Thursday, October 02, 2003

Yes, Dreams, I find, are *most* amazing! Like of last night. There I was, standing out in a field and then some people on horses came up to me. I more or less was invited to join them; they had an extra horse that I could ride. Seemingly, I "knew" how to ride horses, as I was now on it and riding well!
They told me that this group of people were part of a "club", a horse riding club. Apparently they wanted me to join it.
We all took off riding, running the horses across the fields. They told me that this was a "jumping club", and they liked places where there were a lot a jumps.
Oh yes!!
I soon found out what these jumps were!!
....Across 300 to 1000 feet valleys! Yes, the horses nearly flew, the jumps were across deep valleys that were maybe over 100 foot deep, oh it was "intoxicating" to jump the horse off of the edge of this ravine, a-running at maybe 20 MPH, and like of a "Pegasus" we all flew across the open space!
Yes, what a jump: maybe all of 800 feet to the other side. Then run run run....Till the next valley, another 500 foot jump!!
[This world was not of this world, sports fans! I could tell that this Place was a Spirit place, probably at a spirit-level of vibration where the vibes are such that one can "almost" fly, but needs a bit of 'help" !!
This dreams, "seems" like a dream, but now, today after I awoke, I know that I belong to this club and that after I die, I can go jump with them, forever...Plus the fact that I have joined with a community of souls, perhaps hundreds, thousands, of souls, in the afterlife; made Bonds with them, Connected with them, so that
I can meet and be with them, years and years from now. If I did *NOT* have this dream, before I died, I might not have been able to find or to see even one member of this spirit club!
Thus, sports fans, you should never, never, "belittle" or take for granted, your dreams! Like for this little dream that I had, it was actually a small "initiation" into a club, thus Touching many many souls!
[Old Jewish phrase...If I touch you, you thus are touching me"! ]
Once connected, in spirit, the connection is really Forever, and spirit distance does not separate!

This holds, I believe, for *this* earthly lifetime too! For the streets of life are lined with Recruiting offices, in the store-fronts, and when ya sign up, you can indeed walk out at anytime, but you can Never, Ever, Leave!!

Be careful What You Sign Up For!!

----for each and every group of people that you touch, in your lifetime, you are Touched, in return and the Bond will be Eternal, not only TO the people that you "touch", but if there is an Organization that goes with them, you are also Bonded to that organization and to all the other souls that also belong, even if they live 1200 miles away or are "dead' to the earth, now living in the Spirit worlds!!
EXAMPLE: I, when living in Gainesville, Florida; I got to know, just a bit, some of the people of the
SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISMS. They practiced once a week in the nearby park. About a year later, I had a dream about this group! In the dream I stood on a grassy field and way way off, and up in the air, I saw a hilltop, with its base shrouded in mist [means: this hill is in the Spirit worlds!]
I could see people on top of this hill, and there must have been someone, from this group, besides me, as he explained who they all were. They are people who were from the Anachronism Society, who, when they joined, on earth, they really joined with a far FAR larger Spirit group, a group that is Ancient. This Spiritgroup often, throughout history, has created a earthly "recruiting" society, that really has as its main purpose, to enlist earthpeople into this group! After they die, they Belong!!
Thus....This man explained to me...That the Spirit counterpart, to the S F C A , has *nothing* to do with "medieval anachronism", or with anything of that age, at armor...clothes..swords...etc!
This man then explained to me that the True Function of the spirit group, is to have everyone in a very very close "social interaction", where all the people there are very "close" with each other, and very caring for each other. [ I suspect that about every 100 years, this Spiritgroup "incarnates" a new earthly club, perhaps having very little in common with the club 100 years before!]

does not matter if this group is a "tupperware party", or The American Longhair Cat Fanciers", or
"Divine Light", or your local "club" where you go several times a month to hear music, dance, and make out!!
....and if you join an "actual Initiational club", like the Masons, or of the Set Temple
you are joining a far far Larger Body of Souls, many of which are in Spirit and they will be Guides for you, while you are "influence your thinkings and your life-directions"!