Friday, October 17, 2003


The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Lefts Assault on Our Culture and Values > Customer Review #3: The Lefts Malignant Narcissism exposed by one of their own.

This book moved me. So moved in fact that I often had to simply put the book down and walk away. The facts and reality of the agenda of those in the Left elite are demonstrated so clearly that it is hard to read, and harder still to imagine just how many lives have been and are being destroyed deliberately at the hands of the "malignant narcissists" (her term - page 26). Again, these disturbing facts in this book do not come from a religious or conservative viewpoint, but from a self professed liberal, gay, non-religious, former President of NOW - in other words, they come from inside the Left itself!

The most shocking example of just how far this worldview has penetrated our society is the fact that many of these Left elite groups actually think that sexualizing your children for their own perverted benefit is a good thing! For example, GLSEN and their cartoon STD characters (page 115), or the ongoing work of the ultimate in mainstream pedophile supporters, Judith Levine, who states that "Sex is not harmful to children...there are many ways even the smallest of children can partake in it" (page 193). As outrageous as this sounds, it is not some fringe group of marginalized pedophiles that want this evil perpetrated to rationalize their depravity, but rather the leaders of the "special interest" groups on the Left, sponsored by their friends in the media. Well-documented facts throughout the book reveal this agenda clearly.

The book is essentially a direct assault on the "Looking Glass" world of moral relativism. Within this worldview, there is no right or wrong, therefore all behaviors and all results of that behavior cannot be condemned. Of course the hypocrisy of the Left condemning others is clear to everyone, and she outlines it in example after example. Whether this is glorifying cold-blooded killers, pedophiles, and rapists, or whether it is hypocritically attacking and silencing those whose views would judge the actions of convicted murderers as "wrong" the source is the same. The cause is the "malignant narcissism" of the damaged people who comprise the Left elite, in particular those who lead the various "special interest" groups. Unfortunately, through this agenda to destroy value and virtue, everyone is painted through the lens of the worst offender, even those within those groups who are good and decent people.

Tammy Bruce has yet again written a debilitating expose on the reality of what many of these Left groups are espousing. Tammy understands and demonstrates, for perhaps the first time I have seen in print by someone from the Left, that Christianity in particular is viciously attacked. What she never explains in the book is why Christianity, and not Islam or Judaism, who are equally scathing in their judgement of the moral practices of the Left, is attacked while the others are not. Truth is likely the reason. In using CS Lewiss classic "Mere Christianity" she discovers intellectually that the morals we hold to as people, and the values our hearts embrace, are the basic virtues of "Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude". "The Left has to restrict thought to destroy the concept of judgement and undermine notions of right and wrong" (see full quote on page 19). Tammy describes the Lefts worldview is a world of self-gratification that requires an end to personal responsibility. Values, decency, and knowing right from wrong - and having the courage to act on that knowledge - are all verboten. (See full discussion on page 25)

A very powerful and moving book for anyone across the political spectrum. It is a very painful reminder that much is at stake for our society and our future. This book is a MUST READ!

I browsed, at Barnes and Nobles, this book, the other day. Amazing. Answered a question that I had, for years....
why is there so much pain and anger in the pop music?!

There was a C S Lewis book, "THE GREAT DIVORCE" , where a man took a daily tour bus, from his city, in HELL, up to heaven, for a day. He was told, by the angel driver, that no one had to get back on the bus to go back down to hell! but that, alas, most people did go back to hell!! They love their sins, that is why.
This driver says that many people, in pain, and that live in the pain hell worlds, actually come up to heaven for that day to try to CONVERT heaven into becoming hell!! For these people who live in hell, their own reality is the real thing, and any affront to it, is seen by that person as a personal affront to their very lives, a put down of themselves, utterly!
---There was one passenger, on this bus, who had to return to hell to give a speech that night, on Jesus!! He speech was over this topic..."If only Jesus had survived the crucifixion, he would have matured and then become a social leftist activist"!!
---another passenger wanted to convince the angels and spirits that met this bus, that hell is the one true reality, it is heaven that is disillusioned! "joy and peace and love" are not real, only PAIN and SUFFERING is! This soul was in pain and suffering and had no love, peace, joy. Thus he lived in a city of pain. Since he had only pain, in his heart, that is the only reality that he knew, so that he wanted to turn everyone else to share his reality: they *must* share his reality, or else!....else he, himself, is put down and denied to exist! If all the heavens and the earth become his pain, then he then becomes justified in his sufferings......

I see that some people, who are in pain, need to convert everyone around them TO their pain! Thus
"values"...."Rightness"....Ethics" devalue this pain, thus devaluing the pain-person!
"Since Pain *IS* reality", some people say....any other system of values that denies this pain, must GO away! They would want you to feel feel feel this pain of theirs, it is real and it is the only reality there is and outa my way!!!
direct affront, thus, any "help" or "value system" then....To this "Narsisstic" person!
they would thus convert all the people around them, to make the pain real for the whole Universe:
make all of existence just one pain party!!

I guess one can live in hell while still here on earth!!