Thursday, November 20, 2003

men at work cutting down a tree. As I walked to my church, for lunch, where they have that cafe in the kitchen area, open to the public....I saw besides the church, where a row of nice liveoak trees were, men cutting down one or two, they had died, recently!
about a year ago, the church restored their 150 year old building, a great Undertaking for the church, a great re-vitialization, for them.

I saw a deep ditch dug next to the two trees, last year, and then 10 ton trucks mashed down the grass, the killing stroke, for these trees!!

---there was a letter on the table, for everyone to read, about how sad they were
that they had to remove these dying trees....They will plant more later.

I noted how these two trees died in the process to Restore the old, beautiful church!!
They gave their lives, in a sense, in sacrifice, for this Undertaking
I have Noticed!
noticed how something has to die, in order for a "new" to be built!
I even read, once, of how an artist sat before her blank canvass, unable to paint a single stroke, in her beginning of her painting!! She then saw that she was afraid to KILL the canvass!!
I guess, when anything is transformed, the prior thing is "killed", *must* be killed first!!

when the Dutch settlers first settled Manhattan island, the center of new York city, in the 1600s, this island was renowned for its sweet springs and wonderful farmland!
[Lots of trees gave their lives for *that* city!!]

well, Jesus, himself, gave his life, for us all.....

I suspect that most people in this church are unaware that the trees died, as a result of the new construction: this "reconstruction took a year and, yes, the Sancuary is very very beautiful!
two trees gave their lives, for this....

perhaps the artist who stared at that blank canvass should have gone out to a pet shop and got two baby white mice and set her two cats on the living room rug and then let the mice out and watched very very closely as the cats pounced upon them and killed them and ate up each!
mouse.....goes to....*cat*: transformation!!

even if we walk on down to the VEGAN food store, we crush hundreds of bugs under our shoes!!
even if I get a job, surely perhaps the person next in line, for this job, "needed"
it more than I...Maybe he has 6 kids and is broke, and needs it far far more than I!!
even if I just buy a item in the store, the other brands of the same item that I passed up...well....several Eastern Asian workers did NOT get fed that day....for their work: i did NOT buy their work!!

I can sense why some "ana", or anorexic, people feel ashamed just to take up space and use oxygen!!

solution: accept that for each thing that ya do, something has to die!!
just be sure that the 'death' is worthwhile; that the SACRIFICE is for a good cause!!
be sure that the transformed event is "higher in octave vibration" than the subject that died!!