Saturday, November 08, 2003

that car image seems to confer to me a symbol of what my "I might live only a few months", thing, means to me!!


stuck in the Crossing, as I wait wait wait to die, day...or????Whenever!!

I *could* get stuck like this.

HOWEVER.....Last night's dream is the "logjam breaker", now I have not this concern anymore!!

on November 5th, In the middle of nameless, unremembered, not so important dreams, all of a sudden I became very *VERY* vividly awake, in my dream!! Something from "Outside" intruded into my subconscious dream spasms!!
"outside" as in 'from Spirit realm"!

It was my sister Suanna!! She died in 1986, the spring of 1986.

I was sitting on my childhood bed, back in my childhood room, and then she appeared and then she told me just one sentence and this sentence , the TONE of this sentence is a tone that I cannot convey in print, the Tone was *very* gravid, very very s-e-r-i-o-u-s in tone, the kind of voice that implies
"you NEED to burn this one into your brain, your memory"!!

she said,


I immediately woke up!

a prophecy of great import: but one littttle trouble: Dudley died in 1987!!!!
He was prophesied to die at 72, according to my mother's vision, but he lived yet one more extra year as he forgave his son [me] and we two had a grand reunion!!
Dudley learned how to love!!!

---so suanna would be as if she was giving to me that prophecy on about November 5th of 1976, the same date that my friend Jeff bought the house and trailer that I lived in until a month ago. 1976...1986 = 10 years, and one more year makes it 11 years to 1987. Dudley lived 11 years from Nov 5th of 1976.

on Nov 5th of *this* year, the dream day....Jeff Signs the contract to SELL the property!! 27 years later. Maybe to the day!!

is suanna's dream a veiled warning that I am not "loving", or just what *is* her meaning to this message?!
I would consider myself to be "loving"...Especially in the light of going back to my my hometown to be with my father for a year, in 1986-7!

well, I could ramble on here...But her message is......In Code: Freestone, me, will live another 11 years!! Die at 73 years old, *like* my father *And* my grandfather, before me! 2014...27 years after father died!!

that is the message: