Monday, June 30, 2003

Life Beyond the Veil, vol 1 - Rev. G.Vale Owen,

page 155
.....a spirit is describing her life in heaven. pages and pages of descriptions of what she is doing in heaven realms. Here, she is describing a bit about another woman, another spirit, and of this woman's problems in progressings because of living a too too material-attached way of life on earth.
[note: i did NOT say "material life"...i said "attached"....once i saw a homeless man spend his moments looking for quaters on the street, he had a regular route..paper machines..coinboxes in phones...he was more, *much* more CONSUMMED by money than even a rich person!!]

what is written, that i copied, is muc much MORE than a mere travelogue of heaven!!
here, in these words is a Golden Teaching, for how one should live here on earth!!

sure; but still with an ever softening heart, and
more humility and trust, and she will do well in time. That is why I have
seen so little of her, and been of so little use. But I may be able to help a
little now and again as time goes on. Perhaps that is why she has been
brought to the place where I am destined to spend a more or less
protracted period of service. I did not know her in the earth life except
through you, and your friendship with her children may be the link which
will enable her to receive any little help I am able to give.
You see, everything is considered here, even the things which seem so
casual and transitory in the earth life. They are all registered and viewed in
their relation to one another, all the seemingly casual talks or chance
meetings, a book read, a hand shaken in the street for the first time and
never again, a few friends meeting, in the same way, at a mutual friend's
house and never meeting again—everything and every item is registered,
considered, co-ordinated and used when, and if, occasion offers. And so
may it be in this case.
Be, therefore, not remiss to weigh well all you do and every word you
say; not in anxiety, but rather by cultivating a habit of will to do good;
always and everywhere to radiate kindness of heart, for in the

Kingdom these are not of small account, but go to make robes bright and
bodies radiant.
And so, dear, good night once again—a wish not without its significance
to you, if otherwise to us, for here all is good to them who goodness love,
and night is absent always where the True Light shines forever, and all is
Terrible birthday presents!

one: I have to move in six months; my landlord sells the Park! ah, "move" you say?! Well on a Disibility income in a college town city, where the rents are high...Well....about the only option seems to be
living on senior government housing program for low income seniors, in one of the "Towers"! That is over 400 seniors all in one place: just think of the VIBES, sports fans! 400 people right up next to the Tombstone Door! all depressed!!

two: my social security IS taken out of my Disibility pension....

ah welll......

Saturday, June 28, 2003


today I am 62 years old. happy birthday to me......

I did More math! How many people, sports fans, ever get a dream where a Master reads your life records and then tells ya that you have one year to live?!
*that* has been a small puzzle, over the year: amongst the many other questions that I of them, the *first* question would be..."is it real?!
Is it A Real message from a Real master?!
then the second nearly-as-important question would be..."is this Master Right?!

---He may read correctly, but there is more info that he is not privy to.
---He may read correctly, but Spirit changes things in that year.
---he may read correctly, but is 'symbolic-only"!

but I DO recall a slightly irked prayer to spirit, after I was "preped' to get ready to die, in early 1998, and then spirit changed the outcome!
I prayed earnestly to Spirit..."please please...I tire of getting "false" warnings...please
tell me only if you feel like it and Pleaseeee tell me a year before I "really" die, a little like of my father having that one year of grace, before he died"

[Mother had a similar dream where some master told her that in ten years she would have a red sports car come into her lane at dusk, but that her husband would live until he is 72. She met her Appointment, right down to the color of the sports car, but spirit gave my father one extra year, as father wanted to see me and make amends for turning against me, after his wife's death!]

as when my Mother came to me on may 2nd of 1999 to tell me three numbers...3...39...99, I was 57 years old and there is 57 days between may 2nd and June 28th....I ASSUME that the 46 days between my death prophecy-date and my birthday would be Important!!
may 13th 2002. "In one year you will begin your Spirit life"!!
46 days.
---does not fit anywhere, by itself!
but today....why all I have to do is totake my today's age....62, and add it to 46, to give a number.
62 + 46 = 108
*the* spiritual number....the number of beads on the rosary, I think. Sai baba's important number...Hindu and Christianity, very important number.

---plus the fact that I was 46 years old *when* my father was having that one year extension!!
he had 14 months beyond his 72nd birthday.

ah well....tis been a wonderful life! *will* be a wonderful life somewhere's else!
I better Lean more into the "midnight oil" rock group's song says...
"time to take a Harder Line"!

Friday, June 27, 2003

I am now beginning to read.....
Life Beyond the Veil, vol 1 - Rev. G.Vale Owen, 1921 & vol 2 & vol 3 & vol 4
from that site, above, just one of maybe 100 books on the afterlife.

this book above, why the descriptions of heaven are amazing!

---but what i find to be more interesting than just a travelogue of the afterlife, is how
the teachings link together the earthly life with the afterlife-to-come. Link it such that
one is shown how *this* life, on earth, affects, in every way, what is to come.
Even BETTER: how to live now, here, in preparation for the after lives to come.

yes. "afterlives" there is not one heaven one goes to, there are levels and levels and yet more levels, worlds upon worlds....

I have a *lot* of reading to do.....

Thursday, June 26, 2003

--here is *THE* ultimate, probably, the ultimate site on "Channeled material". there are 30 to 50 books, in their entirety, describing what heaven is like and how heaven and the earth interact!

the links section must have 300 links: many are to other channeled material!

I will be awhile reading *this* one!! i may be busy busy busy!!

""Mary's Message/Newsletter

Annie Kirkwood, Author
Rte 1 Box 100
Bunch, OK 74931-9705
Phone 918-696-5998 ""
-------Mother Mary, channeled through Annie kirkwood.
Mary's articles on "EARTHCHANGES" and the "end Times", are the most Lucid and most "real-true sounding", to me, of all the many many Predictors of earthchanges that i have read....

on the page there is a link., which says...."* Mother Mary announces a "grace period" in issue #28 June/July 1996 "

"It is this awareness, these decisions and understanding that has benefitted the whole of humanity. The many disasters I told you about in past messages have been delayed and minimized to such an extent that a grace period has been granted humanity. You will find that the next few years will be given to you in order that you may be ready and prepared in total. You will have an extension of up to ten years. During the ten-year grace period, there will still be many storms and the weather will continue to be erratic and unusual. People will lose their life because of the weather and because of natural disaster. People will continue to comment on the weird and unusual weather. Scientists will give many explanations, but none will be able to tell you exactly what is happening with Mother Nature."
---go to the article to read ALL of it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

June 25th. in a few days I will turn 62. 62 years old.

On may 13th, 2002, that Spirit master told me "one year to live"!

I pondered, a bit, sports fans, over "why" that particular date: may 13th?! Nothing is an accident, with Visions like this...why the 13th???

that reminded me....
reminded me of when Spirit, back in early 1998, began to send to me many dreams
that *strongly* inferred that I was to die soon! Then by the summer of 1998, the dreams began to frankly become "preparation-in-getting-ready-to-die" dreams!!
At the end of August, I caught pneumonia. The antibiotics helped it go away.
*Then* I had a dream that told me that I was NOT to die and that I now have an EXTENSION!

And that reminded me of the dream I had on the eve of December 1999!!
Oh how Important, sports fans...a dream on the very very LAST day of the millennium!
I was taken to ???? and sat with a Spiritual Counselor, from the Spirit world! She told me how all of my spiritual missions were now done and complete. In fact she told me that if I were to really *really* need it [like of dying of cancer or at the edge of senile-ness], that I could "come on my own" [self-euthanasia] and there would be no "sin" for it!!! Thus, in that way, this message really tells me that I had now Finished my life-script and now I am alone on the stage: actors and audience gone home!

may 13th.
I left Tallahassee on may 14th of 1997, to spend a year in my hometown, a year before I WAS to die. May 14th to September one year and a few months.

suspicions arise, sports fans!! That the master, in this death warning dream, picked up from the records that I have a year to live, but picked up from the records as of may of 1997!! That may 13th, is one day from the day I left Tallahassee in die in my hometown in September of 1998.

so one of two things will occur.
1...I will have until the end of September or the end of October, of this year, as the "one year to live" REFLECTS the 1997...1998 'one year"!

2....[more probable] the master picked up a True event, but a event that has been overwritten, and in, the past, as that one year to live, is "as of" may 14th of 1997!.......I will continue to live.

But I find if I live
For *this* would mean that the "death fetchers" cannot fetch me! Like that symbolic event back in 1960 where my mother would not let me go to Canada[symbol=heaven!] to help the Minister of my church to lead the boys on the canoe trip,
and when I told the minister that I cannot go, he came down to talk to my mother for over an hour but she would not budge one inch... I later told the minister..."even God cannot change my mother's set ways, mother wins over God"!! So I had those ten dental appointments, instead.....[symbol: mother=mother earth!].
And the minister had someone else go in my place.
yes, like that event with my mother, the death fetchers cannot get me, even with the ORDERS OF SPIRIT! In fact, perhaps the only way that they *can* retrieve me, is to have it where I *will* to die, want to die, and set up my immediate future to be SET to die!
I find this so disturbing, sports I, being somewhat "radical and revolutionary", I would now NOT want to die, and thus I will have to choose to purposely muck up all of my "future" in heaven! Here might be a whole Project that spirit and I would do, after I die, and like that "leader of the Boys not going"...others will have to fill my place! I would choose to defy spirit, defy my 1998 death, thus I would choose to alter all of the afterdeath plans, set up before I was born!
My genes could carry me for ten to twenty more years. I have done all of my Missions for spirit and the fetchers cannot carry me off of the empty stage. I now imagine that from now on, I will have dreams of "a short time to live" from Guides, in the spirit worlds, as they want me to believe that I will die soon so that they can fetch me!!!
Thus I now stand, if I pass that end-of-October date.....I now will stand to "oppose"
Spirit, itself, in continuing to live!! And I *WILL* try to continue to live!
the spirit guides, even my OWN guides, may send to me dream after dream: nothing that they can do unless I choose to die.

Thus I will end up being..."freestone vs spirit"!

I wonder...will I more or less keep the same routines, in the next 10..20 years, due to "no more missions", or will I try something really *really* radical, maybe even something that spirit may not "LIKE"?!

---do not ask what kind of heaven I will eventually get, when I do die, years from now! Probably arrive "at the station on the other side" long long "after the greeting party" that was supposed to be there [September 1998] have left! I might well arrive to find a vast empty parking lot!

so stay tuned: this could get *very* interesting, in the years ahead!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


I thought of something, today, after a bit of time from when I read that Tallahassee Democrat
article about the person who is caring for his Alzeimer's mother. The title is something like..."the mother Who Is Not There"...or something like that. there is hardly anyone home. Needs near-total care.....etc..etc...

I see before me, an image of a rainbow. when I see a full rainbow, i always look at the top of it, where the colors seem to be in the best of Glories. But that arch is not complete unless the rainbow is full: got to have the bases too. got to have the front and the back beginnings, near the ground, as if this bow must be supported.

Our lives too!!

I begin at birth, a tender baby infant, needing Total care. Giving only love, perhaps, to my parents as they feed, warm, and wipe me.
I go back to the ground, also, as an old man: maybe i too will need "total care", with or without mental facilities. My friend "Sam" broke his neck in a farming accident and he spent his last year paralyzed from the neck down, and in a vet hospital.

thus my life is measured by the "top of the rainbow", what I did, the "high water marks" of my life, in Spiritual/Soul accomplishments. It is *not* measured by the beginnings and the endings, so much, in that fashion.
---i have known more than one relative that essentially spent their last years staring out of a Home or Hospital window all day.

guess there are waiting room seats, in life too! just sit there awaiting the number nine heaventrain Home!


Monday, June 23, 2003

I find *writing* to be a difficult thing for me! Yesterday i had about 30 minutes to toss out something, here, about "rap music". I butchered my idea! I say that because the only thing that i did was go to give hints as to what I wanted to say and the actual Idea would take about 50 pages of text to perhaps flesh out properly! there *are* ideas where the idea is like a woolen sweater, where you ask me for the sweater and I rip off of it about 40 threads, picked at random, leaving 99% of the sweater in my hands!
i have often gotten 'smallflamed', here, on my weblogs, for saying something that i really really did not intend as my writings sounded a bit "onesided" as of COURSE they would be as

a tree has, say, 6751 branches, and I break off about 23 of them and give them to you.

comes with AUTISM i guess....

I think in images only: maybe I really really oughta write only in images.

try a bit more...about my Stance on "rap music"!

I see a kid, standing on the Corner with earphones and cd case, listening to "D J Cool".
I can hear the music, even with the headphones. Sounds angry. angry in a not so rhythmic way.
Lets check his life. everyone is "on him", in his life. There are six kids and mom, in the apartment, no father present. a tiny apt. Think: "seven cats and one food-dish", or "seven vines climbing up the tree towrds the light, only room for one vine, really"!
...shopkeepers push him out of their shops for loitering. people push him for grades and behavior.
....he is Black, second tier on the Totem pole of race.
...and 567 more "pushes"!!
Like that red Qween, in the Looking Glass, where she has to run run run, just to be only standing still, this kid has to push push push, to have S_P_A_C_E!!
that "anger" *is* that pushing!
pushing against the Mass of things, institutions, and people...who would "diminish him", make him "unaware", make him a smaller "nothin"!
"I AM" he yells.....he has to shout it, and shout it constantly....

all increase of consciousness intails Sufferings and any Increase of growth intails yet more Pain and sufferings. when ya did nothing, but feel inadaquate...this is "the BLUES"! the blues *music* that is....
"blues" as in "Mississippi 1955 where you work all day for the Man and whitey has it all and you will die as a nothing and there is nothing that you can do to change anything"!

that energy, of this changing, this sufferings of growth of awareness, *is* the anger of rap!
"anger" because there is "resistance' of the "denying factor" of everything around ya!
As if life were to deny your very right to BE! be Somebody, be someone, in our ever-increasingly mass-mind way of life! gotta write, or graffiti, your initials upon the tree of life, or ELSE!
Else become asleep, wither in awareness, and die! die in the very Soul, as "die" means..."become uncounscious"! to drown in the mass mind and become only that, one of the unaware herd!

this *IS* what the anger is all about.!

probably in five more years ALL our music will be "rap-hiphop"!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Today I had a small insight as to what rap/hiphop music really *is*!

I used to get slightly disturbed about what seemed to be the anger that is with this music, as well as the "gangsta" element.

the insight?

---I see before me a forest of trees. This is a thick woods, sports fans, and the small young trees have a great stuggle to grow up through all the other older established trees to get at that life-giving light. Each young tree struggles, life or death: push one's way to the light or die.

"Becoming"..As the Set temple puts it! tis the stuggle to be Existing.
---does not help if the "tree" is a 'second tier tree"...[read:"Black"----racial discrimination and all it infers!!]

another image: a room full of people...Perhaps a whole auditoium full of people where each person needs the whole room, but each and every person needs this whole room, thus each person struggles against the life-extinguishing pushes of the rest of the people, for that room!

---that person that jumps into your car lane and cuts you off so that you stop *at*the light and that person has taken 4 minutes out of your life!!
---the medical insurance people that tell you that your Rates will go up 80% unless
you take high blood pressure meds, for LIFE, side effects and all!
----your relatives that Tell you "you are wrong"
---there are days that you feel that you are just a faceless nothin in a world of corporate bigness where each and every eating place looks just like the next and that *any* phone call to a business makes you dance through hoops and hoops, just to get a yet another voicemail! Makes you want to write your initials on each and every public place that you see, just to tell every human being that..."I EXIST"!
[*that* explains Tagging and graffiti!]

yes, the anger of Striving to keep back the Growth of all the other trees from crowding into your sunspace!
"outa MY way".....

so now I have much greater Understanding, when I hear it...

Maybe soon, the Trees will hopefully understand that there is also a thing called ..."Symbiosis"!
In a rain forest, each tree supports the next tree to it, and the vines weave all the trees together!

But in the Young grades of Souls.....They feel that they are a small beach sandcastle and the Tide comes in to overwhelm their ego-castle, very *very* easily!!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

been busy of late. medical exams and such things......for social security.

I went to the veteran's Clinic for an exam, yesaterday. the waiting room. If i think i have any medical problems, all i have to do is to look around me!
there are some vets that come here nearly every day! take 20 pills a day. know their doctors, all of them, by their first names.

---all this consumes my time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

well it works OK in mozilla. good!


yes a Real Nightmare, a nightmare beyond belief, "one for the books"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cravat: what is expressed or INFERRED, in this dream, is not what this here freestone, the writer, believes in or wishes...please do not take it out on "me' if you feel like "flaming"!

the dream.
simple enough, i go 'out of body" and go to a 'somewhere" and there I am. I am in a room or at some place and before me is a group of dark-skinned men in white robes with sort of 'turbans" for hats, hats of wrapped white cloth, like the Arabs wear. these
most certainly *are* Arabs.
they are Men of Some Authority. They begin, or rather, one man speaks for them all, and for all of the rest of the men that seem to be part of this Organization.
He speaks of the great sins that the western women have committed, in the name of "moderness, sex, career-over-childraisings: he denounces the way that the western people, women in particular, live. "no spirit." "all sex and sleaze". No respect for traditions of the home, husband, children. materialisim. No following of the Laws of God, in their lives.
...and he speaks of how this large organization is going to DO something about this! Solution: each member will go to the west with a rifle and shoot, with this sniper-rifle anyone that they can....and bring Justice to the west.

then I awake.

---the Inferences, sports fans, are far far far far WORSE!!

I gave *this* short dream, as I walked from the coffee shop, to the computer, some reflections.
I realize that ALL dreams are symbolic, even if they are "objective" in the astral heavens.
there will be no "shootings" of people. there will be no "extra" killings, other than the usual terror attacks.

so who were these people?
were they, I pondered, "Talibans" who also were out of body, and I met them??
...we all being in Spirit? I would consider this not to be so, as these men were *very* lucid, and very "there", unlike me, in my dream-state; this means that these men LIVE THERE. They are Spirits, souls who live in a lower heaven world, a world that I went to, to have them meet me. they can see the western ways, from the spirit worlds. They are, at least, of a very conservative Muslin past, when they lived on earth. Thus this place is a spirit-realm, and these people live there as residents, while I merely visited, from my body, on earth.
i gather, upon reflections, that what they intend to do, is to await the after death arrival of people from the west. They will focus their attention upon the "modern western woman, especially the "non-spiritual" Feminist, and because these women have no "higher spiritual Guidence", they will be at the mercy of these men and of the organization, that exists in the astral realms.
"shoot down"....they will confront these women, [and men] with their SHADOWS of their opposite natures that they denied: living at home caring for the children and being behind their man and living a "chaste" life! bring that up to their face!! bring up their Failures to live a God-fearing, God's law-abiding way of life *as* what a woman is supposed to live *as* a woman, in the human race! these women will have to confront the rest of their feminine-soul, that they denied while upon earth!!

thus i fear that a great many many people, after death, will have to go to "Taliban world", for awhile, in order to confront their opposite nature, as their "enemy", called the "Muslims", is only a reflection of themselves the part that they dislike within themselves.

this, being the true nature of the NIGHTMARE: that *you*, reader, might have to confront being taken, soon after death, to a "kangaroo court" to have the Charges levied aginst you, that you SINNED terribly and Will Pay terribly!! "sinned' by denying your Inner Nature, your archetype as a woman, by being "western-modern"!

I, freestone, have to face that these Spirit guides, of the "Taliban", may have a valid point, a point that many people may have to face, after death!
my *own* part, of this nightmare, is that my own beliefs, of "freedom", and the "western ways of life"...may be IRRELEVANT to Spirit and Spiritual Reality, and that maybe they, these "spirit-Talibans", may be Right!! I will have to "convert" someday, as well as you!!

I support the western way of freedom of choice, please do not get angry with ME!! I have to report the dreams that i have. When one is taken into the spirit worlds, while living, to see places and talk to souls and spirits in two way conversations, one must Accept that many of the experiences will *NOT* be "Nice"!! many will challenge *every* belief held!!

could the Christian fundamentalists be right, in their views of what a woman should believe in and do?!!

Freestone places this Hot Potato back into the Bin!! please direct your comments and flames, in the comment box, to the "Taliban", not to me, the Messager!!

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Well I tried to read that book
""The Astral City,The story of a doctor’s odyssey in the Spirit World. By André Luiz (spirit). Through Francisco Cândido Xavier .Ist Electronic Edition by GEAE ""

A doctor, who died and now lives in the spirit world, tells Xavier about life there. read the paragraphs below, please!

Feminine souls do not remain inactive here. [in the spirit world, after death] They are trained to become worthy mothers, wives, sisters, missionaries. The woman's task in the home cannot be confined to a few idle tears of pity and many years of servitude. Of course, today's rash feminist movement is a grievous offense to the true attributes of the feminine spirit. Women aren't meant to set themselves up as rivals to men in offices, an in the different professions and business departments, which are adequate fields for masculine activities. Nevertheless, we are taught here in our colony that there are many dignifying tasks outside the home which are compatible with the feminine sensibility, including nursing, teaching, textile manufacturing, communications, and all kinds of occupations which require patience. Man should learn to endow the domestic circle with the fruit of his experiences, while woman should lighten the burden of man's hard work giving the home her sweetness and an inspiring atmosphere. Within the family circle, inspiration, outside it, activity. You can't have one without the other. How could a river feed its flow if it were not for the source? On the other hand, how could the water of the source flow on without the river bed?"

Narcisa looked intently at the woman, and, after a few moments, replied that there were fifty-eight. [spots on her body] Brother Paul continued, patiently:

"Those fifty-eight dark spots represent so many children killed at birth. On each of these spots I can perceive the mental image of one of the little children whose life she extinguished, some by crushing blows, others by suffocation. This unhappy creature was a gynecologist who exploited inexperienced young women, committing heinous crimes under the pretext of easing the conscience of others. She is in a worse position than cases of suicide or murders who may, at times, show mitigating circumstances."

I recalled the numerous cases in my practice when, to save the mother's life, the unborn child had to be sacrificed. But, reading my thoughts, Brother Paul added:

"Of course, I'm not referring to legitimate measures which are forms of redeeming trials, but to the crime of killing those who have obtained the sublime right to live and are about to begin their sojourn on the physical plane."

got that?!
----woman's place is in the home, raising the children, not going out to work, not in trying to *become* a man!
---abortion *IS* murder, WORSE than murder, as it keeps a soul from incarnation on earth Killinging someone is not so evil, in comparison, as the soul is still there, but abortion kills the SOUL..."soul-murder", as an abortion keeps the soul from ever forming!
[go another inch, *only* an inch, to the ya..."people who kill abortion doctors *are* only Executioners, executioners who save lives, by executing murderers!! go to A Camp to Learn About Explosives...NOW!]

...ex-CUSE meeeee, sports fans! why oh why is every "spirtual path", that i seem to read about goes to say that
one should become a Puritan?! just go join some fundamentalist christain church, pleeeease!

I have a *HUGE* "trash can out back" for pitching spiritual paths into...

my philosophy: one should be free to think, feel, do, anything: make life a huge Daggerfall-Morrowind RPG game. yes there *are* Consequences to anything done, felt, thought...but i feel that the best Teacher is Experience, and one should only learn by Doing, and learn all the subtle subtle interconnections and "rules" that way.
Learn that indeed everything and everyone is interconnected and that a "private' feeling or thought affects everything and everyone around you: but YOU learn it, not have it put to you from "outside" of you as a "thou shalt, or Else...!!!
---and....when you die and come to heaven, you will not need "schools", as all the Knowledge has been internalized within, from that great great Teacher...EXPERIENCE! the Knowledge will then be truly *yours*, as it will be part of your soul, instead of having attempts to "force" it upon you, via threats, authority, or Guilt, some some authoritative someone or someones.

Friday, June 13, 2003

another interesting dream last night.

a long long long dream that seemed to be, to me, upon awakening, to be some kind of symbolization of my whole life's passage.
At the very end of the dream, i sat with some "counselor person" and she told me of the Reckoning of my life!
"your made $850 and after the Costs are taken out, you have a net of $2.50".

...???? upon awakening.
until i gave it some thought, everything in my dreams is sombolic of something else!
I lived, basicly, in two places, most of my hometown, and in tallahassee. i nearly died, of EMPYMA, in 1993.
total time spent in BOTH places taken together....85 years! 85 years until 1993.
I left my hometown, perhaps for good, in 1998....5 years later.
since it is 10 years between 1993 and 2003...*this* accounts for perhaps 20 more years, as "my physical body"=10 years and my "time in tallahassee"=10 years
25 years.
*this*, of course, assumes that my death propechy is REAL!! that my "one year to live" prophecy, is real and will come true.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

SPIRITISM LINKS with English Content

-------"everyone" says..."the doors of death close upon the Pilgrim, and no one ever ever report back if there is a life or not after death, so that no one knows if there is a life after death".
this site has many complete downloadable books, where souls DICTATE their experiences of heaven to mediums.
Xavier, from Brazil....."the astral city".......a profound book.
and this site has links to dozens of books and sites, where people report back to the world, from heaven, what it is like there!

probably much of my next four months will be Reading!
so if I post not so much, in my weblogs, this is why!!

I am gonna be busy with *this* link!! i may not post so much here for awhile as this is a find, a whole book is on this site.
a book?

The story of a doctor’s odyssey in the Spirit World.
By André Luiz (spirit)
ThroughFrancisco Cândido Xavier

Nosso Lar” (or “The Astral City” in the present English version) appeared on Earth in 1943 through the mediumship of Francisco Xavier and edited by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB). The book tells us the odyssey of a recently departed physician who introduces himself under the pen name “André Luiz” (see forewords by Emmanuel and J Haddad). The author discloses a spiritual society, a colony of work located in the vicinity of the Earth surface, where one finds the happy of sad results of one acts after reaching “the other side” of life. Far from abstractions or purely philosophical argumentation, André Luiz speaks about the actual reality of imperfect spirits still alive, working and preparing themselves for the next life’s struggles.

Translated from the 25th Portuguese edition entitled “Nosso Lar” . First Portuguese edition published in 1944 by FEDERAÇÃO
ESPÍRITA BRASILEIRA. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

Spiritist Group of New York
and GEAE (Advanced Study Group of Spiritism)
Francisco Cândido Xavier ...a brazil medium, wrote over 250 books, well known in brazil, utterly utterly unknown in the usa!!
"wrote" as most of his books are channeled writings. Spirts who lived on earth, send material.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

I get letter from time to time, where the writers wonder about dreams and worlds. many people think that dreams are only dreams. They think that a dream is only a sleeping version of a daydream, made while sitting for an idle moment at the workdesk! One can sit there and imagine and create a fantasy world. when the daydream ceases and the dreamer goes back to work, the only place the dream remains is a memory in the subconscious mind.
same with dreams?
*NOT* obe..astral travel...out of body, dreams, though!!
When I go visit a place, a place in the spirit worlds, I am visiting a true persistent world! in my world, awake, when I look away from my desktop coffee cup, it is till there.
Thus, in these astral travel dreams, the places that I see will still be there when I am not there to see them!

---all that babbling really means....that some dreams, of fantasy worlds, that anyone can have, are of real places. these places will still be there, when you awake, and they will be 'there" when you die and arrive to see and experience them!

Friday, June 06, 2003

well I have found the Interpretation for my "housetrailer" dream, that I had yesterday, and that I had wrote up, here, yesterday!

actually it was simple to interpret: now my Work can begin, on what it means!

so here I was, involved, in my dream, in some activity in a house along a shore of a lake, symbolizing "my life".
suddenly at the very end of the dream, some unknown "personage" sort of yanked me aside and led me into a room where he told me
about one sentence.
[something like]

"You DO know that you will move from your trailer at the end of seven years, do you not?: you WILL!"!

this black-garbed person?? it was as if he intruded from outside of the dream, as if he were of a "higher reality" than of the drama
of the dream! would be as if, in a movie, you are sitting in your seat, at the mall-a-plex, watching a movie and suddenly the Projectionist were to announce a message over the soundtrack of the movie!
----and the *tone*!!
the tone of voice was something of like of this:
...wake up.
...LIS-ten! is The News, wake up, NOW!!! are w-r-o-n-g, in an Important assumption. you WILL correct. NOW!!

In order to interpret, I have to make the simple knowing, in dream interpretations: that any object always means other *than*
this object, as if when a "apple" is shown, it means not an apple but a pear!
Yes I do live in a housetrailer. in a TRAILER. since the fall of 1998. *if* the dream is literal, I would move from it about the fall
of 2005.

lets see....about ten dreams have told me, since about 1996, "that all of my spiritual, soul's, missions have been done and finished."
In this weblog, in fact, I have alluded that If my "one year to live" dream [may 13th, 2002] were to be overwritten,
I would be as if...."I am standing on the stage, *after* the play is over, the script finished"!!

simple interpretation: since 1996, after all my life spiritual work is finished, and my MOVIE [modern play] is over, what would be showing on the screen *after* this movie is finished and I am still in my seat, watching?!


the movie's trailer, of course!!
my life's trailer, where I would be in reflection upon my life's past.

Fall of 1996, I, in some nameless place, I happened to look at the inside of my right arm and found a three inch sized " 7" on my skin!!
it was as if I had scratched my arm, and now there is that healing-wound scar. a *perfect* "7"! no letter-drafter could have made it better!!
1996 to seven years!

Guess I had better NOT cease my weblog, "one year to live", where that Master told me that "In one year you will begin your Spirit life"...on may 13th of 2003!!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

strange housetrailer dream last night!!

very strange, in what looked to be an "ordinary" dream about me doing something in a cottage by a lake, the symbol of the dream inferring
..."my life", as a lakeside represents, to me, my life.

a dark mysterious figure appeared *IN* the dreamdrama, as if from outside of the dream.....the Jungian Shadow-figure, but here it is, THE SELF! a figure representation of my Soul, my overself.

He took me, in the house, to a back room and very very gravely, seriously, with great voice emphasis, told me just one

yes, I am renting a trailer. have been. rented it as of about October 1st of 1998.
7 years?
that will be the fall of 2005

---I do not know. maybe it will infer that my landlord will sell the land and I have to move. But the TONE of that Messenger
seems to have more "energy" to it, than of that!!!
the *real* time of my death.......!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

----in the new 550 member journal site, there is a section for "articles".

they 'reminded' me, in the intro, to "use a spellcheck program to spellcheck your submissions".
why not blogger pro's own, as i have no other.
*and*, why not just POST that article too, while i am at it!

How can I enjoy the rest of my short life after having an Earthchange Vision?

what is the use of loving physical
knowing that the endtimes/earthchanges may ruin it?!


hello, everyone!!

someone asked me, yesterday, about my latest end time vision.
She more or less says that " why go on
enjoy life, knowing that bad times are ahead,
and oblivion for us all"

Spirit once gave to me an answer for that

I was living in upstate new York at the time.
it was May, late may, and the springtime leaves were
at their best...gloriously may days, late in may, of
soft blue skies
and lush new leaves, everywhere.
the air smelled so sweet and all the birds were
chirruping overtime, in song.
But I had just had yet ANOTHER one of my end
time visions...that very morning!! There was strong inference that very soon much of the earth's surface could become ruined for life!
----and I now, by early afternoon, had walked out into the countryside, from the 600 people town that I was living in. I wanted to get out and pray and meditate upon that dream...a dream that killed all hope, a dream that says all will die. How could I feel "good" about enjoying what could become ruined very soon? How could I even enjoy this spring loveliness that is now all about me, knowing that
all of the plants could become dead from, say, volcanic ash and clouds?!

so as I walked along this road, in the early springtime the warmest time of
day...I asked this same question, in prayer, to Spirit, this lady asks
me....."why even go on living"?!!

---and Spirit gave me an answer! probably a guide whispered it to me, as I heard the
Inner Voice Speak!
it said, more or less........
Yes, you had yet another dream of
everything dying in the endtimes, Freestone.
Dust and brown and dead wood and dead cities, everywhere. oh how depressing!
but look before you, Freestone!
there you see spring in all its glory!
and---you know that in only a very few
months, winter
will come and Frost everything Dead!!
the winds will blow black clouds and the snow
WILL fall, covering everything in still deathlike
silence, at ten degrees above zero Fahrenheit. Winter WILL win, as it always does every fall, in upstate new York.
But you enjoy the summer, Freestone, do you not---knowing that this winter to come, in only five month, will win out over the life of summer's warmth??!! [frost can come in September, in upstate NY!!].....
you know that all of it will die.
But you also know that there will be
another spring and summer, next year! There will always be a summer nine months ahead, every fall of the year.
so enjoy this one...while it lasts...
You are supposed to, being this earth is a classroom to
use for to grow your Soul in!
High school art class may only last an hour a day, five days a week: use it to learn Art in. Summer only lasts four months every year, enjoy it!

and if the earth were to die?
why there will be yet another "earth" in
spirit for
you to enjoy, after you die...the heaven worlds of spirit!
and this one will have an EVERLASTING summer....
so use the earthly "summer" to train you to
see the
Real Eternal Summer, in heaven, after you
die! and after all, even if the earth has no
endtimes that
the prophets warn of...YOU will have your
very own personal endtime, some day soon----!!

your death!

thus the REAL question, here, is..."how can I go on
knowing that I will die, someday, and all of my life's work will be gone, and all my
life's future hopes and dreams will then be for not?!!"

we all, each of us, have our personal
endtimes, our
very personal rapture!! some people will end
time before the endtimes!!


a good answer!
so go out and enjoy your senior year in high
school, the art classes;
even knowing that very soon the Graduation
will occur
and you WILL move off to College, across the
Great River, never never, to come back to sit in
of High school #666!!


Monday, June 02, 2003

---Interesting dream last night!!!

It began in a trailer park, of house trailers and I was living in one. I had just moved into a trailer and I was setting up the stuff from my boxes.
I saw the thermostat and the setting was too too low for my comfort so I set it higher. from "62" to 73" degrees.
I walked about the yard and noted the other trailers in this small rural park. someone came over and Told Me About the park, and
says how often the people here eat off of paper plates and you will too....""

He then told me that eventually everyone will have to move to other trailers on the OTHER SIDE of the road, the "Landlord is preparing a Place there"!. he showed to me the empty field where the mysterious landlord will put new house-trailers for all the tenants in the currant trailers. Landlord had already set out the plots and dug the septic tank holes and put the tanks in. I looked down into the septic tank hole to see the top of a COFFIN!
...end of dream.

In my childhood, a "person who lived in a housetrailer" was very very often of a lower "caste"! an "other side of the tracks" person. outlaw. criminal record. welfare. poverty. white trash!!

Now I have interpreted this dream!!
I will not die at 62. I will live till I am 73...."change the setting on the thermostat"!
I will live, from what is seen by heavenly old souls, from their vantagepoint...."in a slum"..."living with the poor people who often are dysfunctional" [that is how many in heaven see the earthplane!]
and I will eat from their plates! that means I will "SIN" like they do, maybe lie, be bitter, be angry...and other "negative things"
just like they do!
in a phrase....."continue to live like the rest of the human race!

and when I "go to the other side", the Landlord will have a new trailer for me to live in! but a TRAILER none the less. that rock song says...."Gotta do a little hell before ya do your heaven"!
to the LOWER WORLDS I will go. where-ever the "dysfunctional" or "white trash" go, after death! 99% of us, the slow slow slow Progression upwards into the higher heavens!

I guess if I were a chief CEO, of a company, and wants to hire more CEOs, I would want someone who worked his/her way up from the very bottom, working in the labor areas, like of a construction worker or mail clerk or that he would have had hands on experience in ALL the levels of employments, from the entry-level first job, all the way upwards through the promotional levels, to CEO at the top of Management!
thus I agree with my Dream's sort-of-prophecy!! I would want to experience ALL of the hells and the lower and middle heavens, missing not one of them, on my Progressional Climb Upwards to the Celestial. take a million times a million years, what what is that compared to "Eternity"!!