Saturday, November 29, 2003
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A Dream, yes a dream that gives to me yet more Doubts.......

Seemed to be an "ordinary dream", I was on a train, in this dream, a train that went on and on for what
seemed to be for hours. The train was supposed to take me to my hometown, in new York state, it had a train station once....But I saw
a great river from the window and this river was not of Seneca county. The train was bound for new York city.
A lady stewardess, or Conductor, came by to look at my ticket and she told me that my stop was next, and she helped me get off of this train.
I saw that the station was deliperated and the signpost read...


I took a walk from the station, across some Industrial-ruin type of open land, with old factories off in the distance with grass growing between the tracks of the railroad tracks. Off in the distance I could see the downtown of an old 1920 industrial city; buildings from the 1920s, unchanged. Ahead of me was what looked to be a great steel mill, the smoketowers reaching for the sky.

Monongahelia, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. Yes....I have never been within 80 miles of this milltown!!

there is a "convention" in writing and in life where if one , say, goes to a bar or cafe, and has lunch, just as one leaves, the bartender says something "off the wall" to you...*and* you better listen as he tells ya something of vast Importance.!
"buy united Gear"...he might say to you, as you put on your hat, to leave! He does NOT know that the day before you read in the wall street journal, on page 14, a once inch notice that United Gear Corp. is going public at $2 a share! You then buy a 1000 shares and a year later the company is bought out at a vast vast profit!!

so there is a "Incidence" of this in my not-so-ordinary, ordinary dream!!

*JUST* as I stepped off of the train, onto the platform, the lady conductor suddenly tells me, in a voice that was *not* part of the dream.....



Waitttt a minute!
Here I am, getting off of this train into a place Unexpected and then I am Told that I have one year to get ready for something.....Did not help matters that one of the major factories that I saw had a big signboard on the front of it...."SCHISM CORPORATION"!

...I wonder what astral records that she consulted with?
Betcha I know where and what she is referring to.....

but is she right?!
what do I bet?!
This a couple of weeks after my sister tells me.....coming from heaven to tell me..."Father Dudley will live ten more years unless he learns how to love"! But he died in 1987, one more year after Mom's prophecy date for him to die: a year extension as he Forgave me, and we two had a wonderful reunion!

"In one year you will begin your spirit life" the master told me, in dream, on may 13th of 2002..

MAY have a "one year extension" encoded within it!!
thus, *not*..."2003-4
but extended to 2004-5!!

thus the "limit" is may 13th of 2005, if I have a year of "extension"!!

one year to get ready, the Conductor tells me, in a Tone of a "Stern Warning". I better listen!!

I better not cancel my "one year to live" weblog!!!!!!