Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Late afternoon, I went to my once per week coffee shop. I soon became very
DEPRESSED! For no reason, seemingly, and I left, and only after a bit of time did the depression go away.
Of COURSE! The coffee shop is right next to the American Legion Hall, *and* the Viet Nam vet Center!! Less than 100 feet away, for both! And it *is* veteran's day, the day of Mourning........

Oh beware, I say, for a "psychic sensitive", if you, sports fan, are one....Be aware of your thoughts and of your feelings: often they are not your own!!

I have often come to grief, as I have picked up the atmosphere around me and thought it was my own stuff! Tis a "no brainer' that a Legion Hall, on Veteran's Day, will have an aura of depression! But I have often ate in cafes that *looked* nice, but were filled with anger or depression!

---and that vet thing, I can well imagine that part of the Pain, in the air, comes not only for sadness over the fallen Vets, it is that in the Iraq war, the killings go on and on and on and there seems to be no way to stop these deaths!
Oh we could get out, then have the country go into a bloodbath as the factions fight amongst themselves and then the "winner" go to Purge everyone who resisted! 100,000+ we are talking of here, maybe 1,000,000-plus!!
Oh we could "go the imperialist extreme"....Go in and make Iraq and afghan *part* of America...Go in and make them into permanent American states!!
Oh we could "muddle on, trying to institute democracy into a place where it could take 500 years to cultivate amongst the people a sense of what democracy is!!
"zero to 100 MPH in .0000002 seconds"....That is "getting democacy to work in Iraq"!

Get Used to DEATH!!

perhaps we all could get used to the Idea of "culling the herd"...Get out of Iraq and then let Darwin
Take the Course....Survival of the fittest and then in that part of the world the population will be Culled to a very very low level: better for the earth's environment!!

There was a editorialist in the local paper who wrote, to me, an Interesting idea: that America is about "79 AD"...About the time of the volcanic ruin of Pompeii, where the Imperial might of Rome was stretched too too thin, and Christianity is about to "excoragate", or convert, the core of the ruling class of Rome and cause it to fall.
---this writer ponders that perhaps in the West, a Cult will rise, a cult that will end America as a way of life!
I shudder!!
I fear that someday we ALL will decide, collectively, that "freedom of choice" just leads to chaos and then we all choose to stop this by letting some authoritative Person or Cult, do all our thinkings for us, so that we all can go on to living our lives without stress or fear!
I do NOT fear, so much, the idea of a cult, I fear much MORE greatly that *each* of us, individually, "when it is Time to do so" will just choose this as a collective, near unconscious act!! That suddenly you, and I, will *WANT* this, and then do it: back to

"super...Ultra" Puritanism

of some sort, and NO deviant thinkings will be permitted, as that Pendulum swings way way way back, in its "corrective" swingings!!!

If, I fear, the extremist El-Queada world, would ever feel that they "have won", if America pulls out, they will feel that their extremism is Justified!
Soon, then, very soon later, the earth will become Polorized between the West and the Muslim
fundamentalists: both cannot co-exist in the same space and then you *will* learn how to shoot a gun or else contemplate your Tombstone!!
----the Owner's manual speaks of this, in the Book of Revelation!!

ah yes, a mess; but if you, sports fan, were to accept that you WILL die, by old age if nothing else, then you can go on living, enjoying our


of "now and today", making the best of it, knowing that winter's breath will come some day!!
Sometimes the very BEST weather occurs during that Fall period of the year!

MY guess is that the Mayan calendar date of 2011.....2012...2015 [thereabouts]
is the Time of the Frost of Winter: either earthquakes...astroid...war....or all of the above at once, will occur.
the West will die, then, as either a political entity or of a physical entity!

but that gives us all 10 to 12 years or make amends...learn to love...finish up our Lessons of soul growings.
......My thought for veterans day.........Freestone