Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Yet another image burned into my brain!!

Yesterday, as I was on a bus, I happened to be looking out of the window at a Tallahassee street corner
and I saw two middle-aged "lawyer types" of men, having a conversation on the corner.
"*that* was the image!! They were standing there as if they were out in a quiet field, or on a quiet corner.


I know this corner. Because there is a totally blind person who crosses this corner a lot, with his seeing eye dog, the city put up an audible soundsignal, whenever the light turns green and it is safe for him to cross. I have been "caught" by this sound often, as I, myself, cross this corner and as I wait for the light to change to cross, this Piercing piercing sound comes up very suddenly and it is like of a "ice pick in my ears", and I stagger back a bit and quickly put my hands over my ears, this sound is really too too too too much for me!!
So here, as this bus begins to cross the street, these two men just stand there, about TWO FEET
from that noise-maker, and they do not even seem to notice it, either by awareness or even in their
*This* reminds me yet AGAIN, sports fans, that *MOST* people are not bothered by such sounds! In fact they often create noise, so that they feel alive as this extra sound makes them more aware, just like a bored inmate of a insane asylum ward might bite at his lips until they bleed: the pain keeps him aware and alive, in consciousness, as his soundindings are utterly boring!
probably some stress diseases are caused, not by the "stress', but by the fact that the "body knows
and registers", but the awareness "upstairs" is not there...Denied...Cut off!

Try putting a dog or cat by that corner for the first time and see what it does when that sound screeches off!!

I am just amazed at what is "too much' for me, but that no one else even notices!!