Saturday, February 28, 2004

---I think that I have an Interesting Problem!!

This morning, as I lay in bed, prior to getting up, I pondered about that strange, vivid, dream that I had back on May 13th of 2002. This was where I went, in my dream, to India, and a Master told me that he would now read my "life-record" and when he did, he told me that I had one year to live!
May 13th of 2003, came and went.....

I believed the master, that he read aright, but as he Himself said....."I will read the record as it was, back in 1938, just before you were born"!

something Changed, in the meantime!!!
that death date got over-written!
by ME, in what I did in my life of 60+ years, or by Spirit, behind my back.

---I then spent a few minutes pondering what I might have done, to alter this date!
Very difficult to tell, from here, as something that is seen as being "small and insignificant" here, on earth, might be of vital importance to spirit and to heaven!!

There IS something, that I did, back around 1997, that could Have Done something....A "something" that might Change Things.

Interesting Indeed!!
Not only could I NOW ponder, if I want to, "just how long will I live?!"
I might Ponder a much much more Important Question: "by Derailing my Lifeplan, of 1938, just what Kind of Afterlife will I have when I DO get there, arriving, perhaps, long long after "the party is over"?!

there is, to me a Wonderfully expressive word, gotten from my IBM/NYC Uncle, to express what I could have done to my afterlife! A word that is today, utterly FORBIDDEN to use, nowadays, and for obvious reasons!!


I may have queered my afterlife plans! Altered e-v-e-r-y-thing, from the Arrival date of 2003....Onwards!

I might indeed arrive to find that I am alone. Even my "greeters" may have gone to other things....I might have one more year...Ten more years...Or more, of earth, now....If I have have been told, by my deceased friend Sam, that "one year of earth is ten years of heaven....Why if I live ten more years: 100 years may have gone by in heaven, by then!!

I am Built like him too: tall and thin....To awake in heaven 100 years after I was supposed to be there!

so right this second, the only thing that I can think of, to write about.....I will have to think about *this one* for awhile, in thoughts and in prayer...Is that

ONE---give to other souls, in heaven, all of what I could have done for others by...Give to other souls, my talents and my "office desk", for what ever I am qualified for...
To fill the empty desk and office, where I was supposed to be in: give it to other people more qualified than I am.

TWO---grant to me a long long life, yet, I am 62 now, and I could live till I am 90!

THREE---then when I arrive, I could be "a free radical"...A kind of "monkey wrench dropped into the gearworks", to disrupt

A DEEPER suspicion: that most of the old souls that are on earth now, in this 2000 AD times, will, when they die, will have lived their LAST earthly incarnations! Most of the souls that will be here after, say, 2010...2030...Will be Young souls and "first timers"! As this Age of 2000 AD is, according to people who study the precession of the Zodiac, this is *THE* major gateway...Of the 25,000 year period [12 X each zodiac precession time of 2160 years.]

[as the RA people say, in their channeling...." The first 25,000 year period, no one was ready for the Harvest.
At the end of the second 25,000 year period of time, only 200 or so souls were ready to Ascend to the permanent "no more incarnations" state, but they all, every one of them, Refused...They all chose to Return, so to keep their presence here to help Humanity get ready for the next 25,000 year graduation date: you know their names well, when they appeared in History! NOW, it is at the end of the NEXT 25,000 years and now everyone is a bit behind the curriculum curve, thus the Guides Stimulated everyone, greatly, since the Industrial revolution, to speed up their growth and changes!!! [heavy stuff, this!!]"

Thus, my suspicion is...That I will Incarnate for the next 25,000 year cycle! Most of the old souls will be gone, I will still be here to live with the baby souls, incarnating over and over....By the end of the 25,000 years, I might actually be able to aid them...By then all the present day souls will have long LONG ascended into the Godworlds!

Thursday, February 26, 2004

busy busy as usual....

this here Jesus film, the terrible suffering of jesus.....

pictures of jesus.

WILL the real Jesus please Stand Up!!

which one is the REAL ONE?!!

i think that they ALL are: we get the jesus that we project onto Him! he is us and why is he so terribly suffering as if all 123,063 newscasts, last year, that shows all of the deaths and wounds, of the collective people's of the earth, are sunk into our collective psyches!!

*WE* are suffering! YOU are suffering!
"life is Pain"...just listen to the Music on the fm radio!!
from Punk Angst
hip hop rap gangsta

"AAAAAAUUUGGGHH"!........the lyrics scream!!

what ever happened to the Wonderious Jesus, the Charasmic jesus?!
the jesus of Hope and Amazement and Optimism?!!

where have OURS gone to?????

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

interesting lady at where I live.
she has a certain Condition, a condition that I have seen often, usually in older people.

She, and her character types, are very intelligent, very emotional, and very very critical!
This person, after living anywhere for some time, will ALWAYS find something to complain about!! And complain in a manner that is like of a "red hot needle applied to the skin"!
I find it very difficult to deal with these people, if they criticize something, where the criticism is "Right"!! Where they are right about what they say, in such bitter terms.

I dislike being told something that is true and correct, but given to me with bitterness and Bile!!

The Emotional intensity is also too too much for me! I can see why this type of person is "dangerous", as he or she can sway by feelings alone! Imagine thinking of going to a certain cafe, for the very first time. You tell this person that you are going and he says...
"the Fxyzpxvxx-ers gave me food poisoning! You *WILL* stay away won't you?!!
They are awwwwwwww-fulll!!
[delivered in tone of "spotwield hot-burn intensity, of a great feeling Conviction"!!]
Stay away for my sake and yours and for all the tenets of this apartment too"!

do ya go?

what you may NOT know, about his experience with this cafe, is that when he went, his negative attitude SO angered all the servers, there, that someone gave to him the sauce from yesterday's pot, that they knew was "old"!
"he got sick" utterly Correct!!
but not "TRUE"!!

---but listening to someone of this heartset, mindset; it is awfully hard to discern the truth of what is said, as his/her attitude is the way he sees all of the world around him...Those are NOT "rose colored glasses" he peers through: they are Loaners from the Demon world!!
a world that he could go to if he does not take them off, in this life-time!!!

---and God is on her side too, just ask her! She told me of how the lord protects her...
a swamp.

I wonder why they get that way, these people? Past lives? Bad childhood?
something tells me, sports fans, that their attitude has nothing to do with what they experienced in this lifetime!! There are many many other people who have had terrible things happen to them all of their lives and their soul-attitude is very Positive!!

a condition of "soul-vibration" probably.
stay away. That is my conviction, stay away from them, as I could not ever change this lady or her attitude, ever ever, by anything that I say! In fact, she would change MY attitudes, first, before she bent!

when she arrives in heaven, no one WILL tell her what to do, she will be unyielding, utterly, to any Guides, there! In fact she would try to make them over to her attitudes!
then take all of heaven to Task, for not living up to her expectations; attempt to mold it to HER feelings as to what heaven should be like!

Monday, February 23, 2004

A "run-through" of dying!!

Intense dream last night. I dreamed that I died, probably a dream that prepares me how to die properly!

My death was by TIDAL WAVE! A wall of water 50 feet high, came up from the hilltop, from the sea on the other side. I was standing on the land, out in the countryside, and I could hear the roar of its approach! Nothing that I could DO, I could see this wall of water about 2000 feet away and I was the highest point of land around, except for the little ridge between me and the ocean!!!
This wall ran from horizon to horizon, and here I was, out in the field, no where to run to and no way to escape this. I could tell that this wall of water would run for miles: at 20+ miles per hour, no way that I could outrun this.


I right then accepted my death to come...I watched, dispassionately, the wall of muddy-brown water come. In slow motion it did, perhaps my "time" slowed down, like they do in the movies, with such events.
1000 feet away.
100 feet away.
Then it was on me! Up to me. I felt nothing as it came to me! I was now *in* a grayness, whether of the water, or something else, I could not tell.....

I knew, in my dream, that I would survive this, in soul, that I would "emerge" into a kind of heaven! Yes, this grayness changed into a bit of a "tunnel" and I seemed to move through it. Then in a moment or so, I came "to" a room with a man in it.
there was a table before him and I was standing before this table. On this table was a pile of papers and documents. I was "greeted' by this man and then he showed to me three sheets of paper from the table. These sheets were like letter envelopes and the color of the paper was a rich gold color!
---a gold color that I never seen on a paper for color, before. This Guide/greeter then told me that these papers were like of "credentials" to allow me to go on to heaven, that I was "approved" for heaven.
Behind the man, I could see a window with a very very pretty countryside outside of the window. I, as my dream ended, began to walk to the front door.

---three sheets. Probably means that I can go to all of three heavens, the three "lower" entry-level planes, above the earth.

Was I seeing another person's death?! I read, from spirit guides, that Guides and angels can IMAGINE scenes, and then project these scenes to people on earth: the scenes seen are very real looking, to the earth people who see and experience them. But they are created by souls in heaven in imagination. Even if "imagined' they are of a "higher' reality-level" then of any physical scene seen of the earthly countrysides!!

Created just for me, probably.
probably to "de-toxify" the on-coming experience, of my on-coming Death-To-Be!!!!!!

"being prepared to die" was my father before me, where he had dreams about four years before he died, and that other relatives had dreams too...getting him ready to die!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

---that business that I pass, on the bus!!

a Study in "how to go out of business in three months"!!!

An old dilapidated building. been abandoned for ten years, only the 200 pigeons seemed to like it, as they roosted inside that open door upstairs for ten years.
Located on a small small triangle of land directly across from the University of 35,000 kids.

"how could this building, on the Main busy street, across from five dorms, just sit there abandoned for ten years" might ask?!

someone had an idea: he was going to open his music bar there! $50,000-PLUS, later, he opened his bar. Took six months to rebuild this place!
ah...Three months later, the "for sale' sign is up!!

he did not do his Homework, sports fans! He saw three to five dorms that sat right across the street. Of course the legal age for drinking in Florida is 21. All the dorms have kids who are under 21!!! No one can enjoy his bar, who lives in those dorms.
then there is his parking lot!! It is about big enough for just his car and his two server-workers!!
there is NO street parking and NO street parking for about half a mile! All the other private lots have "tow" signs.
How could anyone come at all.....????

a study in..."Yah gotta study everything else before you even touch your project"!
he should have studied the orientation of the oak leaves two miles away, the breed of dogs that people owned, the popular colors of the cars....And 5,941 other things before he even *thought* about spending his money on buying that building!!
thus, he should have placed his project LAST, in the importance of things....

reminds me of what someone said...."When you see the foundation-strings being laid, on a empty lot, for the new house to be built there, 95% of the work of building that house has already been done with: the actual physical building is the very very very last thing that is done!"

Saturday, February 14, 2004

I walked past the front desk, on my way out of Georgia belle, where I live. And I overheard a conversation about a car. seems a lady was Dumping onto the desk counselor about how they wanted her car to go. Too too many cars in the lot, no room, and apparently some of the people who are "last" on the list, have to park elsewheres.


I see her Issue to be a kind of "avoidance of the *real* issue"!!
the issue of...."As a dependent child one enters the world and as a dependent child one gets old and leaves the world"!!

--the arch of the 'rainbow of life" starts, at each end, from the ground!

She does not want to admit that she is getting old and has to let all other people tell her what to do and to do everything for her, she dependent upon everyone else for eeeeverything!!
then the Coffin Awaits, it is hungry and feeds....On her road of life, the "next' step along the Way of her life!!

for me...For you.

Parking is short because the garden center next door has stopped letting seniors park there. MY guess is that this "upper crust" society of 'blue blood" old society-people, do not want to face the Coffin either, they do not like to see that senior tower next door at all!
reminds them of *their* mortality!!!

in heaven after death, I see from my own experiences, and from what I read from other residents, in the mediumship channelings....That "dependency" is the Way, there; one IS dependent upon all of the whole heavens and that one's very life is dependant upon the spiritual influx from above!
At a high level, "individualism" is finally set aside, altogether....One experiences all of the lives of all of the souls "nearby" as if you lived their lives, and they YOURS!

This lady, might better contemplate the on-coming Change, the shift into a new world....

me too!!!

Friday, February 13, 2004


I discovered my "affiliate program" with bravenet messes up my page, i deleted it.....
no the page comes up good!!

my bloglet email sign up goes out of whack every week, "selfdisables" it does!
does anyone here know of a better signup for having the posts appear in the email...let me know please in the comments section!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Oh my dreams!!
like last night's!!

I began this dream, where I awake in a room with someone doing something to my nose!
I was lying on my back on a mat and someone was poking a small, long, stick up my nose.
He then removed this stick, pulled it out, and then I sat up to see.....

to see a white walled room with windows surrounded by countryside. The man with the stick showed me the now bloody looking stick. I could also see that he wore a white robe, a robe that inferred to me..."Ceremonial". There was an alter along the wall, a table about one foot high with "somethings" on it..
He then told me that the Stick showed to him that I am of "very very good material" for to now be
a member of the Voodon group, that he is a Priest of......
["voodon" as in..."Voodoo", "santereria", "afro Spirit religions"]

---an Intituation.

my Christian Aunt would not approve!!
Seems that I have a LOT of dreams like this, of late, this last year or so: joining with, or initiated into, a group, or Way, that is *not* of the "accepted way of life, of 80% of the Western ways!!

from Mafia to wicca to Afro spirit paths....

it has Come to this, in the last year too...
that whatever anyone tells me, I take the other side and "oppose" him or her!!
like that older man who told me yesterday that today will see very very SEVERE thunderstorms, told to me in the tone of..."I worry, you never can to too too safe and always bad things happen"!!
I told him "no"!
in big things and little things, I seem to always take the oppositional stand, as by now, *most* of what I believe in is "against 99% of what most people believe in!!

1...There is an afterlife.
2...One can visit it while alive.
one would think that the Christians would Love me: they not only do not, they would be the very MOST opposing, as they want me to believe *exactly* as they do!!
they, the Christians, would see NO place for Santeria or wicca, in their universe, having made every bit of heaven that is not theirs into "where Hell and Satan is"!!

--I guess I will have an*interesting* afterlife, spots fans......I wonder who my real buddies will turn out to be, in my heavenworld, when I arrive there, after death!!?
I prepare now, to accept what could now be "shocking" to me, if I knew who now while alive!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Speaking of Saddam.....

someone told me, yesterday, something that I found to be Amazing!
the "best political statement yet"!!

he more or less says....

"Bush went into Iraq to Remove a regime. Soon, a regime is removed..


---The dragging-on war makes the Voters so disturbed that Bush's regime is civilizedly removed at the 2004 ballot box, taking the Republican party down with it too!!
Almost as if Saddam WINS, over the West!!

Friday, February 06, 2004

Got a TOUGH one today, my last night's dream!!!

In some Astral world, I was.....
I knew it was "astral", one of the lower heavens, by what I did there, flying over the terrain, the land, at about six feet off of the ground. Also, I entered a "hole", which means that I entered a "world", a place where souls, who died, gathered to make a place.
Often people who sleep, who have something in common with this world, come here to be with the people, out of their bodies.
I went to such a world, out of body.

a village, a place....The people referred to someone there, off in the distance, someone who they liked *or* feared.
---someone named

there he was, on a path, walking into a house. I entered, and there he was.
He looked just like the photo above. *was* Saddam
*IS* Saddam!!
Saddam-out-of-his-body, probably!

and my "higher self' wanted me to walk over to EMBRACE him in comradeship!
he too, walked over, eagerly, to embrace me, the Mid-eastern Way of Bonding!

There was a large pus-filled "mess" on his right arm, some wound, I really really did not want to hug this guy!
[probably an astral "symbol", more than a physical wound, of his soul-conditions!]

So in spite of what "i" wanted , I walked over and embraced him, then he walked out of the room, the other people in the room muttered about how now he can walk off to die! [He may die, soon, here on earth!]

what for?!!!.......

One thing probably for sure: I will meet with him often, this Saddam, after I die!
*must* meet him, for whatever the reason that the "embracing" entails....
I do not, right this second, look forwards to this....Spending lots and lots of heavenly durations, with Saddam......

but I must trust spirit in this....I probably will end up, in the heavenly spaces and times....To get to know most of his family too.....

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Yes, I just looked at the two images below, again! I even went back to the Cornell site just now, days later and the scene looks just the same:g-r-e-y!!

Oh how important the environment is....

I knew of someone who moved a lot and he always tried to enter a new city, that he is moving to; if he is visiting it for the very first time, he Takes Pains to drive into that city on the very "best side of the city"! That first impression is the one all others are judged against!!

reminds me of that editorial that I read:
"the gansta rappers: they rant that we white people always take the blacks to be uncivilized. Why do these rappers try so hard to VALIDATE that bias?!!"


Monday, February 02, 2004

Dreary day. I wonder how people can live where the sun does not shine for weeks?
I once helped my mother with her cat kennel, in 1974, when she broke her foot. She was laid up for about four months and I lived at my childhood home for about October
until January. In upstate new York the sky is grey grey grey for most of the winter.
I was struck how on about the 1st of November, the snow would fall about an inch a day, and the sky was grey.
*NOT* "cloudy", as one can see clouds!! The sky looked about the color of what a overturned aluminum cooking fry pan might look to a cockroach crawling under it!
the sky was gray. Gray from horizon to horizon, a lidded grey. Oh, once in a while a patch of lighter-grey would move about, and then go away.

day after day.

all the colors there were was "white" for snow" and brown for trees and grey for sky!! The limestone soil was so rich in lime that there were no pine trees in the woods, only a few in the yards...Huge GOTHIC-looking firs!

after about two weeks of this, unchanging, I took a walk behind a friend's barn and saw a green old truck body, in the snow. Oh this green really really stuck out, I felt like a starving man who just found a crust of bread...Tastes so so good!

wanna see?!!
wanna SEE what this state of mind LOOOOKS like?!
here is a still from a livecamera: might not work tooo well, but here is a shot of Cornell university's live camera.

this photo view looks westward, and off at the dim horizon you can see dimly, perhaps, my childhood home-house!! About 15 miles away.


I wonder what this does to the people who live there, year after year: the number of "cloudy days" that Syracuse and Binghamton report, is about 180 to 220 a year!!

I have seen June, the month of June, where there was only a few days of sun.