Thursday, August 19, 2004

another winter scene from Cornell. so peacefull.

I am going to think a lot about what i wrote yesterday, here, about "charley, the old folks, the angry retirees, and the psychic fields!

In that senior center that i once worked at, there were a number of these people, people who sometimes call themselves "patiots" [ i cannot even begin to spell this one!]. they wave the flag and thump the bible, but *you* would not want to live in *their* America, sports fans!! I would call these people, some of them..."alqueda/taliban clones". they know what is Right, and eveeeerrrything today is wrong, just ask them and they will tell you in 34,963 words!

"life is a bitch then you die", in those 34,000 words, if they are not a fundamentalist.

there was one man, at the senior center, who was SO angry much of the time, his voice would sound like you put a puppy's paw into a vise and recorded the cries as you crunched the paw to mush by turning the vise handle!
My boss was soon to be promoted, but by then he was also made so 'sickly" by the vibes that he quit first, just as they offered him the premotion.

after i left and about the time he quit, there was a flock of birds that roosted overnight in the huge chimmney and the furnace was turned on and about 5,000 birds
were gassed to death. the next month the new director made a special sign to put in front of the building, lit up at night: it burned to the ground overnight due to a short in the wires!!
then the NEW, new, director had the whole center re-painted and redune and now the vibes are good there!

Only about 20 seniors "did" this, have bad vibes. how about 200,000+ ??!!
200,000 to 300,000 in one area of the country. people holding on to their pains and feelings of "wrongs did to them over their 60+ years of life". not letting go. not forgiving, not Understanding. just Nursing the wrongs, keeeping the whell turning, of menory..."of what so and so did to me"!

Jesus taught of Love. forgiving your enimies. I see, even here, in my city, so many who do not love, do not forgive, unable to try to understand what their lives were all about.
so...some just go down alone, "me against all of them bastards"! stay inside.hold grudges with a red-hot anger, for years and years...

recipie for disaster. gameplan for disaster...

I see, in the tallahassee obituary....that many Go at 35...45...
never too young to forgive and to Love, love your past and forgive those in your past...summerize your life as IF it was utterly heavenly all of that lifetime!! it!

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