Monday, November 10, 2003

the 10th of november already!!

Now i know *much* more about my mother's may 2, 1999, dream where she came down from her upper heavens to meet me out of body to tell me three numbers!

"3 39 99"

Assuming that my sister's visit from heaven interpets to where I live to be 73, dying in 2014-5, then
from mother's death date of october 5th 1975 to october of 2014.....

----IS 39 YEARS!!

well, it looks as if i have a few more years left, sports fans! Time to live, to write more stuff in my weblogs....
astral travel nightly, now.....I slept, like 10 hours last night and I followed one man to heaven, but my telling of the tale would be hard to do, in a short letter, and too too vague.

so i use that metaphorof that mysterious spanish moss, here! Those wooded mossey trees have to me a kind of "gothic mystery"!

that there is MORE to what one sees, than what is apparent to the immediate senses!!!

I will leave, here, for today....tommorrow is a holiday and most of the libraies are closed....