Tuesday, November 25, 2003

hoo hoo....
I am still recovering from yet another Encounter, with someone that I knew from years ago.

"chapel perilous"
---this is where a soul has evolved, in the reincarnations, so that this soul has Progressed to the level where thoughts and feelings can actually
something to the environment around this person!!!

Real Magik!!
...and NO Rituals...incantations....Evocations,
are needed, or even thought of: just the person walking down the street and having a thought, with a feeling with it, about a house he passes....is enough!!
Enough to maybe have a window break, or perhaps a spill of coffee, by the owner, against the white paint, days or even weeks later!!!

"chapel perilous"...as this point in the evolution, of this soul, is fraught with the greatest, greatest of
dangers that if this person has not yet kept up with his own soul-growth, to keep up with the soul level, he Could Do Real Damage!!
Damage all right, being "immature" or just not evolved enough, in *this* life, why he could hurt, ruin, or even destroy things!
*then* that negative karma is added to his soul-karma!!

when, years ago, I just "merely" talked to this person, that night a bugspray truck
came mistakenly right into the property and nearly sprayed the insides of my trailer!!

I have now learned that just to talk to him, that following night will mean "an intrusion" of something to keep me awake!

Being in such a situation, this person....Ouch!
If such a person were to criticize, say, a church he goes to, criticize it with "real", and valid comments about how "awful" this church is....His comments could actually affect this church and the people within it! *MAKE* the church actually become the negative thing, even the greater than it is, by his comments! Then he will see that this church has become even more "negative".

the Wheel tightens.....
the Spin, of the whirlpool, becomes faster...
Now this church, being seen as being now even the more "negative", by this person, of course he will see this and then fling back to one and all what he sees! Then the church becomes even more to reflect his now even the more negative attitude...Which of course he will have him to *really* put the place down for "really really good reasons!"

how far will it go?: in music....the microphone/speaker loop, will go to "howl-squeal"!
Probably the church will end up burning down, say....*then* he might say that "God
did vindictive action against this place"!!

see...*most* of us are protected by our "young soulness"! You or I might have negative feelings about the house/people next door, but nothing will be connected between you and them: your feelings are just that and they are contained.
NOT so this Chapel perilous person! His feeling judgment will "try", by this "magik", to directly affect this thing that he has the feeling about!!

a saying I read....
"to someone with a great power, must also come a great Responsibility"!

On my childhood rifle caliber-22 bullet box....
"range one mile, be careful"!!

with *this* magik person, each and every thought and feeling has a "range" of miles and miles: *everything* Deforms, around him, to his judgments!!

---so what is the "cure" for this soul?!
more self-discipline, probably....
too, this soul should try to Connect with the further growth of his soul, to enable the Spiritual realms, crossing the Abyss of "being able to Magik, but not yet grown in Wisdom and Understanding, ladled with a lot of LOVE! *then* he might be a Positive "emitter" of love and Aid, to all those around him!!

Problem is, with this person that I know, is that many of his critical statements about a place, a cafe, food, the weather, are quite quite CORRECT!
[every city, every restaurant, every person...has "warts"!!
anything can be validly criticized. Only *this* person's criticisms Bite!]

do I not agree with him, in criticism?
---that is like denying that the "sky is blue colored"!
If he, say, tells me that the cafe coffee is bitter and cold, and I taste that, he is not wrong! The waitress, behind the kitchen, not even hearing what he says, might have spilled grease on her white smock; not connecting this small accident to this person's feelings, but his critique Did Damage!!

do I expect him to be a "polyanna"?!!! Nothing but sweetness and upbeatness?
cannot be done. Should not be done. Not real, anyway....for him to try this.

I think that many Hippies near-ruined their lives, when they got "increased awareness", via drugs or Rituals!! They accelerated the "magik" side of their soul, ahead of the growth of Understanding, wisdom, and love! They did real damage, to others...to themselves.
if one multviatimen pill is Good for ya, then is 100 pills, of this multivitamen, 100 times better?! 100 pills per day.
--probably many of the hippie-gurus fell into this....just recall the "squirrelyness" of that Antelope Community, out there in Oregon! Not "Ras-Nesh, so much, but all of his inner circle of devotees. All of that power and Kundilini!!
short circuits to the lower chackras, I guess; pupils do not yet have their upper Centers ready to stand the intense vibrations....

I guess, if I meet this person again, I will have to TRY to not agree with things he says that seem "negative"....with 5 planets in Cancer including the sun and moon: all of the inner planets with mars in Pisces.....this could be very very hard to do, as a Cancer archetype is TO bond with the other person being related to!!