Monday, March 31, 2003

In that Iraq person's weblog, the banner says.....

>>>> ----------
"the West won the
world not by the
superiority of its ideas
or values or religion but
rather by its superiority
in applying organized
violence. Westerners
often forget this fact,
non-Westerners never
Samuel P. Huntington

I chose to go look at stuff that Huntington writes. unfortunately the article is very very is the url

In this PBS article, Hunting ton quotes a Saudi offical.....

" As a top Saudi official explained in 1994, "'Foreign imports' are nice as shiny or high-tech 'things.' But intangible social and political institutions imported from elsewhere can be deadly--ask the Shah of Iran.... Islam for us is not just a religion but a way of life. We Saudis want to modernize, but not necessarily Westernize."


"In similar terms, another distinguished scholar of Islam, Ali E. Hillal Dessoulji, sees the Resurgence as involving efforts to re institute Islamic law in place of Western law, the increased use of religious language and symbolism, expansion of Islamic education (manifested in the multiplication of Islamic schools and Islamization of the curricula in regular state schools), increased adherence to Islamic codes of social behavior (e.g., female covering, abstinence from alcohol), and increased participation in religious observances, domination of the opposition to secular governments in Muslim societies by Islamic groups, and expanding efforts to develop international solidarity, among Islamic states and societies. La revanche de Dieu is a global phenomenon, but God, or rather Allah, has made His revenge most pervasive and fulfilling in the ummah, the community of Islam.""

I have yet another analogy. a coffee cup full of coffee. would
you even consider drinking that coffee without the cup?!
good grief: NO! hold the coffee in your hands? gotta have something to contain the liquid!

I begin to wonder how MANKIND needs this "cup" of law...order...
rules....around him?! will history 4000 years from now see our western individuality as "failing" ...and the real Need of mankind would be to have a totaltarian system: either in governement or social/religious ways of life?!

"Dionesis" OR "the bringer of fire"

"mystical union in the One" OR ... "individualism"!!
not both!!
"mystical union", expressed in moral, worldy, terms, might indeed be of a "social law rules", way of life, a way of life where each person Has His Place, and even the lady at the bottom, is Secure and Knowing, of the value of that Place! In a tree, the smallest leaf, the tiny-est root, is important: the Tree is vastly vastly more important than any one component of it, as if the Tree dies, then *ALL* the components do too!! each leaf and root has its life in being part of the Tree.

[hmmmm....isnt that phrase..."the Tree is more important than the component"...a working definition of Fascism, or Nazism, where the State is more important than the individual?!!]

maybe my "insecurity", as a letter writer, says that i have, might actually be helped be NOT insecure, by my EMBRACING
a system of moral certaintude.
Muslim law!!
why i have sun in cancer...moon in leo[ makes a "cancer new moon, mutual reception!!], all my other inner planets IN cancer, mars in pices....good grief, "insecurity *IS* my middle name!!
and i see death coming.....I have Dreamed of the Infinity of Heaven, where worlds are vast vast, and Imagination Rules!
I face the Darkness in the Northeast, NAKED! I have seen
places in HELLWORLDS, and i know that hell IS....I also know that all the heavens of all the other planets in the Galaxy, are accessible; thus this is how the "ufo aliens" get here, and I have been taken to see some of THEIR worlds too!!
Yes i am very very insecure. all of the time! my councscious is naked, i esp-ly pick up, from all the people around me, by Empathic Clairsentenance, many of their feelings and often they are not nice!!
but i will not join a cult, join the Religion of what is called "Xian"....which to me is, "christianity without the Christ"!!

perhaps i would indeed benefit by joining up and converting to a system like the Way of Allah!!!
but i will choose my insecurity, thank you!! a price i pay for my freedom of moral choices and of course what i feel is true, will not be liked by all!

Perhaps i should actually STOP writing about this political stuff! does nothing, only causes anger....I should spend my time reading other journals instead, or in writing "non-political" comments.
as it is...I have only so much time to write and i have several Journal sites: perhaps i will cut back my postings, and concentate upon the weblogs in blogger, not Xanga or Livejournal.


Sunday, March 30, 2003

well, sports fans!!
I, yesterday, read about the man who lives in Iraq, and has the weblog, on blogspot. He keeps this journal, daily, until about yesterday, when the phone lines went out. I went to look at his site and while i had not time, much, to read it, the Quote, on the upper left sidebar, caught my attention real good! it is a quote, and surely this quote reflects this man's life-outlook!

>>>> ----------
"the West won the
world not by the
superiority of its ideas
or values or religion but
rather by its superiority
in applying organized
violence. Westerners
often forget this fact,
non-Westerners never
Samuel P. Huntington

When i read this, I was greatly Disturbed! disturbed, but unable to come to grips or terms with what Huntington was saying, Raed, the apparent writer of this weblog,too, was infering his beliefs in Huntington's saying. On a gut-level, I feel what is said is
WRONG, but yesterday i could not think it out as to why.
so today, after walks and thoughts, i now know why this is said, and, to me, what was meant, here.
"violence"! I had to get beyone the "new" meaning, of this word, as in "violent crimes", or 'violence against women"!
I went to an "older" meaning....

my first thoughts were that Raed and Huntington convienently forget about the Huns....the w w II japanese rape of the chinese women....the Cambodia "rouge" Killing Fields"....the latest massaceres in SW Africa, black on blacks!!

I had to find out just *how* the west was/is Violent.
some random thoughts follow..........

..................Japan [?]1880. Perry forced the japanese to open up their country to the west after 200 to 400 years of Medievel-type "turning inwards" to keep the outer world at bay [read; the west!]
i read, somewheres...."every citizen had their whole lives set up by the Code of "social level determines the life" the number of square inches of floor-space, the type of doll you gave to your daughter...was all dictated by the social status and the culture. there were, and ARE,
50 ways to say "good morning" to a stranger, depending upon his social class!!
the japanese have a saying..."the nail that sticks out, is the very first to get hit by the hammer"!!
[the group over the individual] local cafeteria. i see so so often a "little old lady" near me, on the food line, all confused as to which of the 20 salads, the 20 deserts, the 12 meats, she should order! her husband is Deceased, and she has to think for herself. she grew up in the Depression days of 1931. other people were SUPPOSED to do her thinking FOR her, now she is a ship without rudder, sail, or wheel! what she *really* wants is to have someone to tell her what to order!

.......I had a couple of friends live in London, England, in the late 70s.
they had many shocks! first, they found that there were NO appartments for rent in the London Times! why? there *were* none!!
why? young people, when they got married, why they lived with Mom!
second shock: by now there were macDonalds in London and they *all* were three floors ! and packed too! it was known that the fast food places, in the USA as well as in England, were far far more , than "politics" to give to women Freedom!! why now they could get out of the house and DO something, if they ate there quickly without hours of food prep!

violence. the violence of Individualism confronting a mass-mind
Moral mind-set!!
individualism. freedom to choose. "have it your way". independence. freedom of choice. "test the limits".....
*these* are what Huntington and Rael see as VIOLENCE!
[a macdonalds in Bagdad, saying "have it your way" to a woman who takes off her Veil!!!]
violence against a social order of LAW, where each and every thought, feeling, and action, is set up for one, to live their lives: what security and surety of Knowings there is, here! NO "extentensial Angst"...NO "shades of grey" to any choices!
NO WONDER the "wanderkund" [wandering children] of the 1928 pre-nazi germany, who walked the trails with their backpacks and books of philosophy, vegetarian....all *became* the SSS storm troops, or supported Hitler: they could not stand the intensity of Choices and freedoms, that is inherient in "individualism"!
[i wonder if many in the "new age movement" are getting like that, today....another topic!]

this Read was born in the West, and lived there most of his life: why did he choose to live in Iraq?!! was it the allure of the surety
of Allah?! the moral..ethical code of Muslim law?

I feel *this* is the "Violence' that he writes of, the violence that he sees the west spreads! It began, perhaps, with Jesus and early Christianity! jesus speaks of a"individual salvation, here on earth, and a individual self-existance, after death! Jesus rants against the Mosaic law of the Old testement, that He says Law alone will NOT save a soul!
...but that *seems* to be the messege of Muslimism! "law *is* all" !!
"law" is a moral edifice, a ethical structure: anychange to it, from without, from an outside force that is not of it....*IS* violence!!!
[the Wolf batters down the litle ole piggy's house!]

so i CELEBRATE the west's violence! I love RPG computer games where i fight monsters and challenge Authority and try something "beyond the prescibed limits", in my games!
I try to do that with my life, too.
*this* is the violence that he speaks of........

he, and Huntington are Right! but would *you* want an alternative?!
Sign up with the "sheparding" movement, in the Pentecostal or Charismic churches, where someone told me that even the brand of toothpaste is supposed to be chosen for you!
join a CULT!

i choose violence!!


Saturday, March 29, 2003

*THE* man from Iraq who writes about how it is living there, a gay engineer, middleclass, born outside of country.....I read! [could be wrong!]
this is the "famous blogspot site that is in the news....

>>>> ----------
"the West won the
world not by the
superiority of its ideas
or values or religion but
rather by its superiority
in applying organized
violence. Westerners
often forget this fact,
non-Westerners never

Samuel P. Huntington
......this saying is at an important place on his left.
I do NOT agree with this statement at all, yes the west was and is very violent: *would* this guy go live in Cambodia under the Rouge where half the people were killed??
try ww II japan! remember that the very word "treachery" and 'backstabing"....seems to have an ARAB flavor!!
He could always send his lover to afgan!! let the Taliban get at him, what is left of it!

sorta sours me for his site!!! a wonderfully written site but that saying portends.....awfull awfull futures, for the West: Holy war!! war, in the future, between arab...jew...and the west: the Owner's Manual, King James version, sees it coming!!
not room for both of us, on the same planet, i guess!!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

well i just unsubscribed to all my "earthchange" lists.....they all have become soundingboards for
"bush is the evil one"...anti-war anger anger anger!!

I am going to concentrate upon my weblogs and upon my own the weeks and months to come.

but i wonder....i wonder just what all these antiamericans really want us all to do?!

so much hatred, by them....I wonder: feels to me that they are in a much much more deeper hatred to something than just the war and to bush and to america!

may 13th is coming, but my own History of dates, in my life, tell me that "one year to live" will not come at one year!!
probably one year and 11 months....or something like that!
basicly, a year extension, perhaps until the fall or winter.

that "cold" that kills...i can see it lungs fill with fluid and the hommorage from the weakened walls of my disabled, in 1993, lungs. that article i often now read, in the paper, about that "SARS", there, in china, even if this sickness is NOT the cause of my coming death: tis a wakeup call, that is physical and touchable: a cold that kills 5 to 30 percent of its victums!


I remember when i lived, in the Ithaca new york, the home of the very very leftest liberal
cornell university.
I noted the posters. all the leftest posters used the same words!! same with the new agers too....the vegie and spiritual posters seemed to use the same words.
"peace and justice" were on all and every one of the leftest posters.

schools of fish, all the fish a-swimming in parelell
to each other, all one
the Herd.......

no, i would eat a "stir-fry vegan" helping of True Vegan-ness, on my plate, right next to my cheese-covered hamburger! have BOTH of the worlds!
funny...the meat eaters would not raise an eyebrow over that stir fry but you can just BET that the vegie people
would go Zonkers!
"i am a vegetartian". "I am a leftest liberal".
"I am a conservative".


if i am a vegitarian, then i *have* to bond to *all* of the "Movement", the movement IS me, so that i have to "fit the container"!

Gardejeff.....the fouth way...the Set[ian] way...speak of dis-entangling from such identifiacations.

just change..."i am hungry" to "i feel hungry"!!
be larger then the containers!

I see that rehtoic on the several "earthchanges' type of newsgroups...."one bird sings and all the others copy the Tune"....Time to
from these lists as i have so so so so so much other things to do!

yes, so much to do, that i have not a moment of time to read over and over the Mantra..."Bush is the Evil one"!
I only have "just* so much time before i come to that Tombstone

...and no one is paying attention to "page 5' in the papers, i feel the REAL trouble is but a few months away, a few COUGHS away!!
catchable as the common cold and as uncureable. yes, "5% die, *with* Intensive care, hooked to a respirator", the paper says.
did you catch that?? "hooked to a respiator"!
what's gonna happen when 1000 people a DAY mob the emergancy room of the city hospital?! and four resperators!
yes, a 20% death rate and takes up to a year to recover IF you recover in full health! a whole year where all the schools close for that year and no one works and by the end of that year only meat and potatoes are for sale in the food stores and you eat it with thanks, whether your a Vegan or not!! and 60% of the work force never works again!! but no one Notices this here "page 5"!!

so i bid goodbye to the various "earthchange" type of mailing lists as Spirit gives to me only so much time to live.

in the End, it may come down to this, folks.....two questions, only, are *real*! the tombstone a dead end or a door?
2...what is your thoughts, about the entity called JESUS?!
who was he?!!

so when i am gone from the lists.....I will devote my computer time to my weblogs...
come read what i write at

my weblog...."my life after near death experiences"

see ya in heaven: *then* you and i will have many many *many* talks!


Wednesday, March 26, 2003


i am still digesting that New York Times article about the "wellspring' of what makes AlQaeda tick!
and the radical Muslim world, in general.

I found it very interesting to read about all the resistance of the Iraq troops, there, south of bagdad. Brought to mind some *interesting* ponderings, over my 2pm starbucks coffee!

the very core philosophy, of the "political correctness" people, seems to be, for me, to center around the idea that
there are no absolutes, and no "one way", of any moral actions. Thus a painting or a life cannot be criticized by anyone, as it is "right", no matter what the painting is about or how good it is, technically!
like: in a donut shop, there are NO one donuts that are better or worse than any other donut. all are equal in "value"!

...leads to something , to me, very very Interesting, sports fans!
assume this is so, that a PC person believes all cultures and peoples have a right to be as they are and NO interference by others
from outside, as any culture is "true".

the radical muslim culture, as well as much of the mainstream culture of muslims, believe that it is the Duty of all, in the name of Allah, to convert the world to muslimism. to have everyone lay down their sex-driven, sensual ways, and to return to Law, the law of God.
thus, a good PC person would let them alone.

but the muslin way would be to have these pc people become muslims! "oxygen" will Oxidize anything that the molecule touches: radical muslimspeak, says that "one must convert"! that means *YOU*, Heathen!!!

then why why are not the political correct people not muslims?!! if they are NOT, these PC people are hypocites! if they Value the
radical muslim way *as* valid, then these radicals would convert these pc people to Allah!
*must* convert, as that is the way of Radical Muslimism!

if a pc tells them "no", then that pc person is taking a Moral stance!
"you WILL convert" and "I will NOT convert"....cannot co-exist in the same space and time!

two cultures in the same spot, like two bricks, on the table, trying to occupy the same exact spot!
*what* does two bricks look like, when occupying this same spot?
....a column of tanks, troops, and supply trucks, motoring along, slowly, along a windy, dusty road, guns poking out the windows at Snipers in the roadside hills, driving towards the heart of a country!!

so why are not the PC people, and many of the new agers..

Monday, March 24, 2003

here, sports fans, is


[the whole thing about of the "why" of Al Qaeda and the Muslim philosophy of Terror and Holy war!!]

I have condensed severely this artcle. after the end of the article, i give a comment or three, about it, my own feelings about what he writes.

full ten page article is HERE

The Philosopher of Islamic Terror
New York Times, Sunday, mar 23rd

on the Arabian peninsula. But Al Qaeda has broader roots. The organization was created in the late 1980's by an affiliation of three armed factions -- bin Laden's circle of ''Afghan'' Arabs, together with two factions from Egypt, the Islamic Group and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the latter led by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda's top theoretician. The Egyptian factions emerged from an older current, a school of thought from within Egypt's fundamentalist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, in the 1950's and 60's. And at the heart of that single school of thought stood, until his execution in 1966, a philosopher named Sayyid Qutb -- the intellectual hero of every one of the groups that eventually went into Al Qaeda, their Karl Marx (to put it that way), their guide.

Qutb (pronounced KUH-tahb) wrote a book called ''Milestones,'' and that book was cited at his trial, which gave it immense publicity, especially after its author was hanged. ''Milestones'' became a classic manifesto of the terrorist wing of Islamic fundamentalism. A number of journalists have dutifully turned the pages of ''Milestones,'' trying to decipher the otherwise inscrutable terrorist point of view. ................
Qutb is not shallow. Qutb is deep. ''In the Shade of the Qur'an'' is, in its fashion, a masterwork. Al Qaeda and its sister organizations are not merely popular, wealthy, global, well connected and institutionally sophisticated. These groups stand on a set of ideas too, and some of those ideas may be pathological, which is an old story in modern politics; yet even so, the ideas are powerful. We should have known that, of course. But we should have known many things. ....................
I Qutb wrote that, all over the world, humans had reached a moment of unbearable crisis. The human race had lost touch with human nature. Man's inspiration, intelligence and morality were degenerating. Sexual relations were deteriorating ''to a level lower than the beasts.'' Man was miserable, anxious and skeptical, sinking into idiocy, insanity and crime. People were turning, in their unhappiness, to drugs, alcohol and existentialism. Qutb admired economic productivity and scientific knowledge. But he did not think that wealth and science were rescuing the human race. He figured that, on the contrary, the richest countries were the unhappiest of all. And what was the cause of this unhappiness -- this wretched split between man's truest nature and modern life?
A great many cultural critics in Europe and America asked this question in the middle years of the 20th century, and a great many of them, following Nietzsche and other philosophers, pointed to the origins of Western civilization in ancient Greece, where man was said to have made his fatal error. This error was philosophical. It consisted of placing an arrogant and deluded faith in the power of human reason -- an arrogant faith that, after many centuries, had created in modern times a tyranny of technology over life.
Qutb shared that analysis, somewhat. Only instead of locating the error in ancient Greece, he located it in ancient Jerusalem. In the Muslim fashion, Qutb looked on the teachings of Judaism as being divinely revealed by God to Moses and the other prophets. Judaism instructed man to worship one God and to forswear all others. Judaism instructed man on how to behave in every sphere of life -- how to live a worldly existence that was also a life at one with God. This could be done by obeying a system of divinely mandated laws, the code of Moses. In Qutb's view, however, Judaism withered into what he called ''a system of rigid and lifeless ritual.'' ................
The Philosopher of Islamic Terror

(Page 4 of 10)

Who but Sayyid Qutb, from his miserable prison in Nasser's Egypt, could have zeroed in so plausibly on the difficulties encountered by Jesus' disciples in getting out the word? Qutb figured that, as a result, the Christian Gospels were badly garbled, and should not be regarded as accurate or reliable. The Gospels declared Jesus to be divine, but in Qutb's Muslim account, Jesus was a mere human -- a prophet of God, not a messiah. The larger catastrophe, however, was this: Jesus' disciples, owing to what Qutb called ''this unpleasant separation of the two parties,'' went too far in rejecting the Jewish teachings.

Jesus' disciples and followers, the Christians, emphasized Jesus' divine message of spirituality and love. But they rejected Judaism's legal system, the code of Moses, which regulated every jot and tittle of daily life. Instead, the early Christians imported into Christianity the philosophy of the Greeks -- the belief in a spiritual existence completely separate from physical life, a zone of pure spirit. .............
.......... But this was no good at all. Monastic asceticism stands at odds with the physical quality of human nature. In this manner, in Qutb's view, Christianity lost touch with the physical world. The old code of Moses, with its laws for diet, dress, marriage, sex and everything else, had enfolded the divine and the worldly into a single concept, which was the worship of God. But Christianity divided these things into two, the sacred and the secular. Christianity said, ''Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's.'' Christianity put the physical world in one corner and the spiritual world in another corner: Constantine's debauches over here, monastic renunciation over there. In Qutb's view there was a ''hideous schizophrenia'' in this approach to life. And things got worse.

A series of Christian religious councils adopted what Qutb thought to be irrational principles on Christianity's behalf -- principles regarding the nature of Jesus, the Eucharist, transubstantiation and other questions, all of which were, in Qutb's view, ''absolutely incomprehensible, inconceivable and incredible.'' Church teachings froze the irrational principles into dogma. And then the ultimate crisis struck................
Church divided into two. And, under these terrible pressures, the European mind split finally asunder. The break became total. Christianity, over here; atheism, over there. It was the fateful divorce between the sacred and the secular.............

Europe's scientific and technical achievements allowed the Europeans to dominate the world. And the Europeans inflicted their ''hideous schizophrenia'' on peoples and cultures in every corner of the globe................
................. That was Qutb's analysis. In writing about modern life, he put his finger on something that every thinking person can recognize, if only vaguely -- the feeling that human nature and modern life are somehow at odds. But Qutb evoked this feeling in a specifically Muslim fashion.....................
....................... And why had the liberal societies of the West lost sight of the natural harmony of gender roles and of women's place in the family and the home? This was because of the ''hideous schizophrenia'' of modern life -- the Western outlook that led people to picture God's domain in one place and the ordinary business of daily life in some other place. ................
................... The truly dangerous element lay in America's separation of church and state -- the modern political legacy of Christianity's ancient division between the sacred and the secular. This was not a political criticism. This was theological -- though Qutb, or perhaps his translators, preferred the word ''ideological.'' ..............
............... Qutb's vanguard was going to reinstate shariah, the Muslim code, as the legal code for all of society..............
................. But Qutb refused to regard these punishments as barbarous or primitive. Shariah, in his view, meant liberation. Other societies, drawing on non-Koranic principles, forced people to obey haughty masters and man-made law. Those other societies forced people to worship their own rulers and to do as the rulers said -- even if the rulers were democratically chosen. Under shariah, no one was going to be forced to obey mere humans. Shariah, in Qutb's view, meant ''the abolition of man-made laws.'' In the resurrected caliphate, every person was going to be ''free from servitude to others.'' The true Islamic system meant ''the complete and true freedom of every person and the full dignity of every individual of the society. On the other hand, in a society in which some people are lords who legislate and some others are slaves who obey, then there is no freedom in the real sense, nor dignity for each and every individual.''

He insisted that shariah meant freedom of conscience -- though freedom of conscience, in his interpretation, meant freedom from false doctrines that failed to recognize God, freedom from the modern schizophrenia. Shariah, in a word, was utopia for Sayyid Qutb. It was perfection. It was the natural order in the universal. It was freedom, justice, humanity and divinity in a single system. It was a vision as grand or grander than Communism or any of the other totalitarian doctrines of the 20th century. It was, in his words, ''the total liberation of man from enslavement by others.'' It was an impossible vision -- a vision that was plainly going to require a total dictatorship in order to enforce: a vision that, by claiming not to rely on man-made laws, was going to have to rely, instead, on theocrats, who would interpret God's laws to the masses. The most extreme despotism was all too visible in Qutb's revolutionary program. That much should have been obvious to anyone who knew the history of the other grand totalitarian revolutionary projects of the 20th century, the projects of the Nazis, the Fascists and the Communists. ................
............... He wanted the true Muslims to engage in a lifelong study of the Koran -- the lifelong study that his own gigantic commentary was designed to enhance. But most of all, he wanted his vanguard to accept the obligations of ''jihad,'' which is to say, the struggle for Islam. And what would that mean, to engage in jihad in the present and not just in the sci-fi utopian future? ................
............. One of his Indian publishers has highlighted this point in a remarkably gruesome manner by attaching an unsigned preface to a 1998 edition of ''Milestones.'' The preface declares: ''The ultimate price for working to please God Almighty and to propagate his ways in this world is often one's own life. The author'' -- Qutb, that is -- ''tried to do it; he paid for it with his life. If you and I try to do it, there is every likelihood we will be called upon to do the same. But for those who truly believe in God, what other choice is there?'' ................................
On the contrary, we keep learning how well educated these people are, [his followers] how many of them come from the upper class, how wealthy they are. And there is no reason for us to be surprised. These people are in possession of a powerful philosophy, which is Sayyid Qutb's. They are in possession of a gigantic work of literature, which is his ''In the Shade of the Qur'an.'' These people feel that, by consulting their own doctrines, they can explain the unhappiness of the world. They feel that, with an intense study of the Koran, as directed by Qutb and his fellow thinkers, they can make sense of thousands of years of theological error. They feel that, in Qutb's notion of shariah, they command the principles of a perfect society. .....................
..................... These people believe that, in the entire world, they alone are preserving Islam from extinction. They feel they are benefiting the world, even if they are committing random massacres. They are certainly not worried about death. Qutb gave these people a reason to yearn for death. Wisdom, piety, death and immortality are, in his vision of the world, the same. For a pious life is a life of struggle or jihad for Islam, and struggle means martyrdom. We may think: those are creepy ideas. And yes, the ideas are creepy. But there is, in Qutb's presentation, a weird allure in those ideas. ........................
...............VII It would be nice to think that, in the war against terror, our side, too, speaks of deep philosophical ideas -- it would be nice to think that someone is arguing with the terrorists and with the readers of Sayyid Qutb. But here I have my worries. The followers of Qutb speak, in their wild fashion, of enormous human problems, and they urge one another to death and to murder. But the enemies of these people speak of what? The political leaders speak of United Nations resolutions, of unilateralism, of multilateralism, of weapons inspectors, of coercion and noncoercion. This is no answer to the terrorists. The terrorists speak insanely of deep things. The antiterrorists had better speak sanely of equally deep things. Presidents will not do this. Presidents will dispatch armies, or decline to dispatch armies, for better and for worse.

But who will speak of the sacred and the secular, of the physical world and the spiritual world? Who will defend liberal ideas against the enemies of liberal ideas? Who will defend liberal principles in spite of liberal society's every failure? President George W. Bush, in his speech to Congress a few days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, announced that he was going to wage a war of ideas. He has done no such thing. He is not the man for that.

good grief! tis very very hard for me to say anything!
a few thoughts...
......there is a *vast* difference between something which is "correct', and something which is true! must get beyond "zing' and yan", and get beyond "duality", to deal with what this man writes about!
.......the Passage up the main Pyramid tunnel, to the King's Chamber, is blocked by stone: one cannot get Liberation by
LAW ALONE! That is the Old Testament way, "law alone"!
Jesus brought the possibility of personal relationship with God, with Spirit, and a personal, individual, salvation from Death, and a eternal life in heaven, in the Celestial heavens, not just in the spirit heavens!
"Fundamentalism" a way that is of "law-only"! matters not if Fundamentalism is of Muslum or of the "First baptist church"!!
LAW does not save your soul.

Sayyid Qutb 's Way is "Law"!

thus, what he writes about, the moral death of the West, because of separation of church and state is correct: but not True!
there is not one place, in his philosophy, for a personal relationship,
*as* an Equal, between Spirit, and an Individual soul!
[...become co-creators with God"]
thus....muslin law as *the* way of life, for all, all of the time, utterly!
...and cannot be otherwise and "the whole world must be converted, NOW, to this!"!!
Thus, if you accept that the west is corrupt *and* that this alienation from God is bought about by the separation of God's ways and laws, from one's daily life, and then cannot get beyond this "antithesis", of Al-Qaeda's Answer..... then there is no "synthesis": no way beyond! one *must* then accept the Muslum Militancy as the Correct Answer
to Humanitity's Problems!

Sunday, March 23, 2003

well tis Sunday afternoon, now, a pretty Tallahassee sunday afternoon.
I had a very very interesting Dream last night! It was long long long, and i cannot recall much of it, except at the very very end. Basicly, i went to vist some "intelligence office", "they" wanted to sign me up to join them as a helper in their Project.
I went with the leader, down into a vast maze of tunnels connecting rooms. the rooms were full of people pore-ing over maps and drawing boards. When i looked at the project-sheets and the
write-ups, i was overwhelmed! it was *as if* i saw a six-inch book of
C+++, or Java, programming! ....and i a complete newbie!
I knew SO little that i could not even ask a question as to what they all do, there! Finally, i did see some common denominator: all of the maps, drawings, and pictures of buildings that were drawn upon paper....they all had the notation
"M4: M0 M1 M2 M3" across the top of the paper: i asked about what this meant.

the leader told me," the Material, physical world.
...M0, M1 M2 M3...are planes of subtle, etheric, matter that are *in* the material physical plane, but are "above' it, in vibration, so that anything in them are invisible to material sight"
["most objects are represented in all the subplanes"...something like that he also says]

I do belive not: this is another visit to a spirit world. these Drafters, must be souls who are setting up projects, like earthly buildings, where the building is built *FIRST* in the spirit world, then some construction person builds it, later!
[the same would be for ideas, wars, and other subtle things other than buildings!]

.....reminds of an out of body account that i read about, years ago....the person floated OBE out over the town street and she
saw, in the abandoned lots, building s that *were* there years ago, but now are only existant in the etheric plane. she also saw a couple of buildings that looked very "futuristic", as if some soul designed a house that might be built years and years later...

yet ANOTHER spirit group signed up for, after i die.
yet another example of how the Material world is but a tip of that perverbial iceburg where *most* of what happens here, to visible sight, has anchors and RealFoundations, in the spirit and heavenworlds! thus a whole bunch of "sparate earthly events", might be really ONE event, connected in spirit.

*this* is one major reason why i do not DO the anti-war thing....I see a Drama, a drama that has many many Players and set up years and years ago. it really ought to run, unless STOPPED only by those who Came here TO stop it, as Part of the Drama!
[you know who you are: for or against!!]
Not my Play. thus i will not get all upset, one way or another...
and...this drama was set up long long ago, in spirit, and will CONTINUE, in spirit, for the afterdeath souls, for a long time also.

[i am glad there are not 10,000 abombmissiles over there! ]
when the kids are acting out: best the kids not disturb the grownups, with the grownups own dramas!

Friday, March 21, 2003

well, now, for "part two" of my letter!

I got to thinking, after i wrote this morning's letter about Shirdi baba and the ww to thinking about what i call "my Ode to Peace and the New Agers". so i will add to my morning's letter, here.
as i type five words per minute, i have not even had time to go read, in "earthchanges' and phoenix", the two newsgroups, as to what responses i got from my first letter; only *just* so much time and it takes all i got to type three to five words per minute and really i need a Dictation software package but the $200 for "dragonspeak", that package, plus a phone, a phone costs the earth, for a Disiibility pension person so no internet connection and no phone and no software to speak dictate so pleas bear with the mis-spelled words!

I found years a go another "treasure" of Finding: another guide spoke through a medium telling shocking news....
He said....[my words] "back in the very very earlytimes of north America, an Entity began the central america Indian subrace. he was called
"Qutizicoatal" [sp]. "mr Q".......the toltecs...the Incas...the Aztecs....through the 100s of years. some say he is really wonder anthroplogists compare similarly the toltecs/incas to the early Sankritian India! HE founded it all....
[guide says..."around 1400, mr Q incarnated as "only" a priest in the Temple, a common priest. but he had a vision, a vision that disturbed one and all, it was *the* vision, the vision of the white men with beards who come in tall ships!
ah.....but the overself of this priest
BROUGHT the white men to america as Mr Q had chosen to
take the Indians off of their stage and it was time for the New Act to begin: White man! so he invoked the europeans to come and like that crook that comes from stage left to take the overstaying vaudervile actor off of the stage, the Indians were forced to leave!
[but no one SAID that the white spanish men had to be so cruel!! they were, though...another story!]
so mr Q closed the school and brought in the next class.

yes?! *when* will it be time for whitey to be forced off of this earth-school stage?!
I feel...NOW!!!
ah, but not to actually have another race replace him, it is of this:

Tis Graduation eve in Public School 666. graduation day and all the graduating seniors are up upon the stage recieving their deplomas. they will be soon off to College. wait! heads turn to peer out into the hall, just *what* is that commotion, that noise?!
why it is the NEXT INCOMING CLASS! the soon-to-be 9th graders, coming from the 8th grade HELLworlds! they yell and scream and fight amounts thermselves and ya can not tell them what to do as they need that "learn by doingness"!

*this* is my perception of the nature of the 12,000 or 25,000 year Graduation of this human raceClass! we all have incarnated, over and over, for that whole Solar cycle: some say 12,000, some say 25,000 years. a whole bunch of souls, somehow, NOW, have gotten their ASCENTION marching orders: no more earthly Incarnations for THEM! tis the end of the cycle and the apples are to be picked from the tree, ripe of not!

yes *YOU*!
you who read this, if you even faintly understand what i write and even if you do not agree with what i write, you are surely one of that class! this here earthly life may be the final one here in this realm, no more incarnations....yes, you all have written and read all about ..."ascention...12-strand dna reajustments....etc..etc."
*this* is what is meant. of course, during the 1970s...80s...90s...all this had occurred, nearly behind your back, but you all knew, from your dreams and visions! and why are you all still in your bodies?
well, from Windows..."file has changed, will not show up until you reboot, do you want to re-boot now,!"!
*when* you die, it will show up. but it may not show up much until you DO re-boot, die! but it is written upon your soul, now!

yes, this is why " age ideals",
in you all: it is PREP- aration for the new vibration to come! you all are being inspired to live a bit,NOW, as if you all have ascended?

yes, you all have seen enough of wars and killings and angers, in your 12,000---25,000 years of incarnations! "peace" is now your Mantra! a whole life-time has been spent in "finishing up loose ends and preping for the next Age" . Ah! there is that Next Class, Coming in, maybe from the Demon/hell worlds: the 8th graders!! they may well *NEED* WAR! young souls such as these are often right near the "collective clan level" of Groupthinks, where an insult to one of them *IS* an insult to ALL of them and *MUST* be taken care of

must be:
remenber YOU were once in 8th grade and that in another 10,000 to 30,000 years, they will be where you are at now!!
"kids must play and learn by kinetic physical actions." that will mean 'swords and bombs"!
let them.
oh yes, if Peace can be taught as a Alternative, to them, then *that* is a good act: i am not condoning war...i am saying here that "war" is a stage of childhood, and childhood stages *not* a good thing: either in "childhood" or in the Childhood of a souls's evolution!

so my hat is off to you all new agers, on the stage of graduation, reciieving your deplomas! onward to the Spirit world, forever....

there are Schools, temple associations, in spirit.
once a soul has signed up, as a helper, tis probably for keeps. my school, that i seem to be a helper for....seems to be, from my dreams...the association called..."the man who owns that movie theater, in the movie the "last picture show""! I have had visions already where i have Bonded with Demon-helpers and demon-masters, so that i can work in the lower spirit realms after i die, so to be aiding, in some way, the INCOMING CLASSES, to get their own graduation, some day....the incoming souls, that will be incoming for thousands of years from the lower spirit-realms into the earth plane, to recieve a human soul! In one vision ,i actually was shown that all my "new age friends" were climbing up a spirial path, up a hill, into the higher heavens and that i was *NOT* to go with them!
not my schhol, to go with them!
no wonder i seem to be concerned with the homeless and the dysfunctional: souls who cannot bear to completely incarnate as that first, or so, incarnational life on earth is too too much for them!
so the earthplane *may* be the highest that i will be expereincing, for upteen umpteen years.....[the sun, i read, has 2,000,000,000
more years before it burns out....lots of time for many many souls to go through PS 666!!!
i may be here for a L O N G time!!

[this probably is why i think only in images and NEED to eat lots of meat! and for the very very same reasons why you all do your vegie...newage stuff: following soulpath of your soul!] my path is PHYSICAL, and needs that grounding, as the physical world, here on earth, is the plane of "lightness and spirit", for those souls who come from Below the earth, in vibration!!

SATHYA SAI BABA wa talking, once, to a group of devotees, about the Rama saga....where Avatar Rama was asked by the King of the demons..."how can i get to live in *your* spirit world of light"?
Rama replied..."it is easy: incarnate into the human world and recieve a human soul"!
baba then said, to the listeners....."Yes.....and I brought them all WITH ME, when i incarnated in 1926!!"
[Difficult saying of baba!!!!] just in time to be of age SSS troopers in ww these demons would have been placed already, a few years before baba's birth!! thus baba brought millions and millions of these demons with him, to get a human now read all about them in the paper every day!
[just *another* example of how Masters manipulate and Direct Humanity!!]

so my hat is off, to you all. you want Peace and the rest of the class is not ready yet and may NEED the training of hands on sufferings that only war might bring! you all will leave this realm for good, in one to forty years! when you die. then there will be new kinds of lessons, new ways to live. but as in my "real" high school class of 1960, senior-year, in the Interlaken High school, some of my class took a daily bus over to Cornell University, ithaca, new york, for to take a couple of COLLEGE COURSES while still in 12th grade!
[Interesting! i just recall, now, that i did NOT go with these kids to Cornell!]
yes indeed: college courses whilst still in high school: what a metaphor for what the new age people are doing with their
vegetarianisms...their meditation techniques...their asention-philosphy..."union/peace/bliss....etc...etc....
heaven-courses while still in the body. and they grit their teeth as
two nations engage in war, a war-mind that they have put aside as childish things. some of them, however, do not understand that there are LOTS of "children" that are in this world: their




the headlines in the Tallahassee Democrat yesterday were about five inches tall!


I find, somehow, that I "am out of it" as far as to "belonging' to certain ways of thought regarding the "anti-war efforts". too...there are certain newsgroups and www.egroups[yahoo] that i find
that i cannot feel rapport with, anymore!

I remember my surprise, when i was interested in reading about that India master MEHR BABA. he was one of the few masters who came to live in the west and his followers claimed Avatarship for him! while i did/do not feel he was an avatar, i feel that he was a Master.
so i read books by him and about him, written by his Inner circle devotees. Baba claimed to have been Inituated by at least five, In Spirit, other masters. One of them, he called..."the highest of the highest"...someone who lived, in india, from about 1840 to 1918. died in october 20th of 1918, just before the Armistice of W W I.
this "highest master", was called
Mehr called him, "the master of masters".
Shirdi's devotees even felt, many of them, that Shirdi was an actual Avatar...a Descent of God, Himself!!

what Amazed me was what one of the Inner circle devotees of Meher baba wrote about Shirdi, as Mehr SAID this, to this writer.
[i quote, but in many of my own words]
"While Shirdi was alive, in India, his Overself had a Cousciousness of its own and could do Independant actions, apart from the incarnated baba. What this baba DID, while alive on earth, but in SPIRIT: he created world war one and directed it, for the education of Humanity"!

baba did *not* side with the allies.....this was not what was meant: what was meant was that baba wrote the script, produced the war, and directed all four years of this war, on BOTH side...allies and Axis!! he was in caharge of *all* of this war!
Baba was a "CIRRICULUM MASTER" to the human race, in the racial school called "the earthplane"!

"but what about all the deaths and sufferings?! might ask?!
well....baba *might* say..."death, What death, i see no death, no one dies, life IS eternal and the tombstone is but a door, no one ever ever dies."!

...and the sufferings of all the soldiers and citizens?!
well, again, baba might say......the more Experiences one has, the faster the soul-evolution, "bad" experiences" are just another form of "good experiences"!
I belive what this devotee wrote: what Mehr baba said!
therefore i have to live my life, in regard to waht is said.
The "newagers" have stepped back five feet from the Mural, while most of us are still right up to the mural wall, our noses nearly touch it! The masters stand back three hundred feet, and can see the Mural of the human race in the Context of Galactic Civilazation, the Spirit world heavens of over 10,000,000 ensouled planets, and of God, himself! thus i cannot get wrapped up in the collective groupthink called "the antiwar efforts"!
betcha this goes on a LOT: Ascended masters setting up Cirriculums for us to follow! *we*, some of us, may feel that the Illuminetti or the "five richest families in the world who own the OIL", are manipulating our collective histories. However....I am guessing that W W II...Aids....drugs....Holocast, and even the "new agers", are Scripts Written out in Spirit, for us to Dance to!
many of us would KILL these masters if they could get their hands onto them, surely! no one *wants* to be dragged out of "Plato's Cave, into the searing light of True-Day!! kick and scream every inch of the way.....

all of these "liberal leftists" will have the shock of their lives, when they find that there is life after they die, maybe *then* they might find
to what extent that the Spirit world is entwined into the daily lives of peoples, on earth!!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

oh my!

I get static from everyone about the war.

seems that i have trouble dealing with the "new agers"!

after all, when i recieved my own Instructions, over the years, as to "what is real"....there were some *VERY* "difficult sayings " that i had to confront!

such as.....

a Guide spoke through a medium, saying...."If a person were to find or invent something that will prevent all wars for good, why God would immediately give to this man a heart attack and kill him"!

he went on..."why?
because souls who need war, in their incarnational missions, would not be able to have war and thus they could be STUCK on the incarnational earth plane for good!!"

thus wars are needed, gotta have ALL the classess, for those who need them, in the schools of life!

i guess the "peace people" are people who were In wars, in other lives, and thus they want to have peace.

but i have been Told! war is a part of soul classess and thus there will be wars.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Week in Review Desk | January 26, 2003, Sunday
The World; The Killing of Iraq's Ancient Marsh Culture
in the New york Times.

By JOHN F. BURNS (NYT) 667 words
Late Edition - Final , Section 4 , Page 14 , Column 1
LEAD PARAGRAPH - OF all Iraq's ethnic groups, the marsh Arabs of the southern reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers may have the strongest claim to be Saddam Hussein's most bludgeoned victims. They alone can claim to have had a 6,000-year-old culture dating back to the ancient Sumerians, as well as the wetlands that nurtured that culture, obliterated by Mr. Hussein. Theirs, Western human rights groups say, is a story of genocide.
......the ...or a similar article... goes on to say that Saddam drained the marsh and leaves an area the size of maybe Delaware an utter alkiline desert! too, Saddam has killed a higher percentage of his fellow countrymen than Stalin did with russia: stalin killed about 20%
of the russian people: saddam has a higher percentage of killings!
the article goes on to say that even if we invade and that if nothing is found, of chemical or other weapons, history will choose, in ten years, to say that America did the right thing, for humanitarian reasons, in deposing saddam, even if no weapons are found, after the war......"

may come down to this:
Bible says...."those who see Evil, and do nothing, become part of that evil, and will be judged guilty as being part of that evil"!

that is my "manditory take on the war" everyone must have a say.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

---a post to a Morrowind game forum....

Hi all!

well I started my entry into Seedya Neen, for the second time, with my Combat Breton, who has great mage potential, with 70+ mods added!
I am nearly Overwhemed!
the Immersiveness...the sense of being there *in* that world....I
could write more about the immesiveness, things that have been said 123 times already.

----brings back small memories of those "never-ending" threads, in the rpg newsgroups, and forums, about...
"Graphics vs gameplay"!

Yes, back in, say, 1987 or 1990, the very first computer games had stick figures or blobs, for characters, in three colors and "beeps' for music. The programmers and players were mostly "computer nerds" who were *very* left brained and very abstractly intellectual: a chess game or mental math puzzle was right up their perverbial alley!
These people did not value "immersiveness" in games or maybe in life! they wanted, and NEEDED, to be an observer, or maybe not even that, as they wanted to "live in their heads" to contemplate some abstract theorem or of that image of the college professor, sitting in the corner of the cafe, pipe in hand, the pipe-smoke difting upwards to the ceiling, as he pondered and pondered some abstract math formula: ignoring all the hustle and bustle of the cafe, not even seeing all of the pretty co-eds, or hearing the music, rock and roll, on the 1960s jukebox! to be Immesed into life would RUIN his concentration, tear up his focus on his Research projects!

yes, his head is in the clouds and his feet nearly do not touch the floor: but those formulas that he spends so much time with, in his head, might change the world, twenty years later!!

...thus the 1989 computer games were enjoyed by people who more or less
"lived in their heads"!!

Now ME, i am "right brained"! i failed college, in the major of meteorology, MISERABLY! i could not see the images of the math or philosophy very well!

like: I CANNOT play a new game from reading the manual as the instructions are just useless words, i have to play for awhile before i can read this game manual, thus i have a great time of difficulty following instructions, as i cannot see the images and connect them to the kinetic feel of the outer life!

thus for ME....the more "real" and immersive a game is....the more real and immersive it is for me! Take those strategy games, even the 95% ones of quality, where i peer at microscopic figures on a battlefield, from a vantagepoint of, say, 400 feet above the ground....if i try to play one of these games, the game is NOT real, as i play it, i pay *much* more attention to the train whistle way across town and the sound of water dripping from my sink, and i will get "antsy" real quick and leap up from the chair at the "slightest" distraction, as this game is "NOT real" if i am reading a 200 page dissertation, in fine print, about the Breeding habits of a Mollisc that lives 3000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico...the researcher has NEVER ever seen a live specimen of this mollisc!! 200 pages of charts, formuleas, and not a single illustration or picture in the whole thing! I would rather leap up from my chair, reading this, or playing that stagegy
game, to check my mail, as i hear the mailtruck come by...and read junk mail ads about how to buy a car or join the vet club or donate to starving children!

*not* morrowind!
I, one day into the second "start", I already am DREAMING about the game! almost scares me! I even am beginning approach
my daily activities *IN* the light of MW gameplay! I begin to ask questions of Do I steal, in the game? would i steal in real-life?
but more importantly, i see already that there are certain MW actions that i could take, that is "not my ordinary nature" to do so, like say...of Taunting a npc. i *could* taunt an npc, somtime soon. would I?!
what i am saying here, sports that already, just one hour into the game, i am confronted with "game-life envelope-boundry expanding
options" in the game, options i might not do in "real life", options that i could take in the game.
...or just go where i am told NOT to!
to enter a locked building that obviously is locked to keep strangers out!
....or just to see "different" realities and take them as being real in the context of the game! [oh those people who complained about the animals, or even the npcs, to be "too insectisoid"!]

I wonder if i could apply some of these envelope-stretching
gameplays, to my 'real life"?!!

so i end up voting overwhemingly for "graphics"!!


Friday, March 14, 2003

well, sports fans, i discovered something, yesterday, that gives me a *very* creepy feeling!! i am not sure what this will mean, what i found....

I always was intrigued about the "spiritual" numbers...144 and 108.
"108", i believe, is the number of beads in the Rosery. 108 is
27 X 4 = 108. "the circle squared", perhaps....has something to do with cycles of events repeating. Beads on the rosery.
Tis one of the major numbers in India too.

So what did i discover?
I saw the headlines yesterday...."the Yugoslavic Minister Assassinated
on the 12th at mid-day....The greatest hope for peace and reformation, killed by mobsters"!
then the article went on to compare this killing with the assassination of Duke Ferdinand, on June 28th of 1914, there in Yugoslavia: this started WW I , a war that went on, endlessly, for over four years.

march 12th to june

108 days!

to "add insult to injury"...june 28th, the sun is at 6 degrees of cancer.
on march 12th, the MOON was at 6 degrees of cancer when this man was killed!!

what does this *FLAG* mean? does it mean....
1...the End of the cycle of many many wars: Peace will now Reign supreme!?
2...very very soon, wars will pop out all over the world, endlessly
and never-ending, for four to eight years!! ? the whole world will soon be embroiled in a "war-mind", where even the "peaceniks" will don green fatigues and carry a rifle and learn how to kill! where the Highest Honor one could do for the country would be to enlist
into the military! Yipes!

But right now, all i can DO, to you all, is to point out this FLAG...this flag of Meaning! this "108" is a Marker!!
for what i cannot say.....

say??...except that i had a Out of Body dream about a month ago, where other out of body people who came up to the "room" that i was in, why they all spoke of 'the terrible wars"..."did you SEE the newspaper headlines....WAR WAR", one of them replied!!


Monday, March 10, 2003

another homeless guy asks me for money!
tis someone i sorta know, a guy who NOW looks like death warmed over, physcially, and it looks as if he has about five chronic sicknessess....

I sense that there are no mysteries or wonders, in this life of his...
it is all just practical survival....

what is a do-gooder to do with this poor guy?
giving to him money will not work: he needs a fishing pole to catch his own fish with!

Saturday, March 08, 2003

I have finally put up a FILE of some of my "one year to live" visions, onto one page. Sorta hard to find them, buired deep in my "one year to live" weblog!
NOW my dreamvisions of and pertaining to, my one year to live, are all on one page. The actual first vision....where the Master gave to me the "News", is the first vision on the page, so it is easy to find!

so if you are interested in reading these six to ten visiondreams, they all are on one or two pages!


Friday, March 07, 2003

not much to say today!

cloudy and rainy. this here place gets lots and lots of rain, some years 60 inches or more!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

the non-commercial game LIVES!!

Well I have now begun Morrowind.
my Breton fighter, with mage skills, is now standing just outside of the census
office wall, just outside of Seyda neen, when i saved the game and quit for the night.
yes everyone, in 231,765 words, has said it all before, i will add only a few more words of praise.
My new system, the athlon XP 1.4 [1800] with gainward 450 geforce3, why i can put the veiw slider all the way to the end and there is very little slowdown!
why, the stone walls, look SO realistic!

I can hear all the sounds, the water lapping, the meows of the cats, the far off children.....
mods, i added: atmospheric sounds 3.0+ patches, with Wilderness sounds mod, together.
[i hesitate to add M. sounds enhancements, perhaps TOO many sounds at once!]

when i "dry ran" my character, just to see if i could get to the game, i had no mods installed, all i heard when entering, was the Stiltrider screeching: silence otherwise! those two usermods added a LOT of immersive game ambience!

against some advice, i set up MW with nearly 40+ mods a-running, most of them are superfical mods, but important, like "signposts"..."bedroll"..."bank".
however i also installed many dungeon add-on, mods: when and if i get to the entrances, i might enter. some of these dungeon mods "promise" 100 levels...hours of extra play...etc..etc...
near a whole game in themselves!
why one...SWORD OF PERITHIA , says that this mod is *another* whole game!!
[>>>This is a total conversion, whole new stand alone RPG, developed using TES.
Though Vvardenfell remains on the map, you might as well forget that it is there, for you'll never be going back.
... SOP offers a new Main Quest and storyline.
... The entire game is set in a new Kingdom.
... 5 new cities (Balmora sized and bigger), with several new towns and camps.
... Over 100 new NPC's to interact with.
...Countless dungeons and interiors to explore.
... Over 80+ hours reported game time.>>>]

another game!!
a game that i read, from a mod-critic..."is better than MW, the story is actually BETTER than the original game!"

I also bought Neverwinter nights, on sale at EBs!
I discovered that there are 2000 mods that are made for this game, and, yes, while many are "4 hour campaigns", there are a few that are nearly 50 megs in size and are rated as "epic" in size and length of gameplay!

then there is

this game also comes with a "game creator set" and there are over 200 mods made for IT!!
[reviews say..."old school graphics that are so so, but the gameplay and storyline is better than *most* commercial games: the best shareware game out there!!]

I once thought that the "personal homepage" was dying, on the net, replaced by zillions of commercial sites.
then i found Blogger!!
weblogs, weblogs with graphics to die for and The personal page lives!!
[in the "bloggernews, last week..."blogger now has 2,000,000 weblogs"
"200,000 are current active"!!]

so the personal site lives....

my weblog is...
["blogspot"...the "hostname of blogger!]

and creative games live too!
why i, myself, will have games until i die of old age, as i will, or have, buy-bought these three games with their "construction sets'!
oh yeah, many of these mods are "amatuar-only" 'bad"...but there are many Gems!!

yes, the hometown dinercafe is alive and well, the fast food places have not taken over EVERYWHERES!
but ya gotta LOOK, look beyond the Media-hype, to find them all.
whether cafes...personal pages...or games!


Tuesday, March 04, 2003

well the other day i did something that I gritted my teeth over!!

all of my Visions of going to see heaven: what are they good for?! I mean....I sense that I am in a "land of the blind and i am a one eyed person"! but no one wants to hear or see!

know what i use my visions for....?!!


they are a very very *excellant* way to use to break off conversations with people that i do not want to be near me or to have
me Bond to what they want to have me relate to!
that man yesterday who had everything about him to be CYNICAL! every motion, every word and anything that i said to him was a "one way chinese finger-trap" poking an umbrella down a chimnney where it can go down but it cannot be pulled back, this
man would want me *only* to feel his pain in *his* manner, his wantings, and would accept only a rapport from me in that manner: bond with pain his way, his needs!

THAT LIFE *IS*'s a bitch then ya die!

so i told him about me visions and low and behold he left! in a moment, like salt cutting foam, he cut the conversation off and parted.

I do that a lot, use my visions as a weapon to chase such people, that i cannot "help", away away!

ya know, i realize that *most* people, here on earth, are younger souls. They do not need the confusion that "psychic" or "occult knowledge" bring to them. their lessons are to be firmly learning what Matter is! I am getting ever more to feel, actually, that unless one's Guides and Soul has it as a Mission to use and develop "metaphysics and psychic", one should do physical stuff only! be a bank teller or a construction worker: something, no matter how subtle or "elevated"....something where one's HANDS
are used! one Guide put it, i read...."we are here to learn the Stewardship of matter and form"!
Grade #1. matter and the Manipulation of matter.

...the clerk should learn how to be a very good clerk, and know only that CEOs exist, and not learn too much about how to be a CEO, executive, while still a clerk.

in computer game rpgs, one should do all of level one before going on to upper levels. one at a time.

betcha one could work for a year as a manager for a fast food resturant, and learn more about Life than if that person were to join an Ashram for twenty years!