!
it spared the mansions on the hill, the walmart, the shopping center, and the Gambling hall. It took out the police hall, but left the drug crack house untouched! Too, this "tornado" took out the poor retirees section of town, but left untouched the Upscale preppie/yuppie commuting suburbs! The tornado took out the "real" old section of town, but left the "tourist recreation" of the old town, that is out by the interstate, made just for to take $$$ from the tourists!
----*this* is the flavor that I get from "CHARLIE"!!

I do not like what I see coming! More of this, in the years ahead: the poor will lose it all, all over the world, and only the rich and Prepared will survive! Soon, many many of us will own only what is on our backs, having to face that everything that we "own" is only a "loaner" and it must be returned!
what a BLEAK image for the New millennium: a man sitting in front of a refugee tent, wearing Donated clothes five sizes too big, staring off into the distance with all of his past gone. Does not matter what he did, or what skills or memories he has: they will not matter in the years ahead! He will eventually take the very first "job' that is there, and for the rest of his life he never *ever* talks about his past!

like: facing the Tombstone, long long before we each thing that we "are ready"!

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