Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I can find myself in the way you are thinking,however I really believe that the youth these days doesn`t listen to the words or music but rather to the beat,because this is the "beat" they live this world.

...A comment that someone wrote, about "anger" and music of kids today...In a recent post.

Yes I agree with this!
I, a psychic sensitive, get angry just from walking a block along a city street full of traffic!! All those people in those cars....I can just imagine how....

---she is late for her meeting, why wont the car ahead speed up?!!
---he hates it, so stupid the driver next to him....
the whole population, in this age of "increased awareness" is ever the more up against
"Resistances", something to overcome or to get completed!

anger, so many people in a city are so individualistic, that anything and everything that you say, or make public, will offend someone DEEPLY and they will
take it very very personally and might even take you to task for it!!

there was an old computer game, made by Bethsoft/besetha, called
"Arena". A RPG world where every bit of the world outside of the towns fought you, thus the whole world was called "the Arena"!

so it is indeed "in the air"!
the very atmosphere , in cities, is saturated with anger and this is not necessrarily a bad thing, if one can channel this anger to some creative act.